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    I dont even know what e.u is xD but its probably better than us  
    its the same thing but smaller and you can call people and text them so its better if you dont wanna carry a giant screen around and look like a nerd  
    I can run faster than I can swim +1
    dogs have feelings too and the can feel pain  
    Jello has pig ears and horse hooves in it.  
    Im afraid of boats  
    Its not nice to say that kind of thing to people, I completely respect religious people and would never say anything like that to you +1
    well im a vegan sooo  
    You can change your weight but not your face  
    i picked the wrong one, i would love to start myself over again  
    I cant stand public restrooms  
    m a vegan and im fine thank you...dont slam something unless you have tried it  
    dont base it off the picture, it doesnt say starving it says skinny calm down  
    It says the 50 years get to be at any age you want  
    dont make mistakes  
    you cant change ugly  
    Real christmas trees smell better and have more magic  
    Austrailians speak english...  
    British people alwaays win  
    I would talk to whatever is haunting me an use it against whoever made me live there  
    what if you have no friends  
    i dont want my loved ones to see me in pain it would hurt them too  
    I like food.  
    I dont know what either is, sorry im not good at math  
    what if you dont have friends?  
    is neither an optin?  
    dont wanna be that person  
    its easier to start rich  
    Im good with animals and I prefer fluffy creatures  
    I like noodles c:  
    I like penguins  
    Books are for nerds  
    wow sexist much guy from kuwait? some girls love video games -.-  
    whats a book  
    I prefer doctors of the same sex as me  
    I like food.  
    anyone from the north I assume picked rain  
    I already control my dreams  
    If theres no marriage theres no divorce  
    Im a vegan +1
    killing hitler would bring back thousands of people, but I understand if bringing back five people for your family  
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