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    I didn't know what rubber meant until I looked at th comments so.... Yeahhhh  
    How I met your copied some of friends scenes  
    Is canon also japanese? I know Nikon practically MEANS japan so...  
    You racist cowards +1
    OMG china does not control your ever thought ! I'm from china and people can do what they want within reason! Don't think you know everything  
    Korean Japanese Spanish German French (I already know Chinese and English pretty wel)  
    It's only because of thpictures  
    I didn't know what they were so...  
    Lol at the rpercentage  
    I'm already option B and I despise popular b****es so..  
    What is android?  
    In a hot room I once had to rub myself with ice cubes and I still couldn't fall asleep... Cold rooms with blankets are actually super comfortable +1
    I already have my vision deminished by fifty percent  
    House is more expensive than car  
    I don't trust my friends anyway  
    Is is basically asking rich and sporty, or poor and smart  
    I'm the youngest one and I can take advantage of what my older siblings know. They help with homework!  
    We should get Ellen defenders to be our president  
    I meant to say hermione!  
    I don't need society to be pleased with me....? Family is most important  
    What is south park  
    I win! Now gimme my money  
    I'm already a famous leader... In my school... It stinks  
    I hate party animals  
    I chose anarchy because I wouldn't want to live in a nazi world...  
    Those potatoes look delicious anyway!  
    The pictures though.... WHY?!  
    Who cares, I'd keep my friends and quit my job for a better one!  
    I'm Chinese, soooo.......  
    Ear piercing!  
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