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    it isn't going to make me sick 11 months ago  
    just dont have sex lol 11 months ago  
    teleportation is just bootleg flying 11 months ago  
    why should i care about my name? 11 months ago  
    hell yeah 11 months ago  
    i dont care about animals 11 months ago  
    IT MEANS NO WORRIEESSS 11 months ago  
    HAKUNA MATATA 11 months ago  
    zombies dont have explosives 11 months ago  
    takes less effort, and babies cant bite 11 months ago  
    be an asshole, or catch an asshole 11 months ago  
    rape 11 months ago  
    i want the money 11 months ago  
    neither 11 months ago  
    i dont care about the children, i can sell the lightsaber 11 months ago  
    piercings just look dumb and can cause more harm to your own body, id rather have some nice art on my shoulder 11 months ago  
    immortality is a curse, not a blessing 11 months ago  
    a longer life is a curse 11 months ago  
    if you choose b how are you supposed to get food, money, clothes, a job, anything like that? 11 months ago  
    this is just a no brainer 11 months ago  
    i dont like harry potter 11 months ago  
    just get rid of the problems lmao 11 months ago  
    i could care less 11 months ago  
    i already dont have one 11 months ago  
    how about no 11 months ago  
    pornhub isn't in the ocean 11 months ago  
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