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    unicorns are just horses with a horn big deal.  
    i'd be a great boss, you can smoke on the job now. lol most comedians are not successful  
    would be easier to not east then for an anorexic to eat. plus i fast all the time, i can stop eating whenever i feel like. +1
    ignorance is bliss. ill leave myself a note to become a genius' assistant so my muscle could be put to good use  
    i would abort if i could if they were born i would take care of them no matter how unprepared i am for them  
    zelda contains my childhood played from the NES to twilight princess  
    ugly baby could be a good looking adult, plus it dont matter since they are smart. intelligence is everything in life. dumb people dont know this. +1
    milk chocolate gives me migraines  
    i guess myself. youll start over fresh and be full of aspirations and innocence again +208
    reversed at the end? youll be dead in 3 days +1
    i could turn the languages into a career easily +3
    the warlord would do horrible things to you. at least you could join the taliban +50
    it just says go with, so ill go with the rich guy, at least wherever we are going it could involve a limo +1
    yeah walmart has everything including guns +365
    scammer isn't ehical unlike drug dealing, but i would rather be a scammer because they risk less, smaller prison sentences, and higher payout  
    they both involve insomnia +256
    i would stop oppression. +1
    i just have a thing about modern cabins in the woods. +3
    ha i knew most people would pick the for sure route. wheres my 50K lol +2
    you can drink juices for food. you can live off juice alone...  
    id rather not use one, but i dont want any std's  
    an infected tooth can kill you, and lots of people intentionally don't wash their hair like for dredding  
    not brushing can kill you. swiftly upon infection.  
    right my picture would get me chicks  
    lol unlimited games DUH. total no brainer.  
    it would be awesome if it was frozen outside every day.  
    with aids i'd live longer. fi you had explosive diarrhea even once a day every day you'll die in no time loss of fluids and nutrients +1
    already hairy, plus dont chicks dig hairless more than hairy  
    the eu has better everything. so a no brainer +1
    imagine you can make obama fart constantly during his speeches and such. or making your boss fart all the time to your advantage. +3
    cancer always comes back  
    but i can guarantee that a lot of history is false. like which religion actually did have a god on earth? because they all claim it.  
    Smirnoff is for wussies though  
    yeah like charles manson?  
    i can already control my dreams +2
    can go anywhere with a beach in the world.  
    any girl taller than me would be a turn off lol shorter the better  
    id prefer catching and killing it myself. you could make a living out of it, an dit'd be so fresh and rewarding +1
    i only pick stop pollution because it means 100% efficiency. that can do wonders for human advancement. animal abuse does nothing to us as a human race +1
    wouldnt one involve the other? +1
    saying whats on your mind can be advantageous  
    what if you find out the cause is like a brain aneurysm? you'll be thinking it could be any day.  
    pepsi tastes weird to me. like a flavor is there that tastes bad +1
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