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    Me too +5
    Hate both shows +2
    I would have to paint it if it was that color. Can't live without music. +1
    I live alone now. They come visit.  
    Leftovers on the 72oz +2
    MMMM Makes me smile.  
    Mine gf is 16 years wounger  
    Ladies big and tall.  
    Hands free with the helmet.  
    Something to us as a pin cushion +4
    Don't want either  
    Wish the same questions weren't posted.  
    Chuck could kill you by looking at you. +6
    Already had this one  
    I can take them off an Hitler can't do anything about it. Die Adolf, oh you already are.  
    I wanted to skip.  
    Neither +1
    I don't vote on these. +4
    Who cares +2
    I hate the cold yet  
    IF it was my way he'd be doing the sucking.  
    bake a snake  
    The Walrus  
    Doesn't mean I'm gonna touch it. +1
    Piranha would be easy and they are scared of you. +2
    Again this question  
    Did he change his name to Dart ? Is he faster now? +5
    neither +3
    Hate starbucks +2
    Hate both +1
    It depends on who you are with.  
    Never been to spain but I kinda like the music.  
    Still hate the cold  
    Neither +2
    I hate purple +1
    Flame broiled for sure  
    Doesn't really make much difference they both have to get paid off.  
    Does it matter?  
    Don't have or know about either  
    Why is there no skip? I don't really care.  
    You could do whatever you want.  
    Neither I live in the US +7
    BMW Z4 +1
    I have to skip. Do we get to choose what kind of crap? Horse is more like oats. +1
    As long as he's a good shot.  
    I can'r believe the votes on this so far. Star Wars +1
    These are getting ridiculous now.  
    I like the accent  
    BMW Z4  
    What are these?  
    I want to go to Sonic +2
    Had this already  
    Z4 +1
    Winter sucks  
    Doesn't much matter  
    Fish Food +2
    I agree who cares. +1
    piranhas don't real eat people, they are more scared of them and will try to stay away, don't you watch Mythbusters? +2
    Neither, I'm not gay +2
    I already had my ex, x all my friends and that is worse.  
    neither would be my choice  
    I don't like the blue people. Darth is the boss. +1
    Snow sucks, winter sucks.  
    I want to drink rum like jack  
    Kahhhhhnnnnnnn +2
    Chrome , much quicker +2
    Swweeet Tea +1
    Texting while driving kills +1
    MJ liked little boys +2
    MJ likes little boys +1
    Which big band?  
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