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Would you rather wear a clean shirt or whatever you wear up top or would you rather wear clean pants or whatever you wear down there 6 years ago 162 votes 7 comments 0 likes
Would you rather live in a world without (and sauce made from spices count as sauces but not spices) spices or sauces 6 years ago 264 votes 8 comments 0 likes
Would you rather do and death isnt an option Rosie O'Donell or Janet Reno 6 years ago 572 votes 10 comments 0 likes
Would you rather do or have Kaley Cuocco or Megan Fox 6 years ago 757 votes 7 comments 0 likes

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misclick oh my goodness 6 years ago  
u can die on earth but gods love for u wont die 6 years ago  
im str8 dont matter if they attracted they can do nuthing 6 years ago  
im straight 6 years ago  
scarlett johansson 6 years ago  
If our body functions the way it usually does then explain how we have emotions like guilt the only way we could is if we had a soul and if we have soul there is an afterlife 6 years ago  
ima straight dude 6 years ago  
i dont own the cars but i own the food 6 years ago  
misclick cuz of lag 6 years ago  
dog: oops its the ladies change room oops and the girls pat me Human:crap its prison and i got kicked in the crotch 6 years ago +1
27% are fking gold diggers 6 years ago  
theres a difference we guys dont pick if a a hot girl thats your friend comes up to you and says we are going to have sex we are expecting sex but if a guy does tts a slap or a cop call 6 years ago  
beemp3 6 years ago  
this car looks amazing but it works like a fiat 6 years ago  
this is amazing looking works like a fiat 6 years ago  
this means clean pants or shirt 6 years ago  
when im cold i can turn warm easy but when im hot its hard to get cold 6 years ago +2
i change its the idiots fault for getting laid no condom 6 years ago +4
i would die but if no punishment then dont fart 6 years ago +1
id die..... 6 years ago +1
no we do u have cards 6 years ago +1
dont have party cuz parents didnt want 6 years ago  
eddie murphy 6 years ago  
doesnt matter had sex 6 years ago  
what made the egg??? 6 years ago  
well your different 6 years ago +1
doesnt matter had sex 6 years ago  
wtf duz this mean 6 years ago  
bumblebee batmobile f1 buggaiti veyron ferrari enzo 6 years ago  
option a comes with option b 6 years ago +126
civik war is easier 6 years ago  
the only reason ppl hate prison cuz it makes you sad but if its joyous then itd be fun 6 years ago  
wait i swap i just liked the 2nd pic 6 years ago  
give more t-bags than lipton my trigger fingers itchin 6 years ago +3
a stranger is someone you havent met dont know so kony 6 years ago  
i misclicked cuz i saw norris 6 years ago  
saying no ears means no youtube you dumbass 6 years ago  
option 1 practically asks if you like sex 6 years ago  
upgrade power?????? 6 years ago  
change time 6 years ago  
so your saying we evolved from monkies? who made the monkies 6 years ago  
its omg not omd 6 years ago +2
no youtube 6 years ago  
i fked your b*tch 6 years ago  
ed ed and eddy 6 years ago  
hey its fred (gayboy 6 years ago  
were all spiritually brothers and sisters and didnt say blood relative 6 years ago  
didnt say theyd bite me 6 years ago +1
have you gotten kicked in teh nuts with a boner its like a minefield in your pants 6 years ago  
make the movie have tons of sex scenes get itll make tons of money 6 years ago  
first vote and comment bch but mw2 had best guns and bo the sniping ewww 6 years ago +1
plane................ tank............ black ops irl........... 6 years ago +1
after i die what would i want to know how the world changes i cant do anything but with the first 1 you can 6 years ago  
hate lies but ill try to change him 6 years ago +1
ill change again but if i were a girl i would just fondle my boobs 6 years ago  
zombies! you shoulda put in mw2 cuz its actually good unlike mw3 6 years ago +2
Q and A the question: How come i gag when i brush my teeth but not when i have oral sex with my boyfriend Answer obviously the toothbrush is bigger 6 years ago  
amnesia done and settled those who have played both would've picked amnesia obviously some people picked slender cuz its free and they dont want to pay 6 years ago  
defeat the emenies! 6 years ago  
WAS SO pissed at angel for working for him 6 years ago  
option 1 would lead to option 2 6 years ago +7
swap 6 years ago  
why did i have to kill him then again he killed roland 6 years ago  
dont play walking dead 6 years ago +2
oh god hahahhhahahahahahaha... get it its a dry joke 6 years ago  
like what it feels like to have gay sex 6 years ago  
ill touch my laptop 6 years ago  
omg i change 6 years ago  
im seen often 6 years ago +7
in nacht der untoten you have an upstairs 6 years ago  
in what situatuion would this happen 6 years ago  
i switch i thought it was talking about mutism 6 years ago  
my moms home food is so amazing when i eat food that ppl say are amazing taste disgusting to me 6 years ago +2
get eyes srsly 6 years ago  
imagine eating food with a tongue piercing 6 years ago +1
fat like 1 kilo over skinny 6 years ago  
*facepalm* facelift... 6 years ago  
im asthmatic 6 years ago  
did you know that when your expecting pain your brain tells your white blood cells to be prepared making it hurt less 6 years ago +6
so so hot! 6 years ago +1
cuz church usually gives to charity so ill change to church 6 years ago  
wow sht in your golden toilet will ruin it 6 years ago  
imagine the sex 6 years ago +2
i change 6 years ago  
FK I SWAP 6 years ago  
assassins creed 3 irl 6 years ago  
misclik 6 years ago +1
charlie sheen one day ashton kutcher the next 6 years ago +1
cant aswer 6 years ago  
mermaid tits 6 years ago  
mermaid tits!! 6 years ago  
my smart bro said micro 6 years ago  
swap 6 years ago  
How would you like it if most of the people in the same religion your friends and family died cuz thats what the jews felt like 6 years ago  
i thought it said half my weight 6 years ago  
Is there a way to change your answer 6 years ago  
i can ear glasses but i cant fix ma memory 6 years ago  
misclick i have asthma 6 years ago  
3 strippers doesnt mean they'll strip but if they did id pick Strippers 6 years ago  
cinema you eat 6 years ago  
wtf swag In the 60's used to be a disease or secretly we are gay? 6 years ago  
change my mind 6 years ago  
Tupac, Michael ,Jackson, Elvis, Dr Dre, Jay Z, Brooklyn Boys, Nate Dogg, 50 Cent, Eminem, Tech N9ne nuff said 6 years ago  
How did we get here first to be able to rot in the ground............... 6 years ago  
And starving to can kill 6 years ago +3
i cqn eat lots 6 years ago  
change mind 6 years ago  
kill someone thru sex! 6 years ago  
i can get richer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 6 years ago  
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