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Mine are hard ass hell

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    i am 12 for your info so stfu  
    i can be anywhere i want to so you should shut up  
    that sugar honey ice tea is nasty for any one  
    look at the title dumb @$$ WOULD YOU RATHER EAT  
    61 % is a damn lie do it then that is what i thought  
    i drink my own blood why cant i drink the person who gave birth to me's blood.  
    jokes on you she used to dumb ass  
    omg this is so nasty i dont want to either but....  
    It is a pretty god loophole cuz we don't have a penis so how can we get a blow jod duh +42
    mayo maybe feels like poop to so it is a win win situation  
    you go shaileed girl speak teh truth these guyes need it  
    today in 2013 thay have alot  
    sex with an ugly guy blah  
    i dont wear underwear 3;)  
    using it now  
    stop lying di**  
    stfu and get a life instead of arguing with us dumb as*  
    it didnt say how long you would wait i would wait a second  
    i can scream out loud all i want  
    turn up a girls  
    erasable pen duh  
    and if we are lol  
    i can sing so  
    early bird get the worm  
    idk what these are  
    nyc and texas are nasty birmingham is not maybe  
    um i dont see you on tv or youtube  
    shut up  
    damn lie  
    i would eat alot  
    i didnt say how long  
    You know you are lieing i am living bad at my granpas, 10 dollars in my accout cant ever see my family on thanksgiving so call me selfish but  
    it means something when you are older  
    i agree  
    who uses hot mai  
    finally someone who is smart  
    god isnt fake nor fictional shadowsora is so dumb i hate him +1
    guest from us is so sexist  
    most food has juice in it so come on dumb as**s  
    you get more popularity and can twerk on robin thicke  
    you try to be on dwts and not want to take a hot bath  
    windows thoe  
    you are a discrace to the human race  
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