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make a hot girl do anything 3 years ago +1
hate cats 3 years ago  
where a condom 3 years ago  
hitler kept the population stable 3 years ago  
liars 3 years ago  
it would kinda be like a water slide 3 years ago  
just cause the pic 3 years ago  
LIARS I guarante if any of you got a billion u would kepp it 3 years ago  
$$$ 3 years ago  
people lie sm 3 years ago  
good for my dad 3 years ago  
pussy"s 3 years ago  
get drunk! 3 years ago  
72 percent r retards bros b4 ho's 3 years ago  
my parents are rich! im gonna b poor 3 years ago  
there re glasses 3 years ago  
RETARDS 3 years ago  
clicked it bc i did not see the satan part... 3 years ago  
Well i am a teenage boy... 3 years ago  
I did mine when I was 12 at sleep away camp.... so yeah 3 years ago  
ewwwww 3 years ago  
wtf are people saying intelligence can lead to $ if you can get it easily? 3 years ago  
do it all the time in class 3 years ago  
wow so upsetting that america doesnt wanna b #1 3 years ago  
hey, doctors touch my p p 3 years ago  
slay every day 3 years ago  
murica 3 years ago  
padme is hot 3 years ago  
no school 3 years ago  
id cary a car in front of the girls 3 years ago  
still get freedom 3 years ago  
I can buy my wishes 3 years ago  
unions r the same bs thts y the gays nedd to shut up 3 years ago  
i would tell billl gates that everyone would die if i did not get 1 bill 3 years ago  
tht would b so sick if i zoned out in class and could hear music 3 years ago  
flying somewhere is dopper than teleporting 3 years ago  
dont even want a fam 3 years ago  
I would not even care 3 years ago  
the numbers 3 years ago  
if it were americans, my answer would change 3 years ago  
lawyers are savages 3 years ago  
im skinny AF 3 years ago  
54% of u r dumb 3 years ago  
private wedding mofos 3 years ago  
i dont have a phone! 3 years ago  
you can just be together and getting married would not matter 3 years ago  
true love is destined to be so u would find it anyways 3 years ago  
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