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    SEXIST! 5 years ago  
    not at all my friend 5 years ago  
    i learn more from reading and i hate school because i am smarter than the teachers 5 years ago  
    than 5 years ago  
    winter olympics is just 50 different kids of sliding 5 years ago  
    stephen hawking 5 years ago  
    i chose it too ima boy 5 years ago  
    si 5 years ago  
    i game on a pc buy use a ps3 controller with something called DS3 tool. I WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 5 years ago  
    das what i sed 5 years ago  
    kadafi dead now 5 years ago  
    we should be friends 5 years ago  
    we should be friends 5 years ago  
    id fuc k him even though im 13 and a boy and straight 5 years ago  
    people are happier with no choice. do you dump a boyfriend if he picks his nose? yes. husband? no. 5 years ago  
    SOUTH PARK LOL 5 years ago  
    PUSSY'S!!!!!!!!! 5 years ago  
    I THOOUGHT IT SAID FULL OF 5 years ago  
    YOU HAVE MORE THAN 5 5 years ago  
    GET THE FUC K DOWN FROM THERE! 5 years ago  
    im a dude so.... 5 years ago  
    it says identical 5 years ago  
    do you mean like like or like, LIKE LIKE or like, lichen me liken? 5 years ago  
    LOL 5 years ago  
    we should be friends 5 years ago  
    I could hook my tread mill up to a generator, buy a big mac, and make money, who has the value now biches? 5 years ago  
    im a christian, still voted for the gays! 5 years ago  
    hate royalty 5 years ago  
    SAVING LIVES LIKE A BOSS! 5 years ago  
    same 5 years ago  
    WEAR A FRICKEN GAS MASK 5 years ago  
    wtf? 5 years ago  
    i could be a free blackie 5 years ago  
    what if hitler killed a person that would have been worse than him? 5 years ago  
    impossible 5 years ago  
    you got a prolblem? 5 years ago  
    Man, i need weed for this. 5 years ago  
    author note 5 years ago  
    AUTHOR NOTE 5 years ago  
    I F***ING LOVE PAPER WEIGHTS! 5 years ago  
    how so? 5 years ago  
    gaaaaaaaaaaaaay! 5 years ago  
    psy is not a ohw 5 years ago  
    guidos get laid 5 years ago  
    apple could buy your family like you buy bread 5 years ago  
    hundred million 5 years ago  
    because of the shape of the esb you cant hit the ground 6 years ago +4
    mitt romney was not elected 6 years ago  
    *than 6 years ago  
    *you're 6 years ago  
    *m 6 years ago  
    *stopped 6 years ago  
    I bet you think the US is a democracy, too. 6 years ago  
    *There 6 years ago  
    obama doesn't make laws 6 years ago +2
    romney 6 years ago +6
    how else are you gonna have one? 6 years ago +1
    The U.S. was not based on religion. 6 years ago +2
    The devil and Daniel Webster 6 years ago  
    I'm so indecisive. 6 years ago  
    samething? 6 years ago  
    texas then get shot on sight 6 years ago  
    hot tubs destroy sperm 6 years ago  
    i use a mac all the time and hate it 6 years ago  
    you mean english? 6 years ago  
    i know 6 years ago  
    *I *whack *it. 6 years ago  
    I'm a boy. 6 years ago  
    it doesnt work like that 6 years ago  
    ill just write everything down 6 years ago  
    *serial 6 years ago  
    Why did you choose MJ then? 6 years ago  
    Neither did Michael Jackson. 6 years ago  
    *and 6 years ago  
    *I'm. Are you arrogant? 6 years ago  
    *they're a complete jerk. 6 years ago  
    *Those 6 years ago  
    neither 6 years ago  
    *It *. 6 years ago  
    *religion 6 years ago  
    *I'd *. 6 years ago  
    *An extremely 6 years ago  
    im a straight boy, you jelly? 6 years ago  
    *you're 6 years ago  
    *All girls *beautiful *some way *matter *what *wear *like if *you *. 6 years ago  
    *think *which 6 years ago  
    *an ugly car, not a ugly car 6 years ago  
    You also probably think 'merica is a democracy. 6 years ago  
    *capital I'm also you need a period. 6 years ago  
    burning alive doesn't mean dieing 6 years ago  
    obama is my celebrity 6 years ago  
    shut up go away 6 years ago  
    *CONDOM 6 years ago  
    You don't always die from aids. 6 years ago +1
    how did he? 6 years ago  
    ikr 6 years ago  
    you're not gonna get that in MW3 6 years ago  
    ever seen the devil and daniel webster? 6 years ago  
    i already dance instead of walk 6 years ago  
    also it doesn't harm you in any way shape or form 6 years ago  
    just because it illegal doesn't mean its bad 6 years ago  
    porn 6 years ago  
    ikr 6 years ago  
    ikr 6 years ago  
    whats that? 6 years ago  
    what for? 6 years ago  
    no they are not 6 years ago  
    many people 6 years ago  
    what the hell are you talking about? 6 years ago  
    the internet has barely been around for 15 years! 6 years ago  
    are you joking? 6 years ago  
    *too, b*tch 6 years ago  
    at least theres no such thing 6 years ago  
    im 13, so, AWESOME! 6 years ago  
    you are not a christain or else you would know we are all gods children 6 years ago  
    *stewart 6 years ago  
    if you believed in god, you would know that has nothing to do with it 6 years ago  
    ikr 6 years ago  
    ikr 6 years ago  
    why do they need my organs? and i like the present and how many organs do you have? 6 years ago  
    pick ONE not both 6 years ago  
    obsessed 6 years ago  
    i could just have a shack the size of a mansion 6 years ago  
    d 6 years ago  
    screw off coca cola is great 6 years ago  
    at first i was going to be all like NOOOOOOOOO! and i realized you're joking. 6 years ago  
    both kinda suck 6 years ago  
    less crime 6 years ago  
    whats wrong with latins? 6 years ago  
    ROME 6 years ago  
    fml 6 years ago  
    i love you 6 years ago  
    how do owls exist? 6 years ago  
    i love football but you should include a picture with it 6 years ago  
    had 6 years ago  
    had 6 years ago  
    biever 6 years ago  
    ooh cool i didn't no aint was a word 6 years ago  
    you dont know that 6 years ago  
    its not a choice 6 years ago  
    men have babies to 6 years ago  
    i just wont bleed 6 years ago  
    no mexico isn't very free and communism is great 6 years ago  
    ill just be steven hawking 6 years ago  
    I with equipment is the way i want 6 years ago  
    what if they have no scence of remours 6 years ago  
    no it does't shut up go away 6 years ago  
    no it doesn't 6 years ago  
    how? 6 years ago  
    sorry i should have chose phone call, sorry 6 years ago  
    Dear ColbyM7, I wish you were capable of putting in "r" after "you". 6 years ago  
    what the hell is marrlage? 6 years ago  
    Who says? 6 years ago  
    *too 6 years ago  
    you must be a retard because you spelled spelled wrong. you also insulted someone for spelling something different than you think is the only way. 6 years ago  
    both! 6 years ago  
    YOU HAD ONE JOB! 6 years ago  
    *assed 6 years ago  
    both 6 years ago  
    where's the pants? 6 years ago  
    its AWESOME, trust me i know, i'm 13. 6 years ago  
    paraPAlegic also why did you pick it and the picture speaks for its self 6 years ago  
    you just did it 6 years ago  
    donde esta la proof, b*tch? 6 years ago  
    i kill 15% people 6 years ago  
    i want to be disabled and stupid 6 years ago  
    *idiot, idiot 6 years ago  
    im a fat nerd and adorable 6 years ago  
    coke as in cocaine :D 6 years ago  
    *they're 6 years ago  
    sexy sex is sexy 6 years ago  
    your the only person in the world other than myself heard say that 6 years ago  
    winter olympics are just 40 different kinds of sliding. 6 years ago  
    *president 6 years ago  
    go away and kill yourself 6 years ago  
    at least i could still mastubate. 6 years ago  
    both kinda suck 6 years ago  
    i could use all the memory i deleted for other stuff, like a hard drive! :) 6 years ago  
    they both kinda suck 6 years ago  
    there's no proof either way 6 years ago  
    I learn more on the internet and I love correcting my teachers! 6 years ago  

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