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    i thought the same 1 year ago  
    i'd put on some coats 1 year ago  
    it only said they would take 1 of all the devices u have, so if my garbage phone is stolen, its good. 1 year ago  
    what the heck does this mean 1 year ago  
    i can buy water in plastic bottles, i dont need a sink. besides internet is my jam. 1 year ago  
    this question is dumb. both intelligence and knowledge are same. 1 year ago  
    my best friends got my back. 1 year ago  
    who the heck is ms.sirois 1 year ago +2
    i hate chevrolets 1 year ago  
    nobody even says please now, thats so last year 1 year ago  
    i want to swing at high heights. 1 year ago  
    i can't get a boyfriend im only 9 1 year ago  
    disciplined is the more bad version of punished. 1 year ago  
    I already have a good relationship with both 1 year ago  
    im not a dating kind of guy 1 year ago  
    i'd ride a public bus or take my bike. 1 year ago  
    even if u are a guy, your wife will be the one who gets the baby 1 year ago  
    i'd know what to set up her room as 1 year ago  
    private private jet! 1 year ago  
    ps3 rock 1 year ago  
    when u use both and its hard to choose 1 year ago  
    what if u could only try 1 time? 1 year ago  
    i've always wanted to be millionaire 1 year ago  
    knowing the past does not even help since that has already passed in time. 1 year ago  
    invite your friends to stay, lol. 1 year ago  
    personality changed? obviously no 1 year ago +1
    im a spender. 1 year ago  
    i can't even watch either because im not old enough, i just picked randomly 1 year ago  
    i want to forget my bad moments. 1 year ago  
    satan isnt real. 1 year ago +1
    i just hope i get the right treatment for cancer. 1 year ago  
    i don't even play football 1 year ago  
    fruit fruit fruits 1 year ago  
    school isn't at knight. 1 year ago  
    one bill dollar ohhhhh 1 year ago  
    my eyes would face darkness. 1 year ago  
    i would quickly swim back to the surface 1 year ago +1
    never said i couldn't have any equipment to fight the piranhas back. 1 year ago  
    megaphone! 1 year ago  
    kids rule 1 year ago  
    i want an average life. 1 year ago  
    tbh, alot of people say trump is a bad president, so im not risking it. 1 year ago +1
    their look doesnt matter! it's the heart that matters. 1 year ago  
    already got both 1 year ago  
    could i just buy robots to accompany me? 1 year ago  
    noooooooooooooo why did i pick this! I would remember all my bad moments and all the stuff that scares me! I hate when i spam click. 1 year ago  
    school is worse than this. If i do this i wouldn't need to go to school, yay. 1 year ago  
    i would be 18 and the person im dating would be 28, bruh, Just bruh. 1 year ago  
    #cokeforlife 1 year ago  
    tepees are made of buffalo skin lol 1 year ago  
    whats better? A regular average life or needing so many friends? 1 year ago  
    ikr 1 year ago  
    what does psychological mean? 1 year ago  
    a LOL for the picture on the left 1 year ago  
    i watched the 1st part of avatar and its creepy 1 year ago  
    never said you couldn't buy a new car. 1 year ago  
    on consoles, u would need special membership, but in my opinion, 99.9 % of all games are online, if i played solo games, i'd get bored as hell. Atleast i wouldn't need any membership on windows. 1 year ago  
    what do either of these mean 1 year ago  
    picked the wrong one, the group never includes me. 1 year ago  
    never said the yacht was personal. 1 year ago  
    i dont know what any of these are so i just picked randomly 1 year ago  
    if I live forever, i would hate to see all my relatives die, besides the galaxy would eventually end after like a billion years. 1 year ago  
    i would eat rice with the meat. I really like steaks, also like fish and chicken. (No offense to people who are vegetarians) 1 year ago  
    who the heck is steve jobs? 1 year ago  
    i dont check people out. 1 year ago  
    watch it on ur computer, besides never said anything about mobile devices 1 year ago  
    assuming by the picture, you could have a guide dog, blind people have the best senses. 1 year ago +1
    PARTY PARTY 1 year ago  
    this is a heist from payday 2, lol. At 1st i didn't even know what night clubs were. 1 year ago  
    awww so cute 1 year ago  
    i dont even work. Im only 9 1 year ago  
    i wanna see germs 1 year ago  
    i want to travel to ASIA 1 year ago  
    i got videogames to do 1 year ago  
    i can just hold on the rope and work my way there. 1 year ago  
    atleast im good at it 1 year ago  
    lemons have acid, and they are not the type that hurts you. 1 year ago  
    USA is awesome. 1 year ago  
    why, would u marry a STRANGER and not be able to divorce OVER staying with your parents, you guys are idiots. 1 year ago  
    my grandma is not annoying, she's good 1 year ago  
    im fine being a worker. 1 year ago  
    coke is one of my favorite sodas. 1 year ago  
    i agree 1 year ago  
    cereal is the most common breakfest 1 year ago  
    RICH RICH RICH, I NEED A BUGATTI, + I WANT TO buy a rocket ship, + i want a mansion + i want a deluxe yacht 1 year ago  
    consoles have more violent games people. There's hardly any thats avaliable for everyone. 1 year ago  
    option B picture is just hilarious 1 year ago  
    memories make me cry 1 year ago  
    sitting down is more comfy 1 year ago  
    wow 50-50 1 year ago  
    im scared of heights. 1 year ago  
    i dont have a true love 1 year ago  
    im a boy so if the cruise crashed, only the women would be able to go on the life boats, sad day man. 1 year ago  
    keyboard has alot more buttons 1 year ago  
    drugsss 1 year ago  
    if I was filthy rich and my family was the poor ones, they could never force me to do anything! even the elders! 1 year ago  
    im a boy so i already have friends that are boys. no gay stuff. 1 year ago  
    i'd die in a polluted city. 1 year ago  
    keys for what? your car? your house? im choosing the keys because if it was for a car then i could get a new car with the keys. 1 year ago  
    if war was stopped, then the military wouldnt even be needed, they can be free and stop having to fight! 1 year ago  
    the picture honestly looks creepy for the aliens. 1 year ago  
    in the picture, lambo looks cooler, i hate mustangs and chevrolets btw 1 year ago  
    just because i am an adult doesn't mean i cant play videogames and be a youtuber and a gamer. Afterall,i could play all those M rated games. Payday 2 is the best! 1 year ago  
    idc about how much i learn, i just care about how nice the teacher is. 1 year ago  
    being rich is better than having a family, i want a mansion, and couldnt i just adopt kids? 1 year ago  
    i want a robotic arm. 1 year ago  
    i love the people who chose man even though they were a girl. 1 year ago  
    mcdonalds for life! 1 year ago  
    ninjas are supposed to help people, they would not even be ninjas if they kidnapped. ninjas are nice people. 1 year ago  
    i dont get why everyone hates Trump, someone even said he would start world war III but he didn't USA for life!!! edit: wait a minute, australia is a contenent and USA is a country, i really am starting to not undestand this question 1 year ago +1
    if u were a human, u wouldn't be able to get a computer virus, or maybe i just didn't understand the question right. 1 year ago  
    peeing in the shower is fine, because it would go down a drain. 1 year ago  
    sharks dont go for u on purpose, if u try not to get scared, its fine. 1 year ago  
    friends 4 life 1 year ago  
    perfectness 1 year ago  
    if the option said *fit into any group* that would mean i could fit into the popular group aswell, question roasted. 1 year ago  
    ugh, who needs love, i have videogames to do. 1 year ago  
    100$ is nothing compared to what i have, i have like 2000$ in my parent's bank account. 1 year ago  
    im not even ten years old yet 1 year ago  
    dumb question boi 1 year ago  
    obama best vice-president 1 year ago  
    a movie i would get to see all the action. In a book, "i can't figure out this word!" 1 year ago  
    time passes by quick. I could imagine being in a sci-fi world. Nothing is better than electronics and technology! 1 year ago  
    swimming 4 life! 1 year ago  
    what kind of question is this? obviously luxury hotel! There is internet + its way better! 1 year ago  
    hearing their voice is better than typing messages. besides u wont even need to know how to spell. 1 year ago  
    i only like buying online things. 1 year ago  
    cute puppies are cuter 1 year ago  
    google is the best! all facebook is, is a chatting site. Just see them in real life. 1 year ago  
    lmao i could make someone feel so embarresed and made fun of even though he/she isnt actually the real person meant to do the action. 1 year ago  
    coma? you'll wonder after the end of the coma "what happened?" then they'll say you got in a coma, then you'd faint. 1 year ago  
    i'd tell him to say "heaven" or "mansion" or "dream come-true vacation" 1 year ago  
    bro then just freaking choose the other choice. 1 year ago  
    really? all of you parents dont care about your son? Imagine if you were homeless, how would you feel? 1 year ago  
    lmao my parents would ground me for a year for sure, but atleast its better then not having to speak at all. Besides, i could tell all my gatherings that i have this problem. edit: if i say bad words that come into my head. 1 year ago  
    dude... in prison atleast police would give me food and give me a sleeping place and a toilet. being homeless means i always have to hold my pee plus i have to sleep on the ground. Atleast it would feel like home in prison. 1 year ago  
    my luck is horrible, "1,000,000 for sure" for sure, atleast i'd still have enough to buy a mansion + a bugatti and a deluxe yacht 1 year ago  
    cash is the best, have you ever wished of buying America? *others facepalm* 1 year ago  
    girls movies, boys games, thats sometimes not true, having unlimited games means i could play games above my age without having to ask my parents! WOOOO 1 year ago  
    why would i need them? They are there to tattletail on me, screw them, i have videogames to you, plus it never said anything about losing friends on ONLINE chat systems. 1 year ago  
    cats are quiet, calm, and they sleep alot. All dogs do is disturb you like he's ruling you 1 year ago  
    cya later "no robbery" 1 year ago  
    how would i be able to go against 4 people i hate to eat them alive? Besides who knows how humans taste... 1 year ago  
    this guy just used different meanings to categorize his options, smart but pathetic. 1 year ago  
    i wouldn't even have to mow the lawn, EXTRAORDINARY HOME PEOPLE 1 year ago  
    in space, you could find new planets like exo-planets, aliens, and even go into planets. In earth all you could do is walk around, then get frostbite. 1 year ago  
    look, if it is days of rain, there would be a flood. And if it is snow, there would be school closings for so much days, + absolute fun in the snow + getting to stay home playing videogames 1 year ago  
    not even someone with a chainsaw ready to smack you to millions of pieces of blood? 1 year ago  
    obviously have terrifying nightmares. 1 year ago  
    if you are able to write the language and speak it, you can obviously be able to read and listen to it 1 year ago  
    this comment doesn't go well with the "completely average" one. if you chose the "have all your dreams come true" then this comment would work better with the question itself. 1 year ago  
    how would i go about this? 10% instant death every second? Or just the effect happens when you make your choice then if the death is not the one then you can live happily withouut worrying about it happening again? or just the effect happens every minute? i really dont get this one so im just going to be choosing the "have all your dreams come true but have a 10% chance of instant death" one 1 year ago  
    i want to rule everything because i could rule all the scientists in the world to build a giant robot to serve me 1 year ago  
    if your in a prison like that, its basiclly going to feel like home 1 year ago  
    nice question, i would do an average baby because puppies are WAY cuter 1 year ago  
    the big bang made the world, but god made the people  
    the big bang made the world but god made the people  
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