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    you cannot lose a thing you do not have 7 months ago  
    neither i dislike fish except tuna 7 months ago  
    canada!!!!! 7 months ago  
    he says while having picked b. i rest my case 7 months ago  
    i am literaly always thirsty 7 months ago  
    no thats austin powers 7 months ago  
    this is defanitly old i have a ps4 boi 7 months ago  
    seen neither edit: he looks like the guy in bruce almighty the one bruce hates 7 months ago  
    satan aint real so i am going to be rich and powerfull 7 months ago  
    neither boy 7 months ago  
    wtf are they? 7 months ago  
    annoying already am 7 months ago  
    computor/videogame geeks ftw 7 months ago  
    if it is my favourate it is still going to be amazing 7 months ago  
    on my side 7 months ago  
    not really if they don't like you they don't and you will know if they do or don't 7 months ago  
    nothing is, it is the correct awnser i am obsessed with my hair 7 months ago  
    can't lose what you don't have and it is better to not be able to talk than to be late 7 months ago  
    johnny cash 7 months ago  
    tie 7 months ago  
    yeah 7 months ago  
    finding justin beiber, stop his fame. 7 months ago  
    same 7 months ago  
    gangnam style is amazing this is the easiest question 7 months ago  
    i am in a wheelchair run over the feet of my foes! 7 months ago  
    i do and i love snow and hate rain 7 months ago  
    he said you can't use incognito 7 months ago  
    aggreed 7 months ago  
    they are not different in the slightests and dr pepper and mountain dew rule 7 months ago  
    love is a burning thing dudududdududu and it forms a fiery ring dududududududu i fell down through a burning ring of fire i fell down down down and the flames rose higher and it burns burns burns the ring of fire 7 months ago  
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