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    racist a sshole 4 days ago +8
    FOOTBALL NOT SOCCER 2 weeks ago +5
    thats barbara palvin model and girlfriend of dylan sprouse 3 weeks ago  
    evil little f'ucker 1 month ago +1
    remember onisions pen15 has been inside of it 1 month ago  
    again there is no such thing as the n word pass you fool 1 month ago  
    trick question there is no n word pass 1 month ago +1
    Daddy? Ha gaaaaaaaayyyy 1 month ago  
    honestly there must be something wrong with you mentally 2 months ago  
    i'm a twitch moderator so i'm used to staying up all night if i have to 2 months ago  
    racist a hole then again it is you you piece of sh it 2 months ago  
    how about option race or option cist or option fu or option ck you or option go fu or other option ck yourself 2 months ago  
    neither is legal and i'm not a nonce so neither 2 months ago +1
    its its f'ed up to think that a lot of girls think that all of us guys care about is sex 2 months ago  
    well you can't really have one without the other 2 months ago  
    over here in england its called a motorway 2 months ago +1
    already am poor and straight 2 months ago  
    both are sick and wrong and would land you in prison so 2 months ago +1
    if she listens to justin bieber and your over 18 shes probably to young for you bro 2 months ago  
    you do know the first lady is an immigrant and also his mother was an illegal immigrant from scotland 3 months ago  
    what is normal anyway like morticia addams ''says whats normal for the spider is a calamity for the fly'' 3 months ago  
    plus B is legal A is not so was an easy choice really 3 months ago +1
    My favourite pokemon of all time 3 months ago +1
    F ucking racist sh it hole 3 months ago  
    all that voted yes are f#cking idiots 3 months ago +2
    Im straight but i know that being gay isnt a choice and they would stop liking guys as much as i would stop liking girls as in i love the ladies then againn you are from texas where u alp fear the big ''bad'' gayy 3 months ago  
    Im not a nonce 3 months ago  
    Racist a hole 3 months ago  
    At least andriod phone screens arent nearly as fragile as iphones 3 months ago +1
    Im not a paedo plus even if i hate my teacher who says she cant be hot and a college teacher 4 months ago +1
    No but i do think he is one 4 months ago +2
    The fack is wrong with u 4 months ago  
    I'm from london orginally so new york 4 months ago  
    banning you 8 months ago  
    look son a d head 8 months ago  
    a hole 8 months ago  
    to quote queen elsa ''the cold never bothered me anyway'' 8 months ago  
    already do 8 months ago  
    i love the cold 8 months ago  
    and harry potter is only the best selling book series of all time but OK 9 months ago +1
    hey Eisenstein im on your side 9 months ago  
    f'ucking c'unt face says what 9 months ago  
    a looks like she came back from a two day crack binge 9 months ago +2
    racist c'u'n't 9 months ago  
    theres no point in watching return of the king if the person hasn't seen the other two films in the lord of the ring trilogy 10 months ago  
    that defeats the whole purpose you cant be gay and straight at the same time unless your bisexual 10 months ago  
    kylo isnt a sith he is a dark side user but not a sith a fact that has been confirmed 10 months ago  
    never listen to young thug but i cant stand meghan trainor 10 months ago +1
    dated a few bi girls 10 months ago  
    you cant have one without the other 10 months ago  
    the sith literally have a reputation of betraying and killing each other 10 months ago  
    typhlsion is my favourite pokemon 11 months ago +1
    her last name is Shelesh 1 year ago  
    yeah like you could sleep with the fireworks going on 1 year ago  
    those two were a couple in season 6 of teen wolf 1 year ago +1
    i love 3OH!3 1 year ago  
    i really don't get how people can drink it because it tastes so disgusting 1 year ago +1
    have you tried oh i don't know not being a giant sack of horse poop? 1 year ago +1
    i don't really think they are either of the two options but i'd say they are annoying especially of funko pops 1 year ago  
    racist little assholecuntmuffin 1 year ago  
    never heard of B but i can't stand A 1 year ago  
    you need to eat to survive plus there are always wheelchairs 1 year ago  
    not really a coldplay fan and i like linkin parks songs 1 year ago  
    he is the richest superhero out of any dc or marvel hero with a networth of 90.7 trillion 1 year ago  
    screw you too pal besides playstation users we dont have the red ring of death we dont have a disc try that can get stuck and we dont have to pay extra for basic online features like the internet on the console and other things sure there is playstion plus which users do have to pay for but its like i said just the basic features and also the controller comes with a rechargeable battery that is built in to it so instead of going out having to but more batteries like xbox 360 users do we can just recharge moral of the story playstion is far Superior xbox sucks 1 year ago  
    you people realise you can just get food afterwards right? 1 year ago +2
    the past 10 years have been leading up to it 1 year ago  
    but i am i proud liberal f'''k c'''u'''n'''t'servatives 1 year ago +1
    ricedumb f'''''king sucks 1 year ago +1
    both boring 1 year ago  
    if you can't pass legitimately you don't deserve to pass at all 1 year ago +2
    when the girl your dating is mad at you for absolutely no reason and she just expects you to know what you have apparently done wrong 1 year ago  
    logically why black panther need to steal he is worlds richest superhero with a networth of 90.7 trillion dollars 1 year ago  
    dragon heart string is in my pottermore wand and it is said to be the most powerful of the wand cores 1 year ago  
    i hate cancer sticks 1 year ago  
    snapchat sucks 1 year ago  
    9 and a half hours is the longest flight i've been on 1 year ago  
    plus home of tae kwon do 1 year ago  
    i i knew the cat could kick my butt with great ease then yes 1 year ago  
    neither both are terrible 1 year ago  
    i like my food like i like my women hot and spicy 1 year ago  
    vegeta isn't a villain anymore 1 year ago  
    look unless the dallas cowboys some how miraculously replace one of the teams then i'm not interested 1 year ago  
    it just says in your area didn't say anything about you as a person being outside for the snow and who doesn't love a snow day 1 year ago  
    considering i haven't been able to get any sleep for about 2 days 1 year ago  
    conservatives and trumps supporters are and by the way i take it you love to over look the fact that trumps mother was an illegal immigrant and another immigrant is the first lady trumps wife so do you think the first lady should be deported? 1 year ago +1
    i would say columbia but it's full of racist white supremacists 1 year ago  
    guess what skinny people can have diabetes too 1 year ago  
    i don't eat at restaurant's anyway 1 year ago  
    no you racist a hole 1 year ago +1
    i didn't like rogue one 1 year ago +1
    so either a compete idiot or kirby are the options 1 year ago  
    i have never been stung by a bee or a wasp before and i don't want to ever ever 1 year ago  
    potato chips or crips as they are called in the uk because chips are over here what Americans call french fries 1 year ago  
    rice gum is an a hole ricegum is a r tard ricegum is an a hole who bully's little kids 1 year ago  
    i had a holiday there for a week back in 2015 and i want to go back for another holiday 1 year ago  
    at least ariana can sing 1 year ago  
    racist 1 year ago  
    i don't think anyone should say the n word not even black people 1 year ago +1
    hercules looks like nick petra and snow whites prince looks like shawn mendes 1 year ago  
    you do know trumps own mother was an illegal immigrant right ? 1 year ago  
    combat in the terms of the games is spelt with a k instead of a c 1 year ago +2
    despacito got real old real fast plus i liked rockstar 1 year ago  
    way i see whats the point in working so hard to warp the gift up perfectly when it's only gonna end up in the bin 5 mins or less after i give them the gift 1 year ago  
    very soon Americans will start having to pay to use both sites 1 year ago  
    racist piece of sh!t 1 year ago  
    i'm straight and i do find her attractive 1 year ago  
    republicans are and especially the ones who follow trump 1 year ago  
    lord of the rings meets assassins creed sounds good to me 1 year ago  
    skyloft anyone? 1 year ago  
    only a true gryffindor can pull the sword of gryffindor and i'm not a gryffindor 1 year ago +2
    so i could crucio him for hours on end 1 year ago  
    does anyone really care about peeta and personally katniss should of chosen gale 1 year ago  
    the trump family and yours are more retarded 1 year ago +1
    donald trump is the real tard as are you scum of the earth now i'm not a muslim or gay but i do have something you and trump don't which is common sense and common decency 1 year ago +4
    i never liked bacon in the first place 1 year ago  
    i prefer the colder weather plus xmas 1 year ago  
    ''put the cookie down'' 1 year ago +1
    to me i have never understood the foot fetish feet are defiantly my biggest turn off 1 year ago  
    neither they both suck 1 year ago  
    the bear could turn on you and eat you 1 year ago +1
    at least A wound't' cut off any blood circulation 1 year ago  
    you do know what the word selfish means right? it means you do something that benefits you donating to a charity like cancer research is a selfless act 1 year ago  
    believe it or not i don't like bacon 1 year ago  
    the old lindsay when she was really hot 1 year ago  
    can't really stand rap not really in to it 1 year ago  
    i'm going for the underdog or fish pokemon in this case 1 year ago +1
    she ain't on here but erica durance from smallville is the hottest lois 1 year ago  
    you do know jenna is only 15 and isabela is only 16 so i say neither coz i prefer my girls 18 and over 1 year ago  
    i don't know because feet turn me off but i would do it for her if she wanted me to because i'd want to keep her happy 1 year ago  
    called football nor soccer 1 year ago +1
    for you all you know your fave youtuber could be an absolute a hole in real life 1 year ago  
    that girl is so hot 1 year ago  
    i'm straight but i'm on the side of the smart people that know that being gay isn't a choice now i freaking love women and that is never gonna change just like those people being gay is never gonna change 1 year ago +2
    it's tough to say they are both hot and i've actually met jeri ryan who played 7 of 9 1 year ago  
    i'd rather not a 70 something orange racist, rapey creep 1 year ago  
    well mille bobby brown is 13 nearly 14 and dafne keen is about 11 or 12 and since i'm not a nasty disgusting paedophile i say neither 1 year ago  
    south park sucks so hard now been on the air for far too long like the simpsons and at least rick and morty is actually entertaining to watch 1 year ago +2
    i'm straight so you know furry girl it is 1 year ago +1
    i did a dump today that was smarter than trump and his supporters 1 year ago  
    for examle jsut because some other rick and morty faans were going crazy and starting riot's over the mcdonalds schezwan sauce while the rest of us like me just watch the show enjoy it then move on to the next show and don't really care about the sauce it's like in football just because some people are in a football firm doesn't mean the rest of the fans are or the team is in anyway personally affiliated with the firm 1 year ago  
    you do know that scotland is in Britain right because england,scotland,wales and northen Ireland all of those countries make up great Britain 1 year ago +1
    and i hate you sir or madam 1 year ago  
    the isn't just the queen of england 1 year ago  
    none war is never good 1 year ago  
    they are both as bad as each other 1 year ago +2
    raven isn't even a villain though 1 year ago +1
    there are meal replacing drinks out there and many other things to drink because you actually can go and survive longer with no food than drink and it says that the human body can go up to three weeks with no food so 24 hours should be alright 1 year ago  
    my great grandfather was Scottish plus in my experience with them the french are really snobby stuck up and rude 1 year ago +1
    not really religious neither is my family 1 year ago  
    most supermarkets have home delivery plus for new cloths there is always online sites like amazon and ebay and things like that 1 year ago  
    i am good normally good at keeping secrets and promises and i have only broken a promise once and only when i had no choice but i had a friend who fell off a quad bike and made me promise not to get anyone even though he was clearly in a lot of pain so obviously i couldn't keep that promise he needed help 1 year ago  
    not sure who the other dude is but i can't really stand shane dawson 1 year ago  
    i find sundays really boring especially when all the shops shut at 4pm 1 year ago  
    calcium i think you mean colosseum 1 year ago  
    shane dawson really gets on my nerves 1 year ago  
    with that hair a looks like jake paul 1 year ago  
    game is called football not soccer 1 year ago +2
    no because that seems like the easy way but sometimes you have to think more logically like if your kid does hit someone then they think hitting people is alright and they might even end up in prison one day besides there are other ways to deal with bully's besides i'd just try and get them moved to a different school that has a good reputation and a very strict enforced 0 tolerance policy 1 year ago  
    you misspelled message twice i hope it was on purpose 1 year ago  
    neither they both suck as do u and ilovefreedom 1 year ago  
    4 letters 1 year ago  
    i'm more worried about trump getting people killed than kim jung un at this point 1 year ago  
    conservtard 1 year ago  
    or though i believe that there are only 2 genders i also believe one can transition from a man to a woman and vice versa 1 year ago +1
    screw that little b*tchh rice dimb 1 year ago +1
    Philosophers stone 1 year ago +1
    hard choice they were both good shows 1 year ago  
    home of taekwondo 1 year ago  
    teen gohan defeated perfect cell 1 year ago  
    especially if its with a really hot girl who is at least 18 1 year ago  
    they both more than kinda suck 1 year ago  
    england is my city 1 year ago +1
    the beginning part of shut up and dance is a rip off of the beginning part of all time lows do you want me dead btw do you want me dead was released in 2011 shut up and dance was released in 2014 1 year ago  
    dc has better superheros i like marvel but dc is better 1 year ago  
    mainly because i hate stationary heights like the Ferris wheel has 1 year ago  
    as long as i had plenty of food and things to drink plus my room has on en suite bathroom and i have a ps4 that's got games and netflix and such plus I've actually done that before 1 year ago  
    b is gross but i'm not voting A because i'm not a paedophile those who voted A belong in prison 1 year ago  
    if your immune to pain then you wouldn't know if you cut yourself open then you could bleed out 1 year ago  
    springtrap is an a hole 1 year ago  
    both are evil nazi lovers and so r u probably so neither 1 year ago  
    those who picked iron man clearly have never seen dbz more specifically the android saga 1 year ago +3
    ''have i ever told you the definition of insanity'' 1 year ago +1
    at least a ain't racist 1 year ago  
    never heard of b and i do watch game theory and gtlive 1 year ago  
    hello extension cords 1 year ago +2
    hate both of them rice gum can't rap and keemstar is a racist 1 year ago  
    the joker is by far the most iconic batman villain they are each other's yin and yang 1 year ago  
    you couldn't really use a properly because if you wanted to sneak by somewhere you couldn't see where here ya going 1 year ago  
    neither 1 year ago  
    go f yaself 1 year ago  
    so the s word ain't alright on this site neither is the f word i think alex may be a nazi 1 year ago  
    seal's are often shark food and dolphin's have been known to scare off sharks and are protective over human's plus they are much cooler 1 year ago  
    racist much 1 year ago  
    I've never shipped pricefield 1 year ago  
    most humans suck not all but most 1 year ago  
    do i really have to say it again 1 year ago +1
    for the last time the uk is four different countries that is on it's way out of the eu 1 year ago +2
    i prefer the cold 1 year ago  
    who the hell would say my badness? 1 year ago  
    with a headache you can just take pain killers that you buy from your local pharmacy or supermarket 1 year ago  
    henry looks creepy as hell 1 year ago  
    the uk is on its way out of the eu and it is not just one county it is 4 countries England, Scotland ,Wales and northern ireland 1 year ago  
    of course the joker he may be an abusive psycho ass but at least he isn't in to children like the mad hatter is 1 year ago  
    at least in a waiting room you can go to the bathroom or if you have money on you get a snack or drink from the vending machine 1 year ago  
    a is on the way out of the eu and like other people have said turkey isn't in the eu 1 year ago  
    to me kfc food tastes like someone ate it pooped it out then clean it up and served it 1 year ago  
    screw 2014 1 year ago +1
    harry potter is my biggest fandom but i love narnia aswell 1 year ago  
    colour 1 year ago  
    i use my chromebook anyway for internet and things and besides my phone is a sh*te storm for annoying pop up ads for example i will be watching a youtube video on my phone and it will just stop because an ad popped up behind it 1 year ago  
    i already live in the uk anyway 1 year ago  
    f'uck 2014 i hated that year i have my reasons 1 year ago  
    i think they should say i'm just going to the bathroom as opposed to can i or may i go to the bathroom because you are well within your rights to pee or whatever 1 year ago  
    i was frozen today 1 year ago  
    difficult question 1 year ago  
    bet that guy could kick your arse 1 year ago  
    that 1 year ago  
    suicide squad killer croc was really weird he had like thin arms but a big body 1 year ago +1
    wow for once a question from you that isn't racist 1 year ago +2
    no one great leader? he is gonna get you all killed he is a mad man with far too much power and money 1 year ago  
    recently google fired someone for hate speech 1 year ago +1
    trump will lead you to all out war 1 year ago  
    to me you are lower than the poop on the street and probably smelly too 1 year ago +3
    besides the native americans are the real americans 1 year ago  
    and you are the kind off a hole that thinks white americans were there first 1 year ago  
    i know an a hole when i see one namely you like i said before keep your nasty hate speech still not gonna change a thing racist loser 1 year ago +2
    oh look on the left is a picture of ilovefreedom 1 year ago +1
    how do your question keep getting approved maybe because the person who admins this site is just as racist as you are and hate on people of different colour all you want it is not gonna change a thing and ilovefreedom might as well change your name to iloverasicm or even ilovebeingaracistc#nt 1 year ago +1
    racist bigot 1 year ago +1
    i see no difference 1 year ago  
    the creator of this site is clearly as racist as you are 1 year ago  
    i think you misspelled the word racist 1 year ago +2
    well considering that jenna is only 14 nearly 15 and aliyah is only 13 and i'm not a sick paedophile neither 1 year ago  
    who cares he is d,ick 1 year ago  
    btw i think you need to get off the computer or whatever it is you are on because by the sounds of it you might be late for a kkk meeting 1 year ago +2
    racist a hole 1 year ago  
    you are 1 year ago  
    do already 1 year ago +1
    who ever is the king or queen isn'nt just the queen of england scotland and wales they are the king and queen of sooo many other countries 1 year ago  
    get f'd m8 a hole 1 year ago +1
    hawkeye is a wannabe green arrow 1 year ago +1
    i have never understood why people are so turned on by feet 1 year ago  
    i have been bitten by a dog ( hence why i hate dogs so much) and i have never been stung by a bee before or a wasp for that matter 1 year ago  
    may be an unpopular opinion but i didn't like rouge one all that much and i think it is really over hyped 1 year ago  
    maybe he should spent less time on twitter and actually try and be a good president for once 1 year ago +2
    colour 1 year ago  
    have you pay a tax for being such a racist a hole 1 year ago  
    racist ba stard 1 year ago  
    its called football people jeez 1 year ago  
    my favourite is pokemon strangled red 1 year ago  
    typhlosion is my fave over all pokemon 1 year ago  
    mine is the gen 2 pokemon Typhlosion 1 year ago  
    i hate those minion things annoying as hell and i like back to the future 1 year ago  
    its called football people not soccer 1 year ago  
    its called football 1 year ago  
    i wanna do both 1 year ago  
    it's called football not soccer 1 year ago  
    think about because i'm a heterosexual male and i would in a game like dc universe online see a hot woman in tight trousers than a guy 1 year ago  
    but only if they were of legal age and perfectly consenting of course 1 year ago  
    i don't like bacon anyway 1 year ago +1
    well i don't do drugs never have never will so this was an easy question to answer 1 year ago  
    i'm straight so go figure 1 year ago  
    very hard question i picked Elizabeth but i like Emma also 1 year ago  
    i feel pretty obligated to choose b 1 year ago  
    to quote Dudley '' keep it classy '' 1 year ago  
    i can't stand the smell of any flower 1 year ago  
    the queen isn't just the queen of england 1 year ago  
    i prefer colder weather plus just wrap up warm you should be fine 2 years ago +2
    if you spend the night with a silence at least you won't remember the encounter were as with the weeping angel you blink even once your dead 2 years ago +2
    already have one 2 years ago  
    you know shes only 13 right sicko 2 years ago  
    team playstation 2 years ago  
    and its perfectly legal coz grown up elsa is 21 and anna is 18 2 years ago  
    believe it or not bulls dont react to the colour red because they are colour blind 2 years ago +3
    no its football 2 years ago  
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