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I hate Minecraft. Do you guys wanna play some Call of Duty or GtA? Maybe basketball?

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    I have a crush on my best friend soo…  
    I'm single!  
    My best friend IS my crush! I'd tell her she's adorbs!  
    I'd rather… what with my mom or dad? Oh! I love cooking with my dad! Gladly!  
    They're just like me then.  
    Dammit shoulda picked Mike Tyson. They wouldn't have liked me back then.  
    I'm bisexual, so this question is alright with me.  
    If you mean 16-23 young, then sure why not? But if it just means being an annoying 8 year old then no.  
    I dye my hair red a lot. This shouldn't be too hard...  
    You can change your name, but you can't change your appearance.  
    Nobody said I wasn't doing it with a NERF GUN!  
    Both can give u aids  
    Iron Man  
    Was Twilight really that bad? I never saw the movie.  
    Hermione Granger is hot!  
    Dude my mom's dead!  
    A 13 second long clip of two clowns f*cking Jessica Biel. One from behind, one in the vag... GIMME DAT SH*T!  
    Mmm... Limes.  
    It doesn't matter. They're both dead.  
    My parents? They're dead already but I'll take the innocence.  
    35% are liars  
    An STD. You don't need to know anything else...  
    Maybe not even that... maybe like an hour  
    Taking it in the butt apparently hurts...  
    Or bi or a lesbian. #lesbianawareness... I'm bi so it don't matter what gender I am... it's not gross.  
    The shuriken would be painful  
    One of the superpowers I can think of is knowledge of all truths! #loopholes  
    It doesn't matter. She's dead.  
    My sister actually saw a cockroach once and she almost threw up  
    My mom is dead!  
    It's just been constructed  
    How do I finger anything if it's already dead?  
    How do I kill things if they're already dead?  
    How do I kill something that's already dead?  
    My gf told me anal sex hurts.  
    I did that as a two year old.  
    Ok, I saw an American flag, a UK flag, an Irish flag and an Australian flag (not to mention a New Zealand flag) those countries all speak English. But yeah, I would love to know Italian.  
    Not even a good one either!  
    Even CinemaSins said "f*ck Twilight" +1
    F*CK NO!  
    Okay, not that I don't agree with you in the lawyer decision, but what about your own blood?  
    I just won't get married.  
    I've got no words! This is so terrible! It's so terrible that terrible isn't a terrible enough word to describe it! It's beyond messed up!  
    So, either way, divorce won't be joining us?  
    If the Holocaust didn't happen, history would be altered BIG TIME. But I'm not a stupid Nazi.  
    But can I have a cat?  
    I'll use my other ear.  
    Me: 20% of dying and 80% chance of living... those are good odds! Internet critics: That's still too much of a chance of dying!  
    If I ruled, it would be a democracy.  
    Who here has done something bad and your excuse was "YOLO"? Let's be real, even the 77% have done that.  
    Maybe I can do brain surgery!  
    For 0.0000000000000000001 attoseconds.  
    At least I'm healthy!  
    My grandma is dead.  
    Like yourself?  
    I need two arms for gaming. And I need two legs for basketball!  
    I live in Australia, but i was born in America. I immigrated with my family because my dad was born in Australia and we had to move in with my dad's parents, since my mom's parents are dead. I don't know why had to go to Australia with my dad's parents, but I'd much rather be home in Colorado.  
    Quorxtl was a nice guy, he just needed someone to rebuild his planet.  
    Foster kids  
    It's been longer than 50 years since Einstein died and everyone still remembers him. Does anyone know who Bud Collyer is?  
    I'm 12  
    Never said anything about my phone or iPad  
    I call Link!  
    You call it weird I call it trying new things.  
    I work every day! So how can I work more days?  
    A cat  
    I dream I have no chance of instant death #loopholes  
    B is illegal.  
    I'm tired of you all hating on Apple there is nothing wrong with it! I don't care what kind of phony moron dislikes Apple, and you hate it for the 30 seconds it's advertized. You PC zombies are just like "Oh no! Apple is advertizing? Arragh!" Like seriously, I don't complain for the full MINUTE your Samsung or Android advertizes. Like seriously, they could come out with the iPhone 7 and you say no. They come out with an iPad Pro Plus and you say no. They come out with the iHaveTo$hit and you say no! That's your answer to everything Apple! Apple is amazing! Stop hating on it!  
    Like Yoda I already talk sometimes.  
    My friend is learning German, I'll teach him. And I'm learning Greek! And I'll pass in Japanese class! And my cousin wants to learn Korean! Win-win-win-win situation!  
    I like my cats.  
    Wth? Are you gay?  
    To 71% so you'd rather live in a box than live in a big ass mansion.  
    I just won't get married. Problem solved.  
    Me: So you like games, dude? Let's talk about GameStop!  
    What the fuque?  
    I won't get married.  
    (Badun chh! drum sound affect)  
    A lot of kids at school admire me for my athletic ability, so I gotta watch my figure. And one of my friends are Jewish so, no chocolate? Sold! Besides, it said:Never EAT chocolate again. So I can drink cocoa still!  
    Teacher: I want you to write an assignment of your knowledge of the prehistoric times. . . . I'll be top of the class! Then I can attend a big university and be really successful and impress a girl and have a family! Then I won't have to deal with da haters!  
    Because one of the superpowers may be curing cancer.  
    Where's the both button at?  
    1. I would wish that I could wish for money. 2. I didn't have to go to school 3. My phone had infinite battery 4. To meet Logan Thirtyacre 5. $1000000000000000 6. Biggest house 7. Every game of the Mario franchise 8. My dog didn't die. 9. A driver's liscense 10. A car  
    In cold u can have a radiator.  
    I'm 12  
    I hate getting phone calls.  
    I have a whole bunch of cool clothes that i keep in a safe location. no problem.  
    Famous on rrrather.  
    Don't get married! Duh!  
    My dad never went to college, my idol never went to college and pretty much nobody I know ever went to college.  
    Fangirls and the word ''cute''.  
    Where's the both button at?  
    I ordered a coke at a restaurant today.  
    nobody frikin cares  
    i just turned 11 today  
    At least if I'm deaf I can still see what people write on communication signs  
    I'm a boy  
    11,392 votes! That's crazy. StanTV is obviously the life of TV.  
    I want a long lifespan. Vegetables guarantee a longer lifespan.  
    it made me think when i was 4.  
    I'm already the smartest. incredibly, i still have friends.  
    He'd know  
    I like sleeping.  
    Yeah when was the last time anyone heard anyone say that?  
    I'm already a nerd... sadly.  
    And now the light she fades and darkness settles in. But I will find strength I will find pride within because although I die, our freedom will be won, though I die La Resistance lives... on. (Anyone seen south park bigger longer uncut?)  
    i don't live in america but i'm from there originally.  
    How are you top comment?  
    Can someone pass me their stupidity? Excuse me, I meant their 7up  
    Yeah. And you can get famous for just finding that dough somewhere and find your true love through fame.  
    One comes with the other dumbasses.  
    yeah same  
    after my math teacher...  
    final question. damn! wait. the other categories. see you in all the other categories!  
    if i go in the future, i'd record everything i see and i'll predict the future. everyone will feel stupid. world class genius +1
    put a wig on  
    goth for the win  
    i'm 11 so just a 5 year difference. my dads 42 my mom's 50  
    Because 3% are dumbasses  
    gross. next question  
    im a guy so that would just be normal +1
    how about a real question next time?  
    how could they even say theyre your best friend?  
    b is for better  
    I don't know what Viddy is. Someone tell me?  
    3% are stupid  
    wear a wig  
    i'm already a nerd so it wont be so hard for me to sound like one  
    Already happening  
    How is this a relationship question?  
    FYI: I meant to chose b  
    Yeah. Then you'd be a hero  
    Neither work without the other  
    So be able to picture myself with $100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000, infinite wifi and awesome people? Count me in  
    Worse. I'd KILL myself.  
    and quite frankly, you can probably have sex appeal with brains  
    If I was the best friend of someone famous, I'd be at least be famous enough to be on TV. But that's as famous as I want to be  
    I've never dated anyone... :( Just liked people  
    I'm very fluent in Spanish  
    Hulk mad at 64%  
    Antarctica is a desert go back to school  
    Yeah. KILL THEM  
    I am secretly in love with Oprah Winfrey. There I said it.  
    Because if we have to wear school uniforms, it would make us all instantly irrecognisable  
    I'm 12 now so you should have thought of this question two years before you did, parcel52  
    Kill that person  
    Hitler is dead already  
    Didn't say how long  
    I'm too tall. ;)  
    I keep a list of my most important facts.  
    Oh, I would be honored. What am I? A freakin knight?  
    There are 16 people in a. I counted. If you don't believe me, count yourself  
    At least I can leave and go with someone good  
    A journey going for another 100 miles  
    I like spinach.  
    Well the first one looks like homework and the second one I don't know.  
    Let's see. Languages I should learn... Spanish, Dutch, Hebrew, Japanese, Italian.  
    Yeah but who the hell cares  
    Both are terribly frustrating.  
    Does my step-daughter count?  
    No. We selected the non-ginger. Obélix has red hair.  
    Hmm. Marshall James Kellies Stadium. Sounds pretty sweet to me.  
    Didn't say I had to have done something terrible. Maybe I was framed. Then because I was framed... five words for people who remember me hatefully. HAVE FUN IN HELL, HATERS. >:).  
    I'd go to a rich kid and bet them $10,000,000,000,000 I could get bitten by a mob of stingrays and live. One guaranteed way to become rich.  
    yea 19%!  
    i am a kid so a was really my only choice.  
    i give the finger at them all the time. also my sister will never get disappointed at me.  
    the guy on the left looks like a total creep.  
    I read them. It's terrible so many people ignore it. It's like those statements don't exist.  
    You could teleport to your crush's place.  
    I've never dated anyone. Ever.  
    Parachute. Problem solved.  
    What if I'm her friend? ;-)  
    I, myself, am cocky. Perfect mstch. Same personality.  
    Oh god NO! I'm straight  
    I will not do this onr  
    Oh gosh no I'm straight.  
    I'm a straight boy.  
    Who says I can't put chocolate in the soap? ;)  
    Only go outside for a second and don't open your mouth!  
    And KFC  
    I don't even have a grandma anymore!  
    If my siblings had to go through with it too, my sister could get pregnant so me and my brothers would be the half-brothers AND the uncles of our sister's kid. Like if you think that sounds crazy. +1
    Id use my sister's tooth brush, never said I couldn't choose!  
    "I'm a girl" is no excuse.  
    Then you shove it in your vagina (excuse my rudeness) STOP TRYING TO FIND LOOPHOLES. JUST STOP!  
    Im catholic and chose this. You know why? To reunite the orphans with their parents.  
    Wait... could I get off scot-free?  
    If im horny just jack it off.  
    Put the penis you deserve in there, boy.  
    If my siblings had to do it too, my sister could get pregnant off the sperm so id be the uncle and the half-brother of the baby. Like if you think that just sounds f*cked up.  
    Lion King fan i assume.  
    didn't say i die  
    I'm a boy +1
    I'm a boy so I wouldn't look weird.  
    I'm a minor my parents have the keys to everything I win!  
    Only for a second. Didn't say how long.  
    Didn't say I couldn't watch TV on my computer. A computer can do loads of things and watching TV on it is one of the many...  
    I already am... its the best respect... :-)  
    At least it's not my ENTIRE penis. +1
    If Jesus just started roaming the Earth again, He would really only have one option.  
    Never said I couldn't use hearing aids. Besides, I need eyesight for gaming.  
    Think of the awesome dreams you could have!  
    oh my sick f*ckin jesus.  
    Why is it in the gross section. Duh.  
    If Mr Twit did it in Roald Dahls The Twits, I can do it too  
    27% of retarded f*ckers.  
    I'm not touching this one.  
    I'm still a kid so I really have one option there.  
    I already do.  
    Michael Jackson is the King of Pop and J***** *****r is really a 9 year old girl with no talent.  
    Doesn't matter had sex  
    Wtf none  
    Thank god I can skip  
    I don't have a Gf  
    The real slim shady.  
    If I were a girl  
    The cat looks like Pikachu. Was his fur dyed? Riachu is way cooler.  
    My parents are always saying "whether you like it or not, you are of the same blood as your sister". So they made me answer this one.  
    I'm a boy  
    Would we rather what?  
    You can say 'idiot' on the internet  
    I honestly would not care one bit.  
    I really would not care one bit.  
    I'm a boy!  
    No way!  
    I'm a boy!!!!!  
    I'm a boy.  
    I'm a dude, faggot.  
    +1 for how cute that cat is. BTW, I myself am pretty cocky.  
    I'm a boy and kill yourself if you answered this.  
    I'm a boy and kill yourself if you answered this question.  
    Nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope  
    Who put this on this on the homepage?  
    Thus I die, the world may go a great distance living on.  
    It's gonna take more than a fuucking gost to freak me out.  
    my arch rival  
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