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    the airprts awesome  
    break throgh the wall  
    volleyball the have bikinis tennis they have dresses come on now +1
    i could watch tv while doing it  
    i would beat some sence nto him +6
    imma boys so change it to girl  
    i couldnt kill a hundred +2
    it be hecka fun +2
    i like my ear where it is thanks +2
    i like m grandma +3
    i wanna be the guy +1
    R U HIGH?  
    wrong one damnet +1
    i doesnt say u wont have a flirty personality  
    id stay 18 hal and half +4
    ima boy so have my gf be prego at 16  
    $$$$$$$$$$$CHA-CHING!!!!$$$$$$$$$$$ +10
    i can still find true love +1
    one word BLONDE +2
    im doing that right now  
    i could fly +1
    i could take pics  
    well they already lost but their still beter than ny  
    I GOT NEEDS +3
    id get surgery to look like my boyish self and keep the penis  
    it be hecka funny  
    who the hell is Ms. Sirois +1265
    i cold pick someone up fly hecka high and threaten to dro them if they didnt tell me what they were thinking about +4
    i never swa the movie  
    i cant drive yet so yea +8
    true dat  
    im a guy so tht was easy +2
    Pizza AND past now thats living :)  
    one i wear hats two my hair is already pretty short  
    But u can "REST" with a hot chick +8
    wheel chairs are boss  
    sorry jewish person im AMERICAN  
    men get boobies (im already a guy)  
    if i dont ever die ill steal the money  
    i HATE being hot while im trying to catch some zzz's +2
    itscalled the under ground railroads +3
    americans are sluts their best  
    screw both of them  
    id f**ck the mermaids, YOLO  
    id get in on the action :)  
    u can dye you r hair, Duh +4
    there could be a girl under that mask  
    u can dye you r hair, Duh +2
    could be a girl  
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