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    English 5 years ago  
    lose weight 5 years ago  
    Who says you die 5 years ago  
    Depends what they did 5 years ago  
    Yessssssssssssssssss 5 years ago  
    How do you now there evil 5 years ago  
    nobody forgets the worst things in there life 5 years ago  
    but the question still states its there 5 years ago  
    sharks rarely eat humans 5 years ago  
    Wheres your proof 5 years ago  
    The universe is infinite so by laws of chance there is something intresting out there 5 years ago  
    even if you get nothing your no worse off than before 5 years ago  
    surrogacy/IVF 5 years ago  
    much much quicker 5 years ago  
    helicopter.... 5 years ago  
    Ninja assassinates pirate 5 years ago  
    Thats only because people are too greedy 5 years ago  
    easy to talk like yoda it is 5 years ago  
    23% of people in this world would rather die!!!!!!! 5 years ago  
    you cant choose your powers 5 years ago  
    Britain had a lot of great inventions so yeah 5 years ago  
    who makes this type of question 5 years ago  
    But if you preferred the celebrity why wouldnt they be your crush 5 years ago  
    date as then you could do all the things you want before then and not be paranoid everytime you see a car 5 years ago  
    read what is says 'cannot be avoided' 5 years ago  
    1 death or 5? 5 years ago  
    I did not choose as your choosing over people's lives 5 years ago  
    At least you would have remnants of civilization left 5 years ago  
    Who created God? 5 years ago  
    150,000 is going to be useful in prison 5 years ago  
    Magic up the wealth with your wand 5 years ago  
    eh a 1 in 10 chance 5 years ago  
    I would prefer not to see how humanity destroys itself 5 years ago  

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