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Just a normal pre-teen who hates almost everything but the internet.

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    Less likely to get killed  
    I would look good  
    hot and fancy  
    Viddy is actually cool, check it up  
    Trim it  
    Get rich with my face, then change name  
    thinking the same thing  
    scury dogs  
    Poop it out  
    Hot and no blow jobs  
    Watched it 2 many tomes  
    What does sperm taste like?  
    yes it does  
    There is anal replacement out there u know  
    I've had poop  
    Who would want to kill by themselves?  
    Don't have to pay for the house.  
    3 hours? You would have to hold your pee for ages!  
    Camels are cool  
    They have free cookies n' stuff. +1
    It's basically saying... Would you rather have your gender as the king/queen or not?  
    Be rich by being smart.  
    I hate sunlight.  
    I'm a carb jerk.  
    When you hide, just think of what is touching you.... UGHHHH  
    Why do girls get the advantage?  
    I like a good tan :3  
    Fame = Death. Don't you agree Hillary fans?  
    Burn that money!  
    Less stress m8's.  
    Comic books! YOU DON'T AGREE?  
    I wore ties when I was 10...  
    Watching a movie without people means you couldn't eat popcorn off the floor when your done...  
    Beaches, Scooby!  
    who doesnt want to vote for a company that invented the daydream?  
    Control your life  
    Stop the pollution, which kills animals  
    wouldn't want to embarrass my family.  
    agreed :)  
    I wouldn't want to store all that info...  
    Tell my teachers to not give homework. After I've paralized all teachers, I'd tell the government to give me fame and weatlh.  
    I want to be a kid again  
    Dont even ask  
    Pumpkins are cool  
    Getting high is bad  
    Why Blackberry? It's a fruit, which was copied off Apple.  
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