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Would you rather wear black eye lenses or white eye lenses 7 years ago 546 votes 16 comments 0 likes
Would you rather date Rachel Bilson or Mischa Barton 7 years ago 210 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Would you rather play GTA Vice City or GTA San Andreas 7 years ago 346 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Would you rather own a Camaro or a Camaro SS 7 years ago 301 votes 6 comments 0 likes
Would you rather play Quake or Unreal Tournament 7 years ago 234 votes 4 comments 0 likes
Would you rather own a Corvette or a Viper ? 7 years ago 300 votes 9 comments 0 likes
Would you rather be an ant soldier or a part of a bee army ? 7 years ago 376 votes 3 comments 0 likes
Would you rather break a tooth or bump your toe harder than ever ? 7 years ago 414 votes 9 comments 0 likes
Would you rather adopt . . . a koala or a panda ? 7 years ago 419 votes 15 comments 0 likes

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thought it said "not eat cheetos" and clicked it cause Ilike Doritos :( 7 years ago  
NO ! :D 7 years ago +1
go away :D 7 years ago +5
the ants would probably do their job quicker 7 years ago +1
Melanie is waaay sexier than Kim and prettier too. 7 years ago +7
she has some oral talents except the tons of money, could spend some time despite she's gross 7 years ago  
I love Inna :D 7 years ago  
stab handegg fans 7 years ago +3
Aladeen or Aladeen ? 7 years ago  
you could try a dental implant 7 years ago +2
must be a scam :D 7 years ago  
Big Tasty ! 7 years ago  
you shall be rewarded with a Biology degree, sir, marvelous observation 7 years ago  
ALL 150 ORIGINAL POKEMONS ! Star Wars, sorry . . . 7 years ago  
I don't know how there are ~26% votes 7 years ago  
McKayla 7 years ago  
I'm deeply sorry, what you are talking about, IS NOT football. It's your egg-throwing chase game. 7 years ago +1
I grew up with Pikachu, but maaaan, do I want to see an alien ! 7 years ago +1
A dinner portion for breakfast 7 years ago  
High school is just not worth being honest :D 7 years ago +2
I'm eating/drinking them anyway, $o what'$ the big deal? 7 years ago  
mine is mine :D 7 years ago  
dafuq with the idiotic question ? 7 years ago +2
well you, this is the first time I've chosen the centipede over something, but I'm still not killing puppies/kittens 7 years ago  
get rich and die vs. get tortured and die . . . hmm, still wondering .. 7 years ago +1
looking young forever, eitherway I'm pretty fine with my weight management 7 years ago  
misread both the question and the answers :| 7 years ago +1
Yeees, justice ! 7 years ago  
Aladeen or Aladeen ? 7 years ago +3
Pretty fine being 19 :D 7 years ago  
Have: a dog, be: a cat 7 years ago  
so many other fruits, so less uglier shoes 7 years ago +1
you lying, clicking, anti-social beings . . . 7 years ago +1
picked number two because the triangle looked like a nacho 7 years ago +2
Wafflebot approved 7 years ago +1
That's Eva Longoria 7 years ago  
high school was epic 7 years ago +2
he₤₤ it i$ th€n 7 years ago  
slow drivers are extremely annoying, while at this douche's concert I could pick up some hot 17-18-19 brainwashed chick 7 years ago +3
How is that even a question ? 7 years ago +3
punch that annoying little piece of in the face, your grandma deserves respect 7 years ago +5
I love playing football and I know what a razor is .. nuff said 7 years ago  
We're taking BDSM to a whole new level :D 7 years ago +1
I will live with the guilt, but that doesn't mean I can't achieve great goals and save people while living. 7 years ago  
don't know either, golden helmet looks classier :D 7 years ago +2
scars are sometimes attractive, so I'd like two, please 7 years ago +3
I hope I never get to choose this in reality 7 years ago +1
I don't care 7 years ago  
the word in capital letters is the answer 7 years ago  
I hate you, me and everybody else for finally giving my answer to this question :D 7 years ago  
my list is pretty awesome so #3/4/5 are worth it 7 years ago  
SOLD ! 7 years ago  
the words 'most . . . possible' make me hesitate 7 years ago  
I'd go with the ugly rich guy, kidnap him and ask for a ransom from his family, cause no one else will pay for an ugly guy 7 years ago  
daaaaaaaaaaaaamn it, why do I always forget the obvious ? 7 years ago  
too lazy, pass the cheddar broccoli 7 years ago  
God it, I clicked the wrong one again :D 7 years ago  
you changed my life 7 years ago  
for $17 difference I prefer to spend my time comfortably answering these questions or scrolling tumblr :D 7 years ago  
*brofist* 7 years ago  
it will be funnier for the others to watch a running person on fire, rather than "so what, he's down there? yep, let's go get some ice cream" .. Not that I don't like ice cream :] 7 years ago  
I love the beach, but snowboarding kicks as.s 7 years ago  
or call your girl(boy)friend/sister/brother, etc. 7 years ago  
didn't think of that, kinda regret my answer now (2nd) :D 7 years ago  
Joey doesn't share food ! . . . agreed :D 7 years ago  
R8 is sexier 7 years ago  
and it still is :D 7 years ago  
Brunette, God it ! 7 years ago  
no idea why I even answered that :D 7 years ago  
pollution is very bad, but I f***cing hate animal abuse :[ 7 years ago  
I hate babies, but I would feel very bad for the kittens . . . still picked the million dollars :| 7 years ago  
anyone else google-d "celibate" ? 7 years ago  
doesn't matter if her ass is fine 7 years ago  
I don't think it's worth it for $1000, even though I won't get caught, just a thought 7 years ago  
when I smash a zombie head with a bat, it will be OK; if I do it to a person in times of war, I might get in trouble . . . bring the zombies 7 years ago  
awkward moments can be awesome, embarrassing - veery rarely 7 years ago  
What's with the "true love" questions? 95 % of the cases, the other answer is more attractive :D 7 years ago  
Grindhouse movie, dude :D 7 years ago  
Reading Minds - All-time best super power 7 years ago  
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