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I like to cause controversy and spark debates for my own entertainment because I'm crazy like that

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Would you rather... Be 9 ft tall or Be 4 ft tall 4 years ago 154 votes 10 comments 0 likes
Would you rather... Have ugly eyes or Have ugly teeth 6 years ago 1,383 votes 20 comments 0 likes
Someone waves in your direction but you're not sure if it's aimed at you or not, do you... Risk looking like an idiot and wave back or Risk being rude and ignore them all together 6 years ago 432 votes 13 comments 0 likes
Would you rather... A hot, sunny day or A warm, balmy evening 6 years ago 589 votes 7 comments 0 likes
Would you rather... Have to go to sleep at 7pm every night or Have to get up at 4am every morning 6 years ago 462 votes 8 comments 0 likes
Would you rather.... Change to the opposite sex for life, but be rich for the rest of your life or Stay the same sex but be poor for the rest of your life 6 years ago 2,459 votes 40 comments 0 likes
If you could only do one for the rest of your life, would you rather... Eat or Drink 6 years ago 1,438 votes 23 comments 0 likes
Would you rather... Have sex or Have £50 (equivalent in dollars) 6 years ago 1,150 votes 11 comments 0 likes
Would you rather... Have a girlfriend with MASSIVE boobs or Have a girlfriend with a MASSIVE bum 6 years ago 3,586 votes 31 comments 0 likes
Would you rather... Have sex with this lady or Have sex with Ryan Reynolds 6 years ago 4,611 votes 63 comments 0 likes
Would you rather... Eat (human) diarrhoea off a car seat or Drink a pint of (horse) semen 6 years ago 2,225 votes 66 comments 0 likes
Would you rather... Walk on broken glass barefoot or Walk on burning coal barefoot 6 years ago 2,448 votes 25 comments 0 likes
Would you rather... Have the best year of your life followed by the worst year of your life or Have 2 average years where nothing much happens 6 years ago 397 votes 8 comments 0 likes
If they both paid the same... Would you rather: Be a lifeguard or Be a firefighter 6 years ago 365 votes 15 comments 0 likes
Would you rather... Have the pointless ability to grow your nails at will? or Have the pointless ability to grow your hair at will? 6 years ago 3,658 votes 33 comments 0 likes
If you had to be one or the other, would you rather... Be blind or Be deaf 6 years ago 412 votes 23 comments 0 likes
Did Jesus really exist? Yes or No 6 years ago 383 votes 23 comments 0 likes
Would you rather... Visit Hawaii or Visit Jamaica 6 years ago 552 votes 12 comments 0 likes
If you HAD to be one, would you rather be... Catholic or Buddhist 6 years ago 722 votes 27 comments 0 likes
Would you rather... Live under anarchy or Live under fascism 6 years ago 545 votes 15 comments 0 likes
Would you rather... Have the ability to have (consented) sex with anyone BUT you can never find true love and settle down or Find true love, have a family and grow old together 6 years ago 11,787 votes 33 comments 0 likes
Would you rather... Your girlfriend be ugly (but will love you and always be faithful) or Your girlfriend be a slut (loves you... but likes to sleep around too) 6 years ago 2,240 votes 18 comments 0 likes
Would you rather... Be stick thin or Be fat 6 years ago 3,555 votes 43 comments 0 likes
Would you rather... Be a complete idiot but very attractive or Be clever but not so attractive 6 years ago 2,437 votes 15 comments 0 likes
Would you rather... Press the red button which gives you 100 million dollars but 10 random people in your country die every time you spend it or Press the blue button, simply because it's cool to press buttons and get nothing at all. You are only left with the dreams of having 100 million dollars 6 years ago 664 votes 19 comments 0 likes
(Girls) Would you rather... Be hot but men treat you with no respect or Be ugly but men treat you like a princess 6 years ago 1,150 votes 20 comments 0 likes

Trevehh has posted the following comments:

Cheryl Cole 4 years ago  
Good question 4 years ago +1
Conservative will have the majority, no one will win outright 4 years ago  
Monsters 4 years ago +2
Fruits would rot your teeth 4 years ago  
A good life would include having family 4 years ago  
I thought A was already true 6 years ago +1
Well no, that would mean writing an essay on why I think a Democrat president is better than a Republican president and I'm pretty sure no one on rrrather would want to hear that! 6 years ago  
Him just being there rather than The Republicans automatically means he's doing a fantastic job. 6 years ago +1
It would just be a nasty business. For example, raping will probably be a big problem... these girls will want to protect themselves by carrying guns or knives leading to an increase in violence etc etc. Another example, it's easy money and legal so young girls will begin to aspire to be a prostitute... they'll lose interest in school and education altogether etc. Personally just think that it would be an awful idea. 6 years ago +1
Is this meant to be ironic? 6 years ago  
Yeah... I picked the wrong one. 6 years ago +4
This isn't normal? 6 years ago  
I don't watch basketball. 6 years ago +1
Optimus Prime would literally crush Iron Man 6 years ago +2
Sorry but you are speaking nonsense. Agree to disagree :) 6 years ago  
No, this question specifically says "You wouldn't need the other to live" so as to prevent loopholes. Not every question needs to follow the rules of logic because that would just be boring. 6 years ago  
You've completely misunderstood the whole concept of Would You Rather then. 6 years ago  
Definitely don't want a walrus as a mother 6 years ago +8
Haven't played either in a long, long time. I miss Hide and Seek the most though 6 years ago  
Doesn't matter have a shotgun 6 years ago +1
Educate the children to never use the gun. 6 years ago +1
As I mentioned, you don't need the other to survive. Plus mushed up food isn't very appetising. 6 years ago +1
Technically you could melt down and sell the metal you gain from the coins for 3 times more... but aint nobody got time fo dat. 6 years ago +4
You wouldn't be able to drink the juice 6 years ago +6
EZIO 6 years ago  
I'd guide the plane until I was a safe distance away then I'd eject 6 years ago  
Didn't understand that. 6 years ago  
I'll just get an iPhone 6 years ago +1
Was doing option B for almost a year but then decided to man up, thus I am now doing option A. :) 6 years ago  
None of the above. 6 years ago +1
If it were not a real thing, why do our bodies react to it? 6 years ago  
Indeed, but that sort of proves fear is a real thing... surely? 6 years ago  
It's not actually, a phrase is a phrase. There is no grammatically correct way to say a phrase. Not to mention the fact "my badness" isn't even grammatical anyway. 6 years ago  
Of course it's a real thing. It's called the "flight or fight response". When we experience something that we find frightening, blood rushes to our receptors (e.g. eyes, muscles etc) and makes us act fearful. 6 years ago +4
Doesn't say how long the wash has to be. Gonna take a year long shower while I laugh my face off 6 years ago  
They do the best they can in the given climate. Although Cameron has the tendency to be a douche. 6 years ago +3
My momma always said... 6 years ago  
Wait what 6 years ago +1
F*ck that was hard 6 years ago  
Potatoes are a serious issue and the government really need to tighten potato control. 6 years ago +5
Cheese on toast :D 6 years ago +3
You guys being serious? That's a GBR Pound sign. Euro sign is €. 6 years ago +9
Oh, I'm honestly not bothered in the slightest about calories haha xD definitely the big bag of crisps :D 6 years ago  
Interesting results for Australia 6 years ago  
You're making out as if chips are bad? Am I being stupid? :( 6 years ago  
Ouch 6 years ago  
Loads of free holidays. 6 years ago +5
Am I missing something here? It's simply asking if I'd rather have a little bag of chips or a big bag... big bag of chips = more food? 6 years ago +3
To see people's reactions. It was a success :D 6 years ago  
Groundhog Day! 6 years ago +6
Would love to be a girl for a day, testing out all my... functions. 6 years ago +4
Yes? 6 years ago  
Nope, as you can see I'm beautiful. 6 years ago +2
100 puppies can all grow into 100 dogs which would benefit 100 humans. Some could be guide dogs, bomb sniffers or just a great friend to someone. Definitely worth saving them. 6 years ago  
Clearly you're American then. 6 years ago  
I would be quite worried if mine was yellow... 6 years ago +1
No worries :) 6 years ago  
No. I am from England therefore use the English spelling (the correct spelling). 6 years ago  
That's pretty warm for us British, would be happy with 15 degrees throughout winter etc and I would just go on holiday if I wanted a change of climate. 6 years ago +3
Nope! Mwhaha. 6 years ago  
Would be an amazing way to die! Haha 6 years ago +6
Cheers man! 6 years ago  
My bad xD 6 years ago +1
"This man" hahaha 6 years ago +2
Yeah but I have a tank so your argument is invalid 6 years ago  
Basically life or death 6 years ago  
Calling 911 will do nothing for me. 6 years ago  
Don't care money 6 years ago  
Religion has never done good. 6 years ago +4
It's easier to blow stuff up with tanks 6 years ago +2
The military would just destroy me if i was a mutated leopard thing 6 years ago +2
If I discovered the origin of the universe, I'd unleash my findings and make billions. 6 years ago +4
Nic is badass 6 years ago +1
Basically would you rather die or live... 6 years ago +2
Sounds like fun 6 years ago  
Heath Ledger was the most tragic death of all celebs 6 years ago +1
I'm not referring to Anarcho-syndicalism, I mean pure anarchy as in no government or system. What I'm trying to ask is would you prefer a system that works efficiently but is heavily discriminatory towards certain minorities, or uses "scape goats" (such as the Jewish population in Nazi Germany) to achieve their success... Or would you rather no system at all, probably with the result of thousands of little "governments" spread across the country and continuous civil war. 6 years ago  
Glad you liked it bro :) 6 years ago  
Practically live in London so would like to go somewhere new 6 years ago  
Basically this is asking would you rather be happy or unhappy 6 years ago +3
Dark Knight Rises? Come on people. 6 years ago +1
Does the picture in opt A really have any relevance at all? 6 years ago +2
Too many of you guys focus on the pictures... it's the question that really matters! These are just examples I found on Google. 6 years ago +4
you have to see it in the wild you tit 6 years ago  
shoot myself in the foot = be fine and become rich 6 years ago +4
this implies it will be instant 6 years ago  
I'd just get driven to depression knowing someone is lying but everyone believes it 6 years ago  
If a car smashes into you? 6 years ago  
F*** Voldermort 6 years ago  
Imagine how scary it would be flying 6 years ago  
Not when they're angry 6 years ago +2
I wonder 6 years ago +1
AIDS will be cured relatively soon (already a cure for HIV in newborn babies). No real development on a cure for cancer however... plus cancer usually has much more severe symptoms and kills more people. 6 years ago +1
typical dumb americans... 6 years ago  
you can use written communication 6 years ago  
F***ing dumbest question 6 years ago +1
don't care having sex 6 years ago  
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