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    not to much but yeah  
    Glee doesn’t ruin anything it makes it worth listening to  
    depends on subject  
    i wouldn’t mind if my parent were gay, lesbian or straight as long as they are happy and love me  
    you are a genius  
    omg i thought it mean’t like eraser  
    umm none  
    not always….. you can’t answer for everyone else  
    love is everything = therefor you don’t have nothing  
    depends on the age i am  
    i mean i honestly only picked it because im a huge cookie monster fan  
    well my locker can only fit my ass however one of my friends can fit she weighs 30 kg and is 14 years old  
    glee is not gay it shows equality and gay is not an insult so you are a f•cking basterd  
    i would give some to different things like cancer research, charity, poor areas, child hospital, orphanige, SPCA etc.. and ofcourse keep some  
    belvedere cause my bro drinks it  
    they never said how bad the allergy was and running around getting tomatoes thrown at you how fun does that sound  
    i would rather be short but guys should be tall  
    its not your breath that is fresh, its your teeth and its not IS FRESH its FEELS FRESH  
    I love new socks  
    not necesarilly im a girl and i love actors epecially funny ones, however many singers are fake and most girls know it  
    I happen to anjoy digging and not enjoy sports anything wrong with that  
    wake up an hour early without being tired? GLADLY but wake up an hour early and still be tired…UHH I DON’T KNOW  
    i got the best personality though my looks are standard but not awful so im good and i agree good personality definetly makes you more attractive maybe not amazingly hot but more attractive  
    the pie thing literally blew my mind  
    no way Stalin is awesome  
    ..s..o…d…a *will never give uo my internet  
    live in singapore it is summer everyday and super hot  
    umm cold live in igloo cause igloos are actually pretty warm  
    Green apples for the win!!!  
    im not either im SOCIALIST  
    obélix cause he is funny +1
    claustrophobia so no...  
    i mean there is always something called trash can its not like it can walk out of it or anything  
    me and my friend switch clothes and only give it back if its really important so im fine  
    this is not a freakin question  
    womens beach volleyball does not look like that!!! its just to get guys to vote for it  
    it doesn’t say how dumb and define dumb its different to each person…some people say you are dumb if you are dislexic +1
    Im too old school  
    heels are really uncomfortable and personally flats look cuter ON ME because i have small feet but other people may like heels better and look better with heels  
    i can speak 4 already and will start learning french as my 5th next year so no need  
    i have both and i would say pool way more worth it  
    Cats are lazy ass animals and i am a lazy ass person therefore i am cat  
    pj’s are so fashionable  
    i use both gmail for important stuff and hotmail for friends and family  
    i at hand sanitiser before on a dare and it tastes horrible though perfume only tastes a tiny bit better  
    Chuck Norris but i would pretend to die before anything happens  
    midgets are bad ass  
    depends if a die at age 16 i would like 50 extra years  
    i don’t have a white short or favourite jeans i wear black shirts and shorts constantly  
    a hot famous (NICE) person  
    I wouldn’t mind cause the ugly one might grow up and be smart and pretty and the pretty baby is still intelligent  
    so is america  
    Aussie land  
    you can always make smoothies out of food  
    define ugly body  
    i like being told by someone else i am doing well  
    im a girl but who cares Jassica  
    can always loose some weight and gain some muscle, but my face a need a miracle to fix  
    so used to getting punished by my mom but i hate disapointing any of them  
    im to old school  
    Dukie!! no i personally always shower first then take a bath that way i get the dirt of and afterward can take a relaxing bath  
    Night is cool but honestly im more energetic in the day  
    Elvis is the oviose choice for me +1
    I mean i love fruit but POTAOTEOS for the win  
    Communism all they way no jk im a socialist  
    it says drown not drown (but you could swim to the top)  
    well you didn’t answer intelligently  
    wait picked the wrong one 10 toyotas sell them and buy other cars  
    41% suck..no i can’t say that cause i have both  
    Satan isn’t necesarilly bad no one knows his story  
    If your blind from birth you will never know what people are talking about i would rather have some colourful memory then none  
    Serial Killer won’t kill you and he would properly get caught by the police espacially because if i was sleeping next to him i would tell the police and it says he won’t kill me so im good  
    You guys are f•ckin retards if you think marijuana should be legal i mean thats messed up  
    Never (skip)  
    I don’t drive  
    Quite them down?  
    I don’t watch TV….. -__-  
    i mean i hardly eat meat but then i always eat bacon so never eat meat except bacon  
    Gay men are cute and im a girl  
    and how bad it is  
    depends who did the crime  
    your hair could grow back if not WIGS!!!!  
    Not true cause everyone else here who picked immortal will be with the others who picked immortal you see we will not be loners  
    Almost all people on this site are americans and not saying i have anything against america i love it there i have been there it’s just i like europe a bit more  
    I hate Lady Gaga she sucks soo much but im not a belieber though I just can’t stand Lady Gaga  
    Im a geek  
    Well….i would properly cross the river with a boat so yeah..  
    No question BACON rules everything  
    fame brings wealth  
    What kind of acid?  
    POTATOES i love potatoes this shouldn’t even be a rather question  
    it says may be eaten it doesn’t say has to be eaten you see  
    Good Gossip!!  
    i wouldn't mind but it would be harder for him because he would properly get bullied but i would want him to choose  
    I don't have keys for anything  
    you wouldn't necessarily have enough money to stop world hunger because there are so many other world problems you would use the money on  
    Not true im a girl and i play games so i also choose games  
    It doesn't say you would lose your friends  
    if your looks change every day you may change gender or become ugly and its hard to fing love and so on  
    It sort of depends which subject i mean i have a nice art teacher who sucks at teaching but its just art  
    It doesn't say for how long  
    Im 13 so no  
    i can't answer  
    but it sucks to buy gifts for yourself cause there is no surprise and no meaning behind it  
    someone else might have the same name as you sooo yeah...not so special  
    Who knows your ex-boyfriend/girlfriend may be your best friend now  
    or rain  
    what if you are an only child  
    my Computer is my friend  
    depends how many friends and at least you still have your family  
    can't answer that  
    that was so hard  
    it's not always good to know your future cause it messes up your future so past  
    i would give a bad gift that can be exchanged  
    Been to Positano once and bali twice so...  
    but it doesn't say why you prefer them or what for it just says which do you prefer  
    animals is not a language though  
    Socialist all the way but i have nothing against right wings  
    yeah well finding true love doesn't prevent you from finding 10,000,000 does it. so i sort of just took this question as which one would you rather find first  
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