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    I can't remember nutin anyway  
    Lets go to the beach beach  
    You ain't nothing ' but a hound dog, crying all the time. You ain't ever caught rabbit and you ain't no friend of mine. +1
    How it runs  
    Just earlier today I said I would rather be a nerd than a geek  
    42 percent of you are selhish  
    Yay lazyness  
    This was a hard one because they are both great  
    Fancy fancy  
    I went last weeked  
    Who said you can't get them back  
    Fack I chose the wrong one  
    Watch tv on the computer  
    I'm half blind already and I get to have an adorable puppy to guide me around  
    If you live forever you can get all the money in the world  
    Didn't say what acid  
    I don't have an annoying grandma except she annoys me with delicious cookies  
    Star wars is two hours long  
    At least they get something right  
    You can get smart from knoledge  
    I absolutely love gaming but the pc has more games  
    I'm a son and I'm gay  
    I would rather visit ireland  
    I'm half blind and cooler blind  
    You could get exactly what you want  
    I don't mess with my hair anyway I won't let anyone else either  
    I'm like both but I'm trying to get used to a keyboard and mouse  
    Planes scare the sh*t out of me but I love em  
    My boyfriend in my best friend too  
    My significant other is my friend  
    Your parents can teach you too  
    Who said your true love forced you to stay home  
    I absolutely love camping I do it almost every weekend  
    I was born on Christmas  
    Who says I'll have a son, huh  
    What's wrong with being short...and a ginger  
    My crush is my best friend  
    You selfish jerks.  
    :O said the house cats we r e mean  
    I'm gay f*co the people who voted no  
    Eat the people you hate problems solved  
    I have claustrophobia  
    I ain't average  
    Stars wars 8 is coming out either next year or the year after  
    Sorry star trek  
    I love dogs  
    I'm already in love with my best friend  
    Same thing  
    Knowledge is power  
    I don't want to have a problem breathing  
    You don't want to know  
    A zombie apocalypse is never ending  
    You can save a lot of people being immortal  
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