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Would you rather ea a cheeseburger or hamburger 7 years ago 446 votes 9 comments 0 likes

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magically 7 years ago  
hell to the yes. 7 years ago  
already happened :/ 7 years ago +1
ill wear a bag over my head 7 years ago  
i thought this guy was "he who shall not be named" 7 years ago +19
servite! 7 years ago +1
simple, just close your eyes ;) 7 years ago  
i just assumed i can fly with magic powers 7 years ago +5
there's a new one? 7 years ago +2
both but sliced is more convenient 7 years ago +1
poor* 7 years ago +1
i am chumpi 7 years ago +1
BIC BOI WADDUP 7 years ago  
i hate getting up too fast and getting dizzy. 7 years ago +2
me too. 7 years ago  
i have powers? 7 years ago +2
DAMN. WRONG ONE!! 7 years ago +1
its all about servite white 7 years ago +2
jokes on you i have a ps3 and crash percentage is really low. 7 years ago +1
investthe gold until its worth way more 7 years ago +2
:D im the only boy other than my dad in my family 7 years ago  
id rather be the guy cause he has a gun 7 years ago +1
blackmail 7 years ago +1
fleas are for animals 7 years ago  

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