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Just a lil 7 foot boy from Summit. Now living in San Diego

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    Bucketlist tbh 4 days ago  
    Actually lived in Monaco 1 week ago  
    Looks stupid 1 week ago  
    Till Lindemann, Lemmy, Eminem, Rihanna 1 week ago +1
    Nothing special about B 2 weeks ago  
    What? Would you own a castle or a castle? 1 month ago  
    Hardest question, no doubt.i have ‘been’ with my wife when we were not older than a year. And I met my best friend when I was 10. He has been by my side, always but we have a beautiful little kid and I love her beyond 1 month ago  
    It’s coming 1 month ago  
    It depends, I’m too big for some sports cars 1 month ago  
    Haven’t eaten fast food in 6 months 1 month ago  
    Who are these? 1 month ago  
    Really? 1 month ago  
    Already have a wife 1 month ago +1
    Beer, vodka, wine. 1 month ago  
    Then it would be the same as now tbh 1 month ago  
    100% right. Probably because I have been in every country in Europe 1 month ago  
    Sounds fun 1 month ago  
    Yeah same here lol. I am 6’10 1 month ago +1
    I do rn 1 month ago  
    Already married 1 month ago  
    Not a real series but I have seen ghosts 1 month ago  
    Easy 1 month ago  
    Already did 1 month ago +1
    Anarchy 1 month ago  
    I am actually 20% viking 1 month ago  
    I always like creating stuff 1 month ago  
    A story I call true love: I first met my wife when we were not more than 1 because our parents were close friends. We were friends our whole childhood. She moved away because she was studying. Later she moved back. We got together. She became my wife. Now we have a lovely little boy 1 month ago  
    Already been in every country in Europe 1 month ago  
    I have a son who is almost 1 1 month ago  
    Easy choice 1 month ago  
    I am almost 7’ so I don’t know 1 month ago  
    They look too young... 1 month ago  
    We have an own lake back where I’m from so yes. And my father has always been fishing across the globe so I have been with him 1 month ago  
    I could eat steak 365 days a year, literally 1 month ago  
    I earn 85 000 a year so I would rather take option A 1 month ago  
    I have been to A twice 1 month ago  
    My ancestors are vikings 2 months ago  
    Switzerland 2 months ago  
    Love SUVs 2 months ago  
    Gators are more dangerous, generally. Of course there are shark species that are more aggressive as tiger sharks and bull sharks 2 months ago  
    Best show when I was young 2 months ago  
    Why would I do A? 2 months ago  
    Of I have to poo I could easily do that. The. I could eat my sh*t from the toilet 2 months ago  
    In my wallet I have 2000€ 2 months ago  
    I have an Anarchy tattoo 2 months ago  
    I had so high expectations but it turned out to be sh*t. Just a normal forest, didn’t see anything interesting. Not even Logan Paul 2 months ago +1
    I have been to A so want to visit B 2 months ago  
    I am married and I have a kid but I would be fine. I love travelling and I have been almost in 70 countries and I love travelling alone also 2 months ago  
    I am 6’10 2 months ago  
    Medium rare 2 months ago  
    My wife is better at it 2 months ago  
    My cousins babies, my niece and my own kid 2 months ago  
    Oh yeah 2 months ago  
    I get to read these books for my kid almost everyday, and I like these.and I’m not 5 2 months ago  
    Or for the countries who actually can play it 2 months ago  
    Last year travelling Asia me and my wife went to India to celebrate Holi. It was fun 2 months ago  
    Top of my bucket list 2 months ago  
    I can’t risk losing all of my money 2 months ago  
    No resemblance at all lol 2 months ago +1
    Both good 3 months ago  
    Tough 3 months ago  
    I was at my friends farm at countryside, there were no houses in kilometres radius. His parents left to a shop with car. No one else there. We were always playing in a old barn with two big doors on each side. Suddenly a shovel fell from the top floor, after that both of the doors slammed hard at the same time. There was nobody else and there was no wind, not that wind could push the doors closed. We were so scared we jumped in to a haystack from top floor and ran away. We ran more than a kilometre when an old man was riding a bike towards us. We stopped him and cried and told him this, and he said some old farmer couple owned his farm like 100 years ago and the man supposedly died in a barn 3 months ago  
    Dem Sin City vibes 3 months ago +1
    Of course 3 months ago  
    Rammstein in Germany 3 months ago +1
    6’10 3 months ago  
    Doesn’t say that have to be mine 3 months ago  
    My biggest crush from school is my wife now. We met when we were 3. Been friends ever since and now we here 3 months ago  
    Loka comfy 3 months ago  
    I Dong get the hype with iPhone 3 months ago  
    I have been awake more than 3 days at a time 3 months ago  
    Loved Maine 3 months ago  
    I actually met him once 3 months ago  
    Maybe 2 3 months ago  
    Love Austin. My favorite thing there is Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse lol 3 months ago +1
    My friend bought Model S like 5 months ago 3 months ago  
    Love it 3 months ago  
    If a steak is medium rare and chef has done a good job, there is nothing what’s better 3 months ago  
    Already am 3 months ago  
    I can already speak some 3 months ago  
    Well I’m from Finland 3 months ago  
    Medium rare 3 months ago +1
    What did he do? 3 months ago  
    Don’t know who she is but lasagna is op 3 months ago  
    Easy 3 months ago  
    Hopefully not lol 3 months ago  
    Love em 3 months ago  
    Rooting for T-Series 3 months ago  
    No? 3 months ago  
    Just picking this because one of my best friends is gay. We have been friends for 22 years 3 months ago  
    70% of people say no, are they serious? 3 months ago  
    Got Ford Raptor 2018. my wife has Mercedes Benz 4 months ago  
    I have money 4 months ago  
    My IQ is 139 4 months ago  
    Once when I was at mili 4 months ago  
    I have lived in 4 countries 4 months ago +1
    I’m almost 7’ 4 months ago  
    I already can speak Spanish and English fluently 4 months ago  
    I have over 1 million easy and I like donating 4 months ago  
    I have travelled to 68 countries, and with my wife I have travelled in 40 4 months ago  
    B was okay 4 months ago +1
    Met Messi. He is my favorite player 4 months ago  
    5 fluently 4 months ago  
    My friend is from Samoa, and his surname is Momoa 4 months ago  
    Who 4 months ago  
    I do have 4 months ago  
    Have done both but liked skydiving more 4 months ago  
    Maybe like 15 4 months ago  
    Of course 4 months ago  
    Came back from a club and don’t want to go to sleep yet lol, and I’m bored 4 months ago  
    Welcome to the club brother! Just kidding, misclicked too.. 4 months ago  
    I have seen ghosts 4 months ago  
    I have a lot of mone6 regardless so no 4 months ago  
    Don’t care I love steak 4 months ago +1
    My family is looking after my son so my wife and I are going to a little one day “vacation” 4 months ago  
    Are you actually that stupid? 4 months ago  
    Not always tho 4 months ago  
    Those 4 are just kids 4 months ago  
    Already been to Pripyat, it was summer, planning to visit it again but in winter. I would love to visit Fukushima 4 months ago  
    I can afford it 4 months ago  
    50k is nothing 4 months ago  
    Easily 4 months ago  
    I have accomplished a lot 4 months ago  
    Already am 4 months ago  
    I have a wife 4 months ago  
    My dad 4 months ago +1
    My wife said she spends over 100€ 4 months ago  
    Small country fought against the Soviet Union to gain its independence 5 months ago  
    Don’t really matter. My IQ is 146 and already have a lot of money 5 months ago  
    Already met Drake 5 months ago  
    Already am 5 months ago  
    Just one slice 5 months ago  
    Home 5 months ago  
    So good 5 months ago  
    I am able to destroy any of them for sure 5 months ago  
    Got shot 5 months ago  
    I have a Ducati already but would love to have Bugatti 5 months ago  
    I proposed to my wife in Switzerland when we were at the public place (rented it private) 5 months ago  
    My family and my wife 5 months ago  
    So good 5 months ago  
    And beer! 5 months ago  
    As a child but not anymore of course 5 months ago  
    More important 5 months ago  
    I hate Mc Donald's I have no idea how people can eat that sh*t. If I want a good burger I'm eating that in a good restaurant or make it home 5 months ago  
    My IQ is 146 5 months ago  
    No they don't 5 months ago  
    Already do 5 months ago  
    Love the colors 5 months ago  
    Love my job 5 months ago  
    I'm 6'10 5 months ago  
    Just because me and my wife use to do so much together 5 months ago  
    Why lol 5 months ago  
    Do what you love. When I was younger I wanted to serve in military (as my grandfather in WW2) and later my father. But my mom said no. Back then I visited my girlfriends grandfather at retirement home, he was a veteran, he said do what you love what makes you feel right. Now I have served many many years in military and gotten many friendships that are gonna last a lifetime 5 months ago  
    Best I've b n was Rammstein 5 months ago  
    Is it any good? Should I give it a try? 5 months ago  
    I have a wolf dog, he is not scared of them 5 months ago  
    What are these? 5 months ago  
    40% 5 months ago  
    It depends on a person. At the beginning if you say it's easy you are lying. I have served years in a military and now I have been promoted to staff sergeant. I have done several missions across the globe, even tho I'm not new, it's never easy.. 5 months ago +1
    Been to both, lived in Barcelona for a year. In A you so much more to do 5 months ago  
    I have done B 5 months ago  
    Fried 5 months ago  
    I'm not scared of death, my job is dangerous 5 months ago  
    Nope 5 months ago  
    Don't need condoms 5 months ago  
    You also can consider weed as a medical drug 5 months ago  
    Last time I ate in a restaurant. I had a beef Wellington 5 months ago  
    Fvck tuhat I have wife 5 months ago +1
    I know both perfectly 5 months ago  
    55% are just stupid 5 months ago  
    IM 6'10 6 months ago  
    It was good until Online got all new cars and features 6 months ago  
    Olive Garden dreadsticks are yummy tho 6 months ago  
    Love original Kill Bill. Saw is too much 6 months ago  
    A looks like she is 15 6 months ago  
    Which Georgia? 6 months ago  
    Would be in jail 6 months ago  
    Haven't eaten candy in 2 years 6 months ago  
    Who? 6 months ago  
    Me and my wife have an apartment there 6 months ago  
    Naa I'm good I have a wife 6 months ago +1
    Really? 6 months ago  
    6'10 6 months ago  
    My IQ was 146 last time I checked it so am good 6 months ago  
    Both are most likely true. The universe is huge, bigger than any of can imagine. There is no way we are the only people 6 months ago  
    Been there? 6 months ago  
    Been to both, I have been to Coachella once and two times in Burning Man, looking forward to go again next year 6 months ago  
    I'm not poor but in Finland, being poor is still better than being rich in some countries 6 months ago  
    Already do A 6 months ago  
    Already raised a wolf kinda. Two wolf dogs 6 months ago +1
    I'm the first lieutenant in Finnish defence forces 6 months ago  
    I own several guns, knifes and I have some swords as collectibles 6 months ago  
    Amber Heard I chose B 6 months ago +1
    B looks ass 6 months ago +1
    Pearl harbor 6 months ago  
    I have a real katana sword as a collective from Japan 6 months ago  
    My wife. 6 months ago  
    Of course not 6 months ago  
    See you again by Wiz Khalifa. I lost my friend and when I listen to this I'm very sad 6 months ago  
    I would choose my army comrade who have been with me during the missions too 6 months ago  
    I visited Chernobyl (Pripyat) 2 years ago. No mutated people there. It was an interesting and awesome experience. I saw animals and big fish 6 months ago  
    This was my dream 6 months ago  
    So strength vs telekinesis 6 months ago  
    I think I have but I'm not sure 6 months ago  
    Love martini 6 months ago  
    Love crepes 6 months ago  
    My dad owns huge amounts of land. I thought I'd build a cabin there 6 months ago  
    Of course 6 months ago  
    I weight more, I'm taller than him. I can fight, I know martial arts 6 months ago  
    Grammar Nazi 6 months ago  
    When I feel sad or angry etc I like to punch a punching bag 6 months ago  
    You have a lifetime to spend in your home country and friends or family, travelling the world is a opportunity. I have travelled the world my whole life. I have visited 60 different countries. Lived in 6 different 6 months ago  
    I find them more good looking that those ones who look like some twigs 6 months ago  
    6'10 6 months ago  
    Definitely United States 6 months ago  
    A small reef shark 6 months ago  
    You really don't need a radiation suit any more. I visited Chernobyl 2 years ago 7 months ago  
    Already done B, I have visited 60 countries now 7 months ago  
    Fought in WW1 7 months ago  
    Not falling on their level 7 months ago  
    Cheaper. And my aunt has a huge beach house in the Canarias and Fuengirola so I'd stay there 7 months ago  
    We all know neither of them ar true 7 months ago  
    This show was the shiet 7 months ago  
    Already been to B 7 months ago  
    I can't go to Taco Bell sober 7 months ago  
    Already do 7 months ago  
    47% are retards 7 months ago  
    I visited Pripyat 2 years ago 7 months ago  
    Been 4 times in NYC but only once in Tokyo 7 months ago  
    Not going to school any more 7 months ago  
    I'm 6'0 and 360 pounds and my shoe size is size 15 7 months ago  
    When I'm in my garage fixing cars or having cold ones and playing darts and pool with the boys 7 months ago  
    Have you played football in a fairly competitive level? 7 months ago  
    Love these kind of cheeses 7 months ago  
    Of course 7 months ago  
    My IQ was 145 a year ago 7 months ago  
    They don't look the same either 7 months ago  
    I have a katana 7 months ago  
    I have been in 57 countries 7 months ago  
    I'm 6'10 7 months ago  
    Everyone who chose A should be put down 7 months ago  
    The globe be like: "Oh god they are cringy, I must implode" 7 months ago  
    I'm 6'10 and 360 pounds, I can easily muscle him everywhere I go. I have no worst enemies but if I have to say one it's definitely one skinny kid I hated back in the schoo, years 7 months ago  
    You can play home 7 months ago  
    I have a son who is almost 6 months 7 months ago  
    Been shot before, almost died. Fully recovered now 7 months ago  
    Football 7 months ago  
    I have black belts in 3 martial arts, I have been wrestling for over 10 years, boxing for 5 and then some other 7 months ago  
    Stalin killed so many of his own 7 months ago  
    I have been in 56 countries 7 months ago  
    Candy corn is disgusting 7 months ago  
    Used to play this as a teenager 7 months ago  
    Both are great but Matrix is one of my favorite 7 months ago  
    Already am 7 months ago  
    Japan is just so random 7 months ago  
    Something 200 7 months ago  
    Although I love churros 7 months ago  
    Banff 8 months ago  
    I'm 6'10 and almost 170kg, I'm not meant for crossfit 8 months ago  
    Always loved snow 8 months ago  
    Haven't been eating candy for 3 years now 8 months ago  
    I have been in China several times and tasted a variety of real Chinese foods. They are so much better 8 months ago  
    What? 8 months ago  
    She would have a good win 8 months ago  
    Had A last week. It was gross. My first experience with Paulaner was in Oktoberfest in Germany 4 years ago 8 months ago  
    So much better 8 months ago  
    Working. Had a break and saw this on the news 8 months ago  
    Couple of times. When I was worked no for the Finnish Defence Forces, we were as peacekeepers in Syria. In a small town that was supposed to be kinda safe. How ever the next building next to us blew up due to bombings (it was luckily a barn), and we almost got jumped 8 months ago  
    My fridge is huge. It is so irritating to try to find something from there if they're not organised 8 months ago  
    Adventurous 8 months ago  
    Weird. I did in Beijing 8 months ago  
    6'10 8 months ago  
    Really? Bose is much better 8 months ago  
    My uncle has Bentley Continental GT, but I don't really like it 8 months ago +1
    Read the description 8 months ago  
    I chose the wrong one. I can leg press 2000 pounds 8 months ago  
    Should be punished 8 months ago  
    What's B? 8 months ago  
    My favorite 8 months ago  
    B is just a normal muslim, B is a criminal. I think he was a murderer or a rapist? 8 months ago  
    Already do 8 months ago  
    Sounds stupid 8 months ago  
    One of my favorite 8 months ago  
    Finland tho 9 months ago  
    Always do 9 months ago  
    It's so bad 9 months ago  
    There was room for him but the weight of the two would have been too much for the door being able to carry both of them 9 months ago  
    My great grandpa was in WW1 and my grandpa in WW2 9 months ago  
    Fvck. I missed the fast food part. Don't even eat fast food 9 months ago  
    Already have many firearms 9 months ago  
    For me it doesn't matter if I were young old old when I lose my virginity. I think losing a virginity or having a sex with a girl I don't see spending my future or possibly till the end with, is stupid. I lost my virginity when I was 19, with a girl I'm married with now. We have known each other since we were 2 9 months ago  
    19 9 months ago  
    Tastes better 9 months ago  
    One of the favorites 9 months ago  
    I take cold showers only 9 months ago  
    I was at kindergarten, but a meaningful one was at the age of 15, by a same girl. Now we are married 9 months ago  
    No there's not. I've been there 2yrs ago 9 months ago  
    I already visited Chernobyl 2 years ago. It was an amazing experience, but scary tho. I don't feel like going to Hiroshima 9 months ago  
    Wrong one, Scarface is too good to be made a remake 9 months ago  
    I thought they were mine 9 months ago  
    Finnish, English, Swedish, Norwegian and Spanish. Then I can speak some Portuguese and French 9 months ago  
    Losing a loved one 9 months ago +1
    I thought Eminem was the sh*t 9 months ago  
    Both are good but in football I was a goalkeeper so I have fast reflexes 9 months ago  
    My grandfather did. Inspired me to serve my country 9 months ago  
    Taste like chicken 9 months ago  
    Loved the pizza in Naples 9 months ago  
    Love hot cheetos 9 months ago  
    Medium rare or medium 9 months ago  
    Now it's 8 years. I've known my wife since I was a little kid. We were born a week apart. We spent our childhood together too 10 months ago +1
    They are the animals that cause the most deaths in Africa 10 months ago  
    Have you been in Saariselka? 10 months ago  
    Easily over 30 10 months ago  
    Terrorists 10 months ago  
    What is A? 10 months ago  
    Already married 10 months ago  
    But Orcas main food is seals, and humans look like seals when they are swimming 10 months ago  
    I have been in the suicide forest before, and I have been very close to Bermuda triangle 10 months ago  
    When having a world peace we can together think of ways to end hunger 10 months ago  
    What is A? 10 months ago  
    Not fighting against my own country 10 months ago  
    This have eaten B, it wasn't bad. Just the thought of it being a spider 10 months ago  
    Football 10 months ago  
    209cm 10 months ago  
    I'd be almost 10ft lol 10 months ago  
    People don't know hippos are the animals that cause the most deaths in Africa, I had a close call with one in a safari one time. You can kiss a snake that is not venomous 10 months ago  
    In Finland, yes 10 months ago  
    Nothing wrong with B 10 months ago  
    Both 10 months ago  
    I was talking to platinum. I have seen both of them play live. Messi is #1. Also, I have met him once, he is very humble and a good guy 10 months ago  
    And it seems legit as the game is played with feet 10 months ago  
    Football* 10 months ago  
    Around 330lbs, depends. I'm a big guy 10 months ago  
    My friends great grandparents were on Titanic.. 10 months ago  
    Really? 10 months ago  
    Already do and I love it 10 months ago  
    This is bullsh*t, we had Tupac and Eminem and now this. Wow 10 months ago +1
    Of course not 10 months ago +1
    I loved SA 10 months ago  
    People are only picking B because of COD and CS. I served in an army, I prefer Famas 10 months ago  
    Too modern houses look bad 11 months ago  
    Not always, but I like lobster, steak,pasta 11 months ago  
    United States 11 months ago  
    Yeah, probably it's a mountain. My English friends visited me once, we went to Lapland and they said the mountains were beautiful, then I said there are no mountains here lol. But thanks for letting me know! 11 months ago  
    I'm voting just because Cuba's cities, Havana as an example is fainting. I was lucky to get to visit it 11 months ago  
    On the era of Stalin, they killed so much their own people 11 months ago +1
    I visited Dubrovnik 2 weeks ago 11 months ago  
    They are much smaller there. At least in Finland,there are no mountains (there is a Finnish word 'tunturi' for that, I am not sure if there's one for English) 11 months ago  
    When I'm having a holiday, I like to explore abandoned places. I picked Japan just for that. They have amazing abandoned building, theme parks etc 11 months ago  
    Never listened them 11 months ago  
    My top 3 11 months ago  
    True! How old ar you? 11 months ago +1
    Loved this 11 months ago +1
    WC proved European teams are better 11 months ago  
    That's a sh*tty thing to say 11 months ago  
    Country yes, government no 11 months ago  
    There is life in Siberia, I have been there 11 months ago  
    I have a wife 11 months ago  
    I may sound stupid but where do you get it? 11 months ago  
    How is,this so close 11 months ago  
    I am 24 and I have been in 57 countries 11 months ago  
    Been stung by jellyfish in Malta 11 months ago  
    It's not bad, it's just not as healthy as you thought it was 11 months ago  
    Hopefully neither 11 months ago  
    Of course not 11 months ago  
    Explain 11 months ago  
    Been in Peru. Would like to travel across Samoa 11 months ago  
    Been in both, I enjoyed Cambodia a lot. 11 months ago  
    The end is near. 11 months ago +1
    Almost 2 months 11 months ago  
    Once. 11 months ago  
    Wow 11 months ago  
    Already did B 11 months ago  
    How 11 months ago  
    9. 11 months ago  
    My wife did complain so much about toilet seats 11 months ago  
    I have 5 now 1 year ago  
    Love ravioli and meatballs 1 year ago  
    Country=Finland State=California 1 year ago  
    Don't really like chicken nuggets 1 year ago  
    That was easy 1 year ago +1
    No. 1 year ago +4
    So good 1 year ago  
    One of my favorites 1 year ago  
    I have served my country for years and been in an extreme locations. I think I can survive 2 years 1 year ago  
    Hate the look of modern houses 1 year ago  
    English, Finnish, Spanish, Portuguese and Swedish fluently. Then I can speak some Russian, Norwegian and French 1 year ago  
    Neither but I've seen the movies 1 year ago  
    Something like 5000 metres 1 year ago  
    Never really watched Adult movies or pornn. I like rock but I listen whatever 1 year ago  
    What's A? 1 year ago  
    Don't know how you rednecks do it but I would take him/her to the vet 1 year ago  
    I was18 when I joined the army. And yes I misclikced 1 year ago  
    What? 1 year ago  
    Misclick, fvck 1 year ago  
    I have I flamethrower, it cures it's possible illness, mind if I help you? 1 year ago +5
    Seen one 1 year ago  
    Visited both but liked 'The Crescent City' more 1 year ago  
    Because majority of people here are younger 1 year ago  
    Because of majority on people here ar younger 1 year ago  
    Come on.. 1 year ago  
    When I was younger yes, but now as a husband no. But of course you need your own space also 1 year ago  
    It's 2018 so nope 1 year ago  
    As a staff sergeant in the Finnish defence forces. I'm now visiting Finland but I live in the U.S. I try to get back on army when I get my citizenship 1 year ago  
    I have travelled the world as my hobby. Part of my job is to go to places people don't want to visit. I have seen places. There are some locations I never want to visit again, if I could choose of course 1 year ago  
    Pasta alfredo is my favorite 1 year ago  
    I married so I'm okay 1 year ago  
    Love them 1 year ago +1
    I lived in A couple of months, it's hella expensive 1 year ago  
    I master several martial arts. I have black belts in 5. I have better chances 1 year ago  
    Immortality is a curse 1 year ago  
    Me and my wife have some Gucci products 1 year ago  
    I like how people have opinions of guns but haven't even used or shot them 1 year ago +1
    42 was the worst 1 year ago  
    I'm going for Navy when I get my citizenship 1 year ago  
    The woods are safer than the city 1 year ago  
    I love camping, since I was on an army 1 year ago  
    Really 1 year ago  
    Weber hits harder 1 year ago  
    Been living in both countries, Sweden has way better health care system 1 year ago  
    I speak Russian fluently 1 year ago  
    Why A? 1 year ago  
    Nothing better than a good steak 1 year ago  
    I was working and when I had a break my friend told me about this 1 year ago  
    I know both, American and Finnish 1 year ago  
    I'm from Finland (Europe). My heart is always in Europe but now I live in the U.S 1 year ago  
    Visited the Great Wall 1 year ago  
    I am almost 7 foot. I weigh 375 lbs 1 year ago  
    Looks so stupid 1 year ago +1
    Gross 1 year ago  
    My grandfather was diagnosed Alzheimer's disease. It was diagnosed over 20 years ago and still going hard 1 year ago  
    Trust me, its better than Texas lol 1 year ago  
    This was hard 1 year ago  
    Almost a million for real 1 year ago  
    Kind of. I learnt things the hard way. But I would like to give my children things I didn't have. So a mix of both 1 year ago +1
    I am going to have a boy in 6 months. I'm plannng to have 2 or 3 1 year ago  
    In Finland everyone is so friendly. We have so good relationship with our neighbors but in the U.S our neighbors are a lil grumpy. It's weird 1 year ago  
    I'm having a boy in a few months 1 year ago  
    I am almost a 7 footer and 330 pounds so I rather not do yoga 1 year ago +1
    Wife 1 year ago  
    I have a Finnish Citizenship but I am about to have a American Citizenships. Both are very different countries but love both of them 1 year ago  
    Hard choice 1 year ago  
    I have been in both countries many times, I can say SA is more safe than Thailand. Of course both are dangerous if you do stupid sh*t 1 year ago  
    I have a lifted Ford Raptor 2018 1 year ago  
    Some people can't read. Be easy on her 1 year ago  
    Less gay 1 year ago  
    I have been in Somalia, as a peacekeeper. I didn't like the country 1 year ago +1
    tomahawk 1 year ago  
    Home made burgers so much better 1 year ago  
    I lived almost a year in Japan. It is a bad place to live (at least in my opinion since I lived in Tokyo) but interesting place to visit. I have been there 4 times 1 year ago  
    My wife is pregnant, in my opinion it's the teenage years what are the most challenging 1 year ago  
    Been to both, had my honeymoon in Hawaii. I prefer Hawaii 1 year ago  
    B is disgusting 1 year ago  
    I'm too tall to most of the rides 1 year ago  
    Met both but I prefer Stallone 1 year ago  
    How? 1 year ago  
    What is this McDonalds hype? It is disgusting 1 year ago  
    Ugly no matter what 1 year ago  
    Both ar sh*t but B is cancer 1 year ago  
    Omg yes 1 year ago  
    Don't know who she even is. Looks like one of those celebrities that have no talent. Is she a singer? 1 year ago  
    Argentina, Chile and Brazil. All in one trip 1 year ago  
    That's kinda racist 1 year ago  
    South Africa and Madagascar 1 year ago  
    Lived in Japan over a year, been in other Asian countries but liked Japan the most 1 year ago  
    Don't even know who she is 1 year ago  
    I'm used to hunting animals 1 year ago  
    Already visited b 1 year ago  
    I've been travelling my whole life. I've had tons of delayed flights, I've lost my luggage many times. Nothing is worse than losing your liggage 1 year ago  
    I visited Pripyat last year! 1 year ago  
    24 1 year ago  
    Alfredo is life 1 year ago  
    Can I have a red velvet? Then I'm ok 1 year ago  
    Yes 1 year ago +1
    Not at all 1 year ago  
    Oh yeah 1 year ago +1
    B would be bad 1 year ago +2
    How is b winning 1 year ago  
    That was easy 1 year ago  
    Amazing place! Been there 1 year ago  
    I have been in 53 countries, there were some places that didn't have the language I spoke. I found accommodation regardless 1 year ago +1
    Ha! I'm 6'11 I can dunk you 1 year ago  
    Been in both but liked Monaco better. 1 year ago  
    I would construct a gun range and a self defence place 1 year ago  
    I'm good at both but I was trained by 'the best' 1 year ago  
    Both are just guys that act like they're something big 1 year ago  
    12 1 year ago  
    Misclicked. Had our honeymoon in Hawaii and it was great. I would visit Cannes because I have been twice in Hawaii 1 year ago  
    A"part" of my job. I already have 1 year ago  
    A day 1 year ago  
    Who is B? 1 year ago  
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