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    NO NOT A CEREAL KILLER! 8 months ago  
    kill myself inside a game 8 months ago  
    stick and stones may break my bones. but my sister HAHAHAHAHAHA! 8 months ago  
    ice-cream cake 8 months ago  
    God is real 8 months ago  
    answer b is basically like Justin Bieber 8 months ago  
    let them borrow my pennies 8 months ago  
    no internet in 1776 8 months ago  
    I have juice 8 months ago  
    I'll search answers on the laptop 8 months ago  
    wrong one 8 months ago  
    my friends will be the workers and I will be the boss 8 months ago  
    lets save Africans now 8 months ago  
    I pressed the wrong one 8 months ago  
    people are already making glasses to see better. this is the future 8 months ago  
    sins 8 months ago  
    friends are here to help 8 months ago  
    citrus 8 months ago  
    step 1: get a chainsaw and mask 8 months ago  
    how high is it? 8 months ago  
    REALLY! 8 months ago  
    11 8 months ago  
    I change my answer!! 8 months ago  
    MUSCLE so no one will ever mess with me 8 months ago  
    I can do anything I want and no one will judge me 8 months ago  
    farting is like the song in frozen at school: conceal it don't feel it don't let them know. At Home: Let it go! Let it go! Can't hold it back anymore! 8 months ago  
    HIM? 8 months ago  
    you might run out of air in a elevator 8 months ago  
    new war weapons pillow tanks 8 months ago  

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