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    I hate you.  
    Yes there is.  
    The force is strong in you young padawon.  
    I'm afraid of lightning.  
    Spiderman is hot.  
    Then change it back.  
    So does Burger King.  
    Rich parents  
    No arms= Nothing to use my phone with  
    53% is dumb.  
    I'm older than gen and haven't kissed someone. 30 is my only option.  
    I'm an extremely skinny person, so I'd be fine.  
    I don't have a favorite athlete.  
    God is real.  
    Single Pringle and proud.  
    I was born in Texas. I'd be moving back.  
    Time for YouTube. +1
    Eat oranges for liquid. There is no substitute for my precious internet.  
    Alicorn from Canada, you suck.  
    Food is my favorite food:  
    Then the good news would cheer me up.  
    I'm already an ugly human.  
    Get a boat and leave them there while I go tour the ocean.  
    So would chocolate.  
    I'm a heterosexual girl. Coming home to him, not her.  
    People could push me around and I wouldn't have to walk and could be lazy.  
    I would rather die.  
    This verbal fight will turn into me shoving a cake in his face and walking away like a bawse.  
    No, just no.  
    It's still delicious. So is bacon, it's made of mostly fat.  
    NOO! I meant at night.  
    I don't discriminate against apples.  
    But, you'd be immortal.  
    Why is Wolverine the minority? You'd always look young, and you could kill people with your metal swords coming out of your hands. Not to mention if your clumsy like me and break a bone you would just heal. No doctor needed.  
    And paint it purple. Dye my hair green and put red lipstick on past my lips on the side. I'm already extremely pale. I also need a purple button up and green vest. Now I'm the Joker and I'll kill you all.  
    I already have below average both.  
    You never said I would die.  
    You could blend your food into a smoothie, or get dentures.  
    Hi, guest from United States, I wanna show you something. It's called equal rights. I'm a girl and would rather have hamburger, and my brother would rather have hotdog. It's an opinion and you can't say someone should have one based on things like gender. It's like saying girls can't be into sports and guys can't like romantic movies. Or like saying girls can't fix something and all guys can. Or that all guys have to be tall and girls have to be short. Or girls have to like pink and not blue and boys have to like blue and not pink. Do you see how ridiculous this is? Guys can prefer hotdogs and girls can prefer hamburgers. Welcome to 2016. Have you looked back at this comment and said "I wish I didn't post this"? 'Cause now your getting scolded by a kid.  
    I think this question is meant for men...  
    I'm a 12 year old girl.  
    Ha ha. LIES!  
    Just ignore the people that's what I do at work.  
    I already do.  
    So what??? It still applies to guys.  
    The force is strong in you young padawon. +1
    9% of the world is dumb people who don't value friends. Losers grow up to be brilliant and popular people grow up and move back in with their parents because they were spoiled as a kid and don't know how to do anything, thus realizing being popular and having nice clothes in school wasn't as important as getting good grades when they see the losers from school curing cancer and Ebola, while being beautiful inside and out.  
    Not really.  
    51% of people wanna have back trouble :)  
    How is the majority listening to your least favorite song 5 times in a row?  
    I'd act as the dead person in the corner who was killed by the evil guy.  
    I don't celebrate Halloween.  
    I have a friend of the opposite gender who is just a friend.  
    And a shotgun.  
    47% of people would rather face forever shun then a long time of ultra care from family/friends.  
    I would feel horrible if a friend took the blame for me.  
    I hate Coca-Cola. I like coffee.  
    Why is it only 28% of people that would rather see someone they don't like succeed over failing. If you hate someone that much then just steal the money from them. Then you'd have $100,000.  
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