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    who said the us would be in world war 3 >_>  
    get paid at face book like 100,000 dollars and get paid like 10,000,000 dollars at google  
    windows is just better has better everything except for the phones  
    macs suck permanent  
    thank the lord skip button  
    already have  
    i think grandma has aids or diabetes  
    that is awesome  
    may look look ugly but might be a realy expensive car  
    its 2017 who watches TV  
    never said you couldnt be popular  
    i dont want pig to eat all my food i mayed  
    never said you couldnt eat fruit or vegatables  
    lets see created the big bang... oh right god did  
    only the smart poeple go to places they know that have been built  
    i dont wanna go crazy +1
    never said what kind of acid  
    i dont wanna go to school anymore  
    i dont want to be eaten by a shark while im dead 0_0 +2
    stains dont matter in the country :P  
    your birthday is like christmas but christmas has more presents  
    how long would it rain for each day :P  
    the blackberries they have now are touch screen  
    just remember when abraham lincoln(republican) freed the slaves and at the same time Jefferson Davis(democrat) was a democrat voting for slavery. Democrats only care what people want and say it so they can get power. they dont care about you or me  
    your from japan.......  
    uhm... reagon kinda tore down the communist wall and is one of the main reasons, we had those amazing advancements in that time period  
    you dont vote because of that.... maybe we need a kid,or dog president.... we havvent had those yet  
    hey thats why 15 million are on food stamps, racial tensions are increased and russa interference has increased.  
    bush was our us president before oboma 0_0  
    rush is the best oppinions...period  
    okay there both trash. Oboma though is worse. the only reason people support them is because there bandwagon people that are gullible by what the media says.  
    can you state why he was good. exactly no you are a brainwashed media person  
    I would choose cash because i would buy my own gifts instead a person giving the wrong or a bad gift  
    get me realy energetic for basketball heck yah  
    i've never gone on vacation anyways soo...  
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