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    I know ASL. It's ok  
    Ian Mckellen or Ian McKellen? Hmm  
    Fap fap fap  
    Corn ftw!!  
    Die either way  
    Uhhh yes they are  
    Sorry but that would be kinda cool :D +1
    Sorry, Mr.Bum  
    Oin soviet Russia, flag choose you!!  
    Picked the wrong one. Damnit  
    Well if my mom looks like that... O.o  
    Banana power!!  
    Bottoms up!!  
    And Passion of the Christ  
    Be wealthy and get famous like the Kardashians!  
    Jus cuz it would be awesome xD  
    If I see it after then I didn't drink it  
    Um yes. It has to be ALIVE  
    I'll take the chance  
    I hate your kind of people  
    Why is my mom Michelle Obama?  
    Sorry random kids.-takes out knife- time to die  
    Done it  
    Done it. It tastes like sh*t anyway  
    Neither! I like them both!  
    Agreed! +1
    Sorry. I'm loyal to my 360  
    It's Friday, Friday. Gotta get down on Friday  
    Both suck now  
    Subliminal messaging yo lol +15
    People are only voting on the pictures lol  
    Calm down bizznatch  
    That question made my brain hurt  
    Have one. Best thing ever! Zelda, pokemon stadium and Mario ftw  
    I see no downside to this option  
    My anaconda don't want none unless you've got buns hon!  
    Is this the only question people can come up with?  
    Are other things allowed? +3
    What's a marijuana tablet?  
    Ha. Owned  
    Nope. Same sex.  
    No one gives af  
    Biased question is biased  
    I bet most people don't get this question lol +1
    Good. Stay innocent  
    Brides are never late. Everyone else is simply early  
    How about a more interesting pokemon +1
    Would I rather what?  
    Only because you referenced flash  
    Hahaha! Nice  
    In soviet Russia vodka drink you!  
    I know. I hate these comments  
    Superman or wonderwoman  
    The lack of voltemort answers makes me sad  
    I dun wanna fight horses.  
    Haha I see what you did there  
    My thoughts exactly  
    "What happens if a car comes?""we die"  
    Or option 3: throw my computer in the trash compactor  
    Read the author's comment  
    The voices always sound weird  
    I already do that  
    I have no idea. I just clicked one  
    I really hope you're joking  
    50 first dates  
    Yeah I don't think people understand African warlords +1
    Haha! This is true  
    Would I rather what?  
    Been there.  
    Can't I keep some Of it?  
    What is a 'block buster'?  
    Night elf or hulk? Lol  
    I only picked beer because of the Dos Equis man.  
    Ask the pro athletes of America  
    41 have fun +1
    Idk. Maybe actually go outside and NOT be on the computer  
    I have no idea  
    It didn't say cocky or abusive, people. Jeesh. You can be confident and be nice  
    Wow. Really?  
    Same here  
    Only with bob barker though  
    Vodka smells like nail polish remover  
    Doesn't say the ghosts are evil  
    Can I be successful at hogwarts?  
    For real  
    Best. Death. Ever  
    Let me keep the illusion  
    Worth it  
    History classes don't know sh*t  
    I'm a girl and gay men are attracted to me? I see no downside to this  
    I do that anyway  
    He does if you BECOME god  
    Except medical marijuana  
    Same thing  
    It says no adoption dumbass  
    Read the freaking author's comments!  
    Hahaha beaver x)  
    Depends. Did my friend really break the law?  
    Wig shop ftw and no shaving  
    Money is forever  
    U-S-A! U-S-A!!  
    Neither. Ironman all the way  
    Not dating an 11 year old  
    Hahaha Oops  
    Done it  
    As long as my face isn't showing  
    I know sign language. I win. And yes deaf people listen to music. They just have to turn it up loud to feel the beat  
    Religion is what has caused nearly every war. Not just christianity  
    I have blonde hair and blue eyes. I'm good  
    Pftt only 2 liters?  
    If I had all the money I could donate it to who needs it  
    Although the camel would make a good story  
    I hate when people say "for abortion". I don't hate babies, I just think people have the right to choose for themselves  
    The fact people are worried about their phones and wifi bothers me  
    Love the books but they are so long. I just like sitting down and watching the movies  
    I don't have an arch enemy...what happens then?  
    I know ASL so I win  
    Viruses are harder to get rid of  
    Remember who you are...  
    Not if The truth comes from wiki  
    I agreed with you until Eminem. Slim Shady is GOD  
    I don't remember that part of the bible  
    My life is dull anyway  
    at least I could rest at night  
    Wow I just wasted part of my life reading that  
    No you can't. It says so ^  
    Does it matter? People are stupid and going to dissect them anyway  
    Or family guy ones  
    Omg this one was actually hard  
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