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    misclick oh my goodness  
    u can die on earth but gods love for u wont die  
    scarlett johansson  
    If our body functions the way it usually does then explain how we have emotions like guilt the only way we could is if we had a soul and if we have soul there is an afterlife  
    ima straight dude  
    i dont own the cars but i own the food  
    this car looks amazing but it works like a fiat  
    this is amazing looking works like a fiat  
    what made the egg???  
    well your different +1
    wtf duz this mean  
    bumblebee batmobile f1 buggaiti veyron ferrari enzo  
    option a comes with option b +126
    i misclicked cuz i saw norris  
    FK I SWAP  
    assassins creed 3 irl  
    misclik +1
    charlie sheen one day ashton kutcher the next +1
    cant aswer  
    mermaid tits  
    mermaid tits!!  
    my smart bro said micro  
    How would you like it if most of the people in the same religion your friends and family died cuz thats what the jews felt like  
    i thought it said half my weight  
    Is there a way to change your answer  
    i can ear glasses but i cant fix ma memory  
    misclick i have asthma  
    cinema you eat  
    wtf swag In the 60's used to be a disease or secretly we are gay?  
    change my mind  
    Tupac, Michael ,Jackson, Elvis, Dr Dre, Jay Z, Brooklyn Boys, Nate Dogg, 50 Cent, Eminem, Tech N9ne nuff said  
    How did we get here first to be able to rot in the ground...............  
    And starving to can kill +3
    i cqn eat lots  
    change mind  
    i can get richer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  
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