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    euuum yes you can  
    then you will magicly survive, the killing method wont work, something goes wrong and you get arrested, .....  
    i dont like starbucks. BECUZ NO STARBUCKS IN BELGIUM  
    but what happens when you get bored,  
    U.S. doesnt have a virus that makes you one of them  
    euum who the fuc is going to bury me  
    who created god?  
    6.5 million jews and like 2 wounded in the 9-11  
    well not that you would be sad  
    and who created god?  
    me neither  
    ever heared of a parachute  
    oooh noooooooo i got hit by an fake train of 5 cm high  
    the fricking other side  
    one word fast forward  
    sorry im dutch can you really wear a hairstyle?  
    breathing crap like stupid is  
    i am deaf already  
    read the autors comment dumbo  
    lets just keep it with 1/6 of dying and 5/6 of getting the money  
    im deaf 0/  
    and btw what if its just a song called world war III  
    world war III is already on the way  
    euuum as lawyer you can save lives too  
    im not even gonna answer this  
    1. the famous one will have almost no time 2 you will be a bit famous too 3 the famous person would get killed faster than you  
    that does not mean you CAN surfe i dont want to get embressed in front of 500 people  
    thats actually really smart  
    wifi or not? well this is easy  
    and do you really think im gonna let problems go on when i rule  
    btw the fututre is not gonna look like that and i dont even know if where gonna have grandchildren at all if whe keep up this pollution  
    ever heard of REST in peace with 20 men around you crying it would be hard to sleep  
    no internet equals no life  
    this is not even a question  
    much closer  
    sell it and you would surely save more then 1 child  
    i dont have neighbours :)  
    i dont mind being a beutifull girl  
    me setting down some drums hiring a band and hell yea  
    been in bora bora already  
    i am bald already  
    there is something called history class  
    wtf im 11  
    what if you need to come in the second place as much as you can ....... welcome in the paradox  
    American cancer society shiit i live in europe  
    for peace and freedom!  
    athe├»st 4 the win  
    wow its pretty sad that 51% wants to die from drugs  
    im 11 my job playing computer  
    american football looks like european rugby  
    first time i can say this : YES MISCLICKED  
    then let the group do everything  
    appleormac i dont giva a f***  
    every burger in mcdonalds where is no mego or giant in the name is a mini burger  
    you mean american football or european  
    also get rid of religion : no racism no IS no...  
    every 8 year old will commit suicide when they know the truth so 70% people want to kill all kids, selfisch bastards  
    i acctually didnt know a win compilation existed  
    i could pfeeee pfoeeeee break all pfeeee pfoeee silences  
    do it alreadr  
    im 11  
    first time i can say this: yippie misclicked +1
    srry guys miscliked  
    is that obama checking someone out?  
    56 % saw the picture and immediatly clicked the other one  
    mcdonalds: every burger without mea or giant in its name is a mini burger  
    thougt he said i love my parots  
    im was military and i live in belgium  
    who wants a billion dollar no kidding (win)  
    already have fame  
    earth is actually too in space sooooooooo  
    ericm if they abduct you they ARE bad  
    i am already the smartaest guy in school  
    oh [email protected] didnt tought about killing and eating them  
    with some stuff they too mean pesonal stuff so 70% of the population doesnt know what they just have done  
    like i said 3 questions above i rather live in prison then on streets  
    i would rather live in jail then on streets  
    sh!t misclicked  
    i was at the marriage of my parents when i was 6 so no reproducing peeep  
    so you basiccly have 5/6 you would get 100000000 and 1/6 you would ide  
    you see that gun with 6 chambers you place a bullet in one of the chamers then twist the chambers (dont look at it or you would know if he lives or dies) then point it at there head and then shoot  
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