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    Hot tubs are usually smaller  
    Damn you proved a point hahaha  
    If people loved me, they'd give me money?  
    Took the words out of my mouth  
    That's basically, kill people or save people..  
    How do people know if he's real or not? You've never met him lol  
    I'll not give them good ones lol  
    Most don't actually... I've got loads of friends that are girls that are always talking about actors and how 'cute' they are  
    Teach them  
    Either way you die  
    You'll get money for your talent :D  
    Once it's gone, it's gone  
    Why did I press that lol. I have both but with an Xbox (unless you play a kinect game) you aren't moving about at all  
    I'd just add another middle name  
    Yup. Everyone voting for the other one to try and sound nice but they know that they would pick the other. I'm just being honest lol cuz u can't really be attracted to someone when they are ugly as heck  
    But so do flats  
    To fall or not to fall  
    Can't you get robotic arms?  
    Poor him  
    This depends where you live but: A view of natural, shiny water or a view of a man made, polluted city?  
    Lol was gonna say  
    Teachers get to wear what they want!  
    It's just clothes so why can't we wear what we want?  
    And you said the others were a battle of nerds  
    Although I said that question, I agree.  
    Exact same with me :)  
    Have you seen what they put into mc Donald's food?! Chips contain 20% beef... From what I read...  
    Your BFF is a very good friend though  
    See A ghost or live in a haunted house and see LOADS  
    What apocalypse  
    Being anorexic damages your insides  
    Cuz if u get humiliated by your friends, just don't see them anymore. If it's by your family, you have to live with them humiliating you and laughing at you (well depends if your an adult)  
    Although green is my fav colour  
    One word for the pen. TIPEX.  
    Pressed random one because I hate him.  
    No offence to people who chose the other option (cuz it's ur opinion) but I think this question is quite dumb and pointless lol  
    Two words. Lose weight,  
    Pressed the wrong one,  
    Put LOADS of clothes on.  
    I'm guessing that's because you've never experienced it?  
    Already got a perfect relationship  
    Eavesdropping heehee  
    If you never stopped talking, how would you be able to sleep  
    If heaven exists lol x  
    I wouldn't give it ALL to less fortunate people... I'd give about half  
    Windows stick tongue out face or windows 7  
    Did you know that Thailand are killing dogs for meat? Pfft I'm not going there!  
    Be natural  
    Not to sound selfish  
    Same I just chose red cuz my mom drinks it sometimes  
    I love friends, +1
    I believe in everything. Not just one god. Christianity ,buddism, Sikhism... U know..  
    Blood donation thingy  
    I don't know! I don't see a difference! I've never seen Harry potter  
    But fake  
    Nicki minaj was beautiful before she made herself fake  
    What's the mirror of erised  
    I'd get away? Somehow?  
    Duh lol  
    You could if orange wasn't at the end of the sentence lol. Same with silver and purple  
    Thank you lol  
    It's 40% now  
    Serial not cerial  
    Bigger screen  
    It's not like every single person in Germany did that,  
    Pfft I don't wanna stay on this earth for THAT long  
    SEXIST PEOPLE hahaha  
    Education or stress?  
    Same +35
    This pic is SOO true +1
    I'd stop drinking for two months  
    Teach her a lesson somehow  
    Cuz the other one would be a mistake... Right?  
    1. Ppl probably only chose daughter cuz of the picture... 2. I chose daughter cuz it depends on how old she is and one can have bottom/left side/right side/top of bed and other can have other side/position or whatever lol  
    Lol. 88% to 12%  
    I'll make them funny  
    We might date at a party  
    I know right  
    If owls didn't, then how do owls exist?  
    Cuz then I'd beat em up heeheehee  
    If ur famous then won't u be rich though?  
    Was gonna put that  
    I'm a girl and I chose that,  
    You can run faster when on land  
    Text dumping? That's cowardly  
    Cuz if i was a bum (lol) then people would care about me and give me money  
    I'd move house  
    16% are mean  
    14% now x  
    That's quite religionist. If that's a word  
    I'm a girl so it wouldn't be so awkward with a female doctor  
    No they're not. Dogs are lovely. People just don't treat them right. I have 10 dogs. You think I'd live with 10 disgusting slobs?  
    No marriage. Just because you aren't married doesn't mean you don't love each other lots... What if the guy was abusing his wife and kids? You'd have to live with him the rest of your life!  
    What's so bad about gingers  
    If your friends with your crush, tell them what your enemy has done and he might break up with her  
    Get smarter... I hope?  
    Be in a wheelchair for 5 years or be asleep for 5 years? Hmm  
    Why everyone reading my mind today  
    We could start to like each other more?  
    Just gonna say that lol  
    You control yourself all day long. At night, it's your brains turn. (You're probably thinking: no because I use my brain all day so technically it's my brains turn all day. But it's not. You say to your brain: move my arm to pick up that box. The your brain does it. So yeah lol  
    Minecrafts getting petty boring...  
    You're not allowed to hurt animals. End of.  
    Really really really horrible  
    My sibling is horrible to me  
    Patience-ever heard of it?  
    People would think you're super strong lol  
    I'm scared that 402 like to  
    What are you saying? I look like this?  
    God knows what they put into our food  
    I guess  
    Yup. I don't understand why people want the power to be immortal  
    I have only got Facebook and YouTube and this in my history lol  
    I've never seen Harry potter I don't know the difference  
    It's only a 10/100% chance doh lol  
    That's why I have 10 now and my mom runs a husky rescue so she can save lots of dogs but she doesn't just rehome huskies  
    I might have about 5 dogs when I'm older. People always say they want like 2 dogs but what about the rest in the kennels that are saying "take me home please"  
    Break up with them?  
    If you're in a big mess with your friends and they peer pressure you into doing something, you say yes and you almost get killed, press the rewind button and say no next time lol +2
    I haven't even seen Harry Potter that's why  
    Save peoples lives +272
    Wouldn't people be trying to rob you? (Oh wait if you were the richest person on Earth, you could buy things to stop people getting in) well yh but- I'm going to jump off a cliff now.  
    Oh my gosh  
    It's 50/50. But what if a zombie apocalypse began? You're not gonna be like "Zombie I can read your mind" you're gonna be like "I'm getting out of here!" *flys away*  
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