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    the writer is like 2 years old 1 month ago  
    it isn't going to make me sick 1 month ago  
    tiddy 1 month ago  
    break my legs 1 month ago  
    just dont have sex lol 1 month ago  
    teleportation is just bootleg flying 1 month ago  
    why should i care about my name? 1 month ago  
    hell yeah 1 month ago  
    i dont care about animals 1 month ago  
    IT MEANS NO WORRIEESSS 1 month ago  
    HAKUNA MATATA 1 month ago  
    zombies dont have explosives 1 month ago  
    takes less effort, and babies cant bite 1 month ago  
    be an asshole, or catch an asshole 1 month ago  
    rape 1 month ago  
    i want the money 1 month ago  
    neither 1 month ago  
    i dont care about the children, i can sell the lightsaber 1 month ago  
    piercings just look dumb and can cause more harm to your own body, id rather have some nice art on my shoulder 1 month ago  
    immortality is a curse, not a blessing 1 month ago  
    a longer life is a curse 1 month ago  
    if you choose b how are you supposed to get food, money, clothes, a job, anything like that? 1 month ago  
    this is just a no brainer 1 month ago  
    i dont like harry potter 1 month ago  
    just get rid of the problems lmao 1 month ago  
    i could care less 1 month ago  
    i already dont have one 1 month ago  
    how about no 1 month ago  
    pornhub isn't in the ocean 1 month ago  

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