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Would you rather be a miserable genius or happy moron 2 years ago 70 votes 4 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Have Christmas/thanksgiving feast. or Have Takeaway feast. 2 years ago 78 votes 6 comments 0 likes

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i really want to change my vote now. 2 years ago  
non.... your ether gona die getting blown up in a car bomb or starve in training... 2 years ago  
Lol i don,t like Chinese 2 years ago  
dont like chineese 2 years ago  
i love both but apple juice has that... zing 2 years ago  
Not answering.... 2 years ago  
At least i wouldn't get diebeties.... 2 years ago  
*pst, whats acid? 2 years ago  
Wait, if i'm a atheist does that mean i don't go to heaven when i die? 2 years ago  
I wish Christianity was on the right answer. :( 2 years ago  
I havent got a xb'x 1 but i still think it's better 2 years ago +1
they die then go to heaven with god 2 years ago  
non, i am not a cyko 2 years ago  
But they both probaly dont exist 2 years ago +1
same thing right? 2 years ago  
some clever people.. 2 years ago  
i didn't want to answer this.... 2 years ago  
Only mario cart 8 2 years ago  
it's faster 2 years ago  
Lol dont have a cell phone 2 years ago  
Never whatched twilight 2 years ago  
i saw it :) 2 years ago  
Yes he does 2 years ago  
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