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Would you rather listen to Lostprophets or Taylor Swift 10 months ago 47 votes 1 comment 0 likes
Would you rather choose water over wine or hold the wheel and drive? 4 years ago 307 votes 7 comments 0 likes
Would you rather watch "Showgirls" or "Dreamgirls"? 4 years ago 103 votes 3 comments 0 likes
Would you rather wake up as an alligator? or turn everyone on Earth into frogs? 4 years ago 250 votes 9 comments 0 likes

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What if you touch yourself? Remember the Muppet parody of the golden touch where Kermit turned himself into gold by holding his head? 10 months ago  
Since that's my birth month 10 months ago  
I've flown economy for an hour into Oakland. 10 months ago  
My parents went there in 2011. 10 months ago  
Can I be Mewtwo from Pok√©mon? 10 months ago  
This is why I joined 10 months ago  
I am Mewtwo, hear me roar. 10 months ago  
English, Spanish, French and Portuguese. I should probably visit Latin America sometime. 10 months ago +1
I thought the original was by Madonna. 10 months ago  
I voted for Ron Jeremy. 10 months ago  
#1 is Taylor Swift 10 months ago  
Viddy has become Fullscreen. 10 months ago  
HELL NO, I'M SCARED OF DOGS! 4 years ago +2
I think I saw it sometime in the 1990s. Don't really remember much about it, because I was about 5 years old. 4 years ago  
THe pre-school shows were cool 4 years ago  
KILLING IN THE NAME OF! 4 years ago  
I heard this one on the radio. 4 years ago  
At least my local airport flies into Hong Kong. Paris is too far. 4 years ago  
I don't have a sister. 4 years ago  
Take shelter underground. 4 years ago +2
My mom was born here. 4 years ago  
The extinction of the dinosaurs. 4 years ago  
Because I'm scared of dogs. 4 years ago  
I'm scared of driving. 4 years ago  
It's the only type without a gym. 4 years ago +1
I've been scared of them after an accident at a friend's house when I was 5. I rode the dog like a pony, and I fell off. 4 years ago +1
already have 4 years ago  
Neither, Ron Jeremy. 4 years ago  
HERMY? 4 years ago  
I get to relive middle school and high school! 4 years ago  
Who's Doug? 4 years ago  
It's the Backstreet Boys! 4 years ago  
(already did when I was 7) I thought it was candy! 4 years ago  
Nicki Minaj: "Anaconda" 4 years ago +1
CR7 has been a superstar since 2003(!) 4 years ago  
Say no to necrophilia. 4 years ago  
I broke my right leg when I was 11. Had to wear a cast for three weeks. 4 years ago  
I shaved off my eyebrows when I was 16. 4 years ago  
30% 4 years ago  
50% 4 years ago  
Definitely the American Psycho. 4 years ago  
Can I have a Gabumon?! 4 years ago  
EAT IT ALL? 4 years ago  
I'd wish for that one TV show I've been looking for since I was 4 years old, but first I'd have to draw the characters from memory. 4 years ago  
Is that money from a Colombian drug dealer? 4 years ago  
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For later 1 question 0 votes 10 months ago