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Have You Ever Masturbated? Of course! or Heck, no 6 years ago 271 votes 35 comments 0 likes
Would you rather make a hobo pee inside your mouth and swallow it or lick 3 km of a very populated new york street 6 years ago 177 votes 4 comments 0 likes

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most celebrities are bastards inside 6 years ago  
but you did 6 years ago  
how old are you? 6 years ago  
i sleep on my stomach with my hands under the pillow! 6 years ago  
who knows how our society would have been without Hitler. Maybe by now there would have still been monarchy or dictation and now there might have been a dictator ruling us all and killing everyone! leave history how it is! 6 years ago  
love this question! so hard! if ten guilty people are freed they would kill other innocent people and you would still live with the guilt that you let them out. even though that poor one person hasn't done anything... 6 years ago  
if u r successful at school/work you have more friends at least that works for me 6 years ago +19
il pierce my ears! 6 years ago  
in the movie troy he is so fuc*ing handsome omg 6 years ago +1
its faster 6 years ago  
at least i felt love 6 years ago +2
a mom to his son: when i walk in ur room, this is what is c, a used condom staring at me. i got a rage in my stomach and i aint afraid to show it. ur grounded and u know it 6 years ago +4
such a racist question! they don t even relate 6 years ago +1
that is so racist 6 years ago +1
neither actually 6 years ago +5
rather what 6 years ago +1
Watch your language! lol รน 6 years ago  
would you rather WHAT? 6 years ago +4
australia scares me (sharks) 6 years ago  
such a racist question. and i chose mexican cause i love the food and the sea. racism. unbelievable. everybody is equal. nobody is superior to anyone. treat everyone how u want to be treated. 6 years ago +4
game stop rocks........ radio shack not so much 6 years ago  
i love pizza 6 years ago  
kay perry has these pics on the web wow 6 years ago  
at least my body will be found 6 years ago  
i love 3d movies but it damages the eyes 6 years ago  
i like the pic A 6 years ago  
the 1st pic is so weird look at his ass 6 years ago +2
dick as a last name lol 6 years ago  
minecraft is jus breaking stuff and building it again 6 years ago  
i dont know the old one 6 years ago +5
tattoos dont go holes close if u dont wear earrings and anyways im a girl 6 years ago  
tom and jerry: classic 6 years ago +1
i thought of that.... but 2 much work 6 years ago  
black is sexy. white is arghhh 6 years ago +1
a what????????????? 6 years ago  
i like my face and i wuld prefer my body to be like that 6 years ago  
just search for cannibalsim 6 years ago  
is would still hurt 6 years ago  
hello! tv on ur computer. plus many more cool things. like rrrather.com lol 6 years ago  
that wuld be equipment 6 years ago  
at least i wuldnt be in trouble 6 years ago  
i mean what question is that! 6 years ago  
a lot of world hunger is cause bcos of wars 6 years ago  
i love my embarassing moments. they make me more confident and make me who i am, 6 years ago  
its their choice. what the heck do u care 6 years ago  
who cares how they look. they r still lives ur killing. cute or average. wtf 6 years ago  
if it wasnt for e.u., u.s.a. wuldnt have been discovered 6 years ago  
im a vegetarian... how can u live with the guilt of killing animals just 4 max 30 mins of pleasure 6 years ago  
in how much time i can eat 20 potatoes in a year or 2 litres in a month 6 years ago  
l.a. is cooler its only casinos in lv 6 years ago  
u can grow it back 6 years ago  
i want to be prominent 6 years ago  
mac airs break easily 6 years ago  
hard question 6 years ago  
just look at the pics. i dont care if he's poor or rich. its the inside that counts 6 years ago  
im already a vegetarian... how can u kill animals just for half an hour max of pleasure 6 years ago +1
i culdnt live with the guilt! 6 years ago  
research says u cant walk without your big toe 6 years ago  
how the hell do u know aliens are bad 6 years ago  
phonecalls: u think 10 times b4 writing a text. words just come out instantly 6 years ago  
tenting is cool. luxury hotel is just a comfy bed which u culd get even at home- 6 years ago  
id hate to be in 1950 6 years ago  
invest. at least u wont go bankrupt 6 years ago  
zombies, because they dont exist 6 years ago  
italy rocks! all roads lead to rome 6 years ago  
fame wuld bring wealth..... but i wuldnt want to be famous... no privacy 6 years ago  
european football is much better, so much less blood 6 years ago  
one is found, one isnt 6 years ago  
i wuld wish for unlimited wishes, then wish that i didnt have to pay anybody 6 years ago  
20,000 is a lot of money 6 years ago  
pollution will kill everybody, everything 6 years ago  
with 4 people i hate: we wuld work things out and i wuld at least have company. so if we r able to get off the islan we would not be enemies anymore 6 years ago  
a kid life is easier 6 years ago  
in front of all my friends: at least it wuld be in person plus my friends wuld massacre that fuc*ed up asshole 6 years ago  
my grandma is not annoying. i love her from the bottom of my heart 6 years ago  
i love the way i am 6 years ago  
i want to be a doctor from when i was 3 6 years ago  
i dont know how to skate 6 years ago  
lambo looks faster 6 years ago  
do u know how much germans drink beer? they can stay up all night long 6 years ago  
a romantic supper emphasizes the love between both. sex is just for self pleasure 6 years ago  
cats are so solitaire 6 years ago  
laughing horse is so funny 6 years ago  
old logo rocks. new one is just not fuc*ed up 6 years ago  
keyword: awesome 6 years ago  
u get fb through google 6 years ago  
immortality is boring, plus u wuld see ur loved ones die id hate that 6 years ago  
if im in the front but still i wuld have someone eating out my ass 6 years ago  
tough one 6 years ago  
i love mj 6 years ago  
2 wet dogs are cute 6 years ago  
chrome is 1000 times better 6 years ago  
macs rock 6 years ago  
sorry rock i ddnt mean to abuse u 6 years ago  
sorry Rock 6 years ago  
hard one 6 years ago  
it's not that easy 6 years ago +2
I SEE A CAT LOL 6 years ago +1
everybody digs lifeguards 6 years ago  
douchebags are fuc*ed up 6 years ago +3
seriously why do u have to ruin it trolls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! why dont u give the guy a chance of a 100% 6 years ago +1
i love rollercoasters 6 years ago +2
how is 96+7=100 its simple math 6 years ago +1
serioulsy rocks96621 language????? 6 years ago  
i love my embarassing moments 6 years ago  
just immagine yourself in that condition! Come on guys be honest 6 years ago +1
im a veg! And seriously salad!!!!! 6 years ago  
i just love nicki minaj 6 years ago +1
i could wish 4 unlimited money 6 years ago +1
yes they did 6 years ago  
nail duhhhhh 6 years ago  
everybody has licked a girls boobs at least once when they were lactating duhhhhhhh 6 years ago  
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