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yo whuduup peops

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Would you rather wear a knight's armor for the rest of your life (everywhere, ANYtime) or be naked for the rest of your life (EVERYWHERE, anytime) 4 years ago 166 votes 19 comments 0 likes
Would you rathervhave sex with someone... who makes you laugh very hard all the time but isn't good looking or who is very handsome but very lame and boring 4 years ago 174 votes 11 comments 0 likes
Would you rather live a life without Laughing or live a life without orgasms 4 years ago 601 votes 9 comments 0 likes
Do you prefer soup or salad 4 years ago 185 votes 15 comments 0 likes
Would you rather liquorice or marzipan 4 years ago 146 votes 11 comments 0 likes
Which Couple does better pranks Pranksters in Love or Prank vs Prank 4 years ago 302 votes 20 comments 0 likes
Would you rather (attention: sick question!) rape your mother or be raped by your father 4 years ago 92 votes 9 comments 0 likes
Would you rather eat only yellow/orange fruits/veggies or eat only red/purple fruits/veggies 4 years ago 186 votes 4 comments 0 likes
Would you rather scrunch(kill) a baby or eat a whole, raw corpse 4 years ago 151 votes 12 comments 0 likes
Would you rather drink two normal glasses of blood or drink a normal glas of sweat 4 years ago 195 votes 17 comments 0 likes

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health 4 years ago  
why 4 years ago  
doesn't specify on how long. Ima take 1 second. 4 years ago  
EVERYthing we do is selfish. but sometimes those actions are also good for others and that's then what we call selfless 4 years ago  
no. like ... NO! 4 years ago  
wrong one -.- 4 years ago  
luv him very very muchos 4 years ago  
ops wrong one 4 years ago  
i'm craving broccoli 4 years ago  
wow what's wrong with you human 4 years ago  
lilly sucks so - much 4 years ago  
tough one-->good one 4 years ago  
who doesn't ??? T.T 4 years ago  
damnit, same idea^^but who didn't 4 years ago  
left is my iTouch ,right my lamp. 4 years ago  
nah-uh. it aint anymore. 4 years ago +1
cute q! 4 years ago  
i'll take THIS year -.- 4 years ago  
excuse u? especially in friendship the looks doesn't make a person. 4 years ago  
could plant flowers in it or so 4 years ago +1
mason, ma son, please, mason. 4 years ago +1
noo october is beautiful!! and libras are a very beauty representing sign too. 4 years ago  
^^cute 4 years ago  
46 go. 4 years ago  
hard one. 4 years ago  
this - modeselektor feat thom yorke 4 years ago  
they look the same -.- 4 years ago  
ew the godfather III was sh*tty compared to I and II. but apocalypse now is such a classic one 4 years ago  
there is no america as an only thing. it's a lot of different people. good ones, bad ones. as everywhere else 4 years ago +1
dafuq 4 years ago +2
u'd have terrible burns and scars, but in A u could end up like this guy in james bond that wasn't able to feel any pain due to a headshot or so. 4 years ago  
I got my name from her. my parents were lotr freaks back in the days. 4 years ago  
59 and No mistakes hihihi 4 years ago  
the guy on the right photo is like "gurl dont even try to touch my popcorn" 4 years ago  
I'd feel silly somehow being carried like B. like a big fat baby or something 4 years ago  
yes, last year. it's very calm there and you don't have to take anything if you don't want to. 4 years ago  
not once hehe 4 years ago  
damn u're super clever 4 years ago  
omG that is the frickin hardest q ever!! u bastard. I just cannot. 4 years ago  
screamo is so damn stupid 4 years ago  
lol 4 years ago  
lol didn't see that reaction coming 4 years ago  
same. 4 years ago  
they look disgusting 4 years ago  
whoot?! 4 years ago  
oh I though make out 4 years ago  
wohoo I'm through with all of your questions ^^ 4 years ago  
the giant superboop is also called fat belly. 4 years ago  
i think used books are charming 4 years ago  
http://goingforwardblog.files.wordpress.com/2014/01/pineapple-farm.jpg wow I didnt know either 4 years ago  
keith richards. 4 years ago  
na-ah ,why should you?! but u could buy yourself one 4 years ago  
I threw up on my best friends designer bag. 4 years ago +1
i used to take pills/meds but not anymore. they aren't working and the docs keep telling me that it just needs a lot of time to heal. 4 years ago  
negativ symptoms. a consequence of having a psychosis. worst thing i've ever experienced. 4 years ago  
they aren't that bad. the mother is pretty loving actually 4 years ago  
i have b right now. caused by a mental disease -.- 4 years ago +1
lol 4 years ago  
no drugs for me. 4 years ago  
although: if i don't want to have sex i'd just cool down my genitals and be -50° so no raping and stuff 4 years ago  
i think i would find more things to be passionate about with B 4 years ago  
aw man, another good one.. 4 years ago  
^^ oh then it's rather overcharged?! 4 years ago  
^^yeah but this kid still is only 11 and was overstrained by your question 4 years ago  
good one 4 years ago +2
lol 4 years ago  
ew that haunting spirits pic is creepy as hell 4 years ago +1
too much respect 4 years ago +2
good question but 1. This q was the first on this site and 2. both questions were stupid 4 years ago  
^^ 4 years ago +1
i'm such a liar, i clicked A while I'm absolutely not conveying the lyrics of the song I was listening to at that moment 4 years ago  
oops i meant the other one. cos i'm rather the person in B ^^ 4 years ago  
i was too lazy to look it up 4 years ago +1
a mix of both. 4 years ago +1
lol me 2 4 years ago  
no they can have to types 4 years ago  
it ends the same way 4 years ago  
i want that shirt!!!! 4 years ago +1
i found this movie so.damn.boring 4 years ago +1
he looks hotter 4 years ago  
i always wanted to touch other peoples aouls. 4 years ago +3
me too. personally I really just like to chew as stupid as it sounds. 4 years ago +2
eeeew good q, damn 4 years ago  
orgasms. 4 years ago +1
oh. -.- 4 years ago  
haha both 4 years ago  
well accidentally says it all 4 years ago  
she probably has more experience than super girl 4 years ago  
"thuaaat's ma boiii" 4 years ago  
no, just stupid enough to not look ahead of you 4 years ago  
aaah i wanted to ask that q today ^^but congrats to you 4 years ago  
both are pretty .... boring 4 years ago  
I then hopefully would beat more dudes at arm wrestling 4 years ago +1
yeh 4 years ago  
same. 4 years ago +1
would be a more interesting experience. 4 years ago +1
yas. 4 years ago  
damn. mean and very good question! 4 years ago  
well that's true. dutch liquorice is more intense. 4 years ago  
what's wrong with you people -.- 4 years ago +1
5/10 4 years ago  
lol 4 years ago  
they both suck 4 years ago  
yeah these look really nasty. 4 years ago  
gay :) 4 years ago  
whuuuut?!? 4 years ago  
...well, that escalated quickly 4 years ago +3
to crush "you love me now" 4 years ago +1
it's not that bad! 4 years ago  
i was about to write the same ^^ 4 years ago  
i don't have awesome plans :/ 4 years ago  
I think there's more variety in B. 4 years ago +2
^^yes same 4 years ago  
pic-voting. sorry. 4 years ago  
at least a huge relief after dying 4 years ago  
ah c'mon ^^ 4 years ago  
tat would be so dope 4 years ago  
aaw man ^^ 4 years ago  
gatsby wasn't that thrilling to read tbh 4 years ago  
already did in 7th class during a ski vacation with my class 4 years ago  
dayum, hard plus excellent question dude! 4 years ago  
you'd only get water on your face?! 4 years ago  
whoot?! radiohead 4eva man 4 years ago  
as a jedi u are a ninja with a sword .. somehow 4 years ago  
the more, the better 4 years ago  
better figure 4 years ago  
u can die of already one spoon of salt 4 years ago  
caareepers Yässs! 4 years ago  
last time in gym i tried to lift 20 lbs 10 times. it was ... almost undoable -.- (for me) 4 years ago  
nice q 4 years ago  
well I am. that was the question right. 4 years ago  
the right one is actually pretty. just bad haircut and skin 4 years ago  
this would be so hilarious all the time thihi 4 years ago +1
it's for sure no fun making fun of 4 years ago  
and produced awesome music?? totally unnecessary, right 4 years ago  
no chewing just swallowing. 4 years ago  
I read "terrible cancer" ^^ 4 years ago  
4/10 4 years ago  
shiny skin, good 4 years ago +2
no. instrumental would still be with music. 4 years ago  
damnit u comments suck so hard. stop it! 4 years ago +1
i can fly. nothing else mattrrrs 4 years ago +7
lol 4 years ago  
but why then work for it at all when u can have it right now 4 years ago  
mehh. that already is a difficult question 4 years ago  
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