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    Depends on the location..  
    It is not. U could teleport yourself 2 other dimentions.  
    It is possible.  
    Same thought.  
    Have nomoney 2 pay 4 scienstologist anyway n u can get out 4 free as well.  
    Rather have robot legs than robotic arms. It can bring u faster from a 2 b.  
    No one can stealing a feeling away. And why should they or how? U r poor n give them no reasons. U r a loved person.  
    U can still searching 4 the truth. But have a trip 2 wondelamd first. XD  
    I have no idea what kind of math u use, but everything multiply by 0 is = 0. It is a simple 50/50% chance not more or less. With 1 million 4 sure u can still make a gainable investment.  
    No concerts. 2 lazy 4 that.  
    Difficult. I'm more marvel fan. But 2 b honest, theygot superman there. He's an alien, with the joined super power of all mutans, whiches r depending on earth but the silver surfer. I think they would just fly 2 space n get married by galactus as their priest.  
    It doesn't matter, what's gonna b on earth, when i'm leaving anyway, i'd rather choose 2 go 2 heaven. So the question has something irrelavant on it n could also beeing ask like: would u rather go 2 heaven or go 2 hell?  
    Iiieeewww... Apple! I'n not an Idiot.  
    U think, u're popular n the people celebrate u. The truth is, they sacrifice u 2 their god. Muuuuucchhaaachachaaaa.....!!!!!  
    I just love the landscapes there. I'm more the outdoor, than the indoor type.  
    I just don't risk 2 getting in jail.  
    I stream everything, so i don't have 2 waste my time with commercials. And if i want 2, i could stream that as well.  
    Sheet, i choosed the wrong way! XD  
    But u would feel the vibration of the musik more intensiv n u have an excuse, when u turn the music out loud n your neightbores wouldn't even declaim cause they don't want 2 b stupid intollerant assholes.=D  
    When u r stubbing yor toe, u just need 2 not strain it, have a seat, in the worst, help out with a crutch. Biting in yor tongue n try 2 not strain it means, don't speak. Every swallow hurts n in the worst, no eating or drinking 4 few days.  
    Sorry, u just got more standard anf life quality these days with more possibilities, than the richest @this century could imagine.  
    I'm from switzerland. Imagine in the winter, when it's cold and rainy weather. I prefer snow, than rain, cause it's dry as if it would rain 4 days. U know in the night, that sh*t will turn 2 ice. >  
    You're in a ski lift, i think u'll be well dressed for the snow covered mountain. It is expected, that it'll b cold over there. Otherwise u're not good prepared, which is your own false then.  
    It is set, that u'll stuck 4 5 hours. I'd rather have a good view, than to beiing in a closed room that long.  
    It's not about religions in general, it's about the extremists.  
    Imagine u r physically young looking in age of 80, suffering under dementia n sh*tting in your pants while crying, cause the ice cream truck is running out of your favourite ice cream. Worser; u r actually dating a child, cause u r sharing the same mentally level, what brings u in jail. Congratulation!  
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