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    A laptop counts as both~ +2
    Hotmail is much more user friendly. GMail is an eyesore.  
    And unlike an Android phone (example Samsung), you have to go to a specialist to get an iPhone fixed.  
    Shapes made of 4 falling blocks like a T or a box, come down like falling bricks... Mate, google Brentalfloss, Tetris!  
    Only picked Blue because it's Japanese. Heh... Green is far better.  
    It depends... does the Macbook Air float like in the picture? No? NEITHER!  
    Swings, aquariums and massages every day!  
    M'kay? +3
    Keyboard and mouse... far more buttons, almost limitless spamming, and it's perfect for Fallout.  
    A Mac is a waste of money. If it breaks you have to take it to a specialist to repair it.  
    "I am using Chrome right now." Sorry, I had to, but yeah, Chrome is best.  
    No, just no.... Haymitch is better regardless of the fact that he can't hunt.  
    Night means nobody can see you.  
    Monochrome gives it a certain... fantasy look? +1
    I'm a Grammar-Nazi, correcting idiots is my job. +5
    If I was Rebecca Black's bodyguard, I'd shoot her myself. +3
    No religion, means no war, which means more money, which means no poverty, which means no recession, which means we can all actually be happy. +1
    As glue man you're eternally adorable. +1
    Train crash: At least you went out taking a helluva lot of others with you.  
    Not even false hope. Just false. +1
    I hate you I hate you I hate you I hate you I hate you!  
    Earth Benders: Doing whole dance routines to make a pebble fly past your screen.  
    Both. Wait. Neither. YU-GI-OH!!! +2
    Dun DUUUUN da da da DAAAAAAAN dan!  
    Neither. Captain Hero.  
    I don't have a dog. It's my sisters and I hate them both.  
    I would BE one of the vampires so it's all good. +2
    Already depressed.  
    I do this one every single day anyway.  
    Think he tastes like an Angus burger? +2
    Every day this happens.  
    My computer doesn't even work.  
    I could easily pop around to the shops.  
    I don't know... gassing seems easier...  
    Something about ketchup...  
    The Matrix wouldn't know what hit it.  
    At least I'd have time for a cuppa coffee.  
    I can sing, but I like to act... also, that "singer" is a twat.  
    At least with the grappling dummy, you can beat the hell out of it, pretending it's a real person.  
    Somehow I'd actually like to experience this. +3
    Have done it before, will happily do it again.  
    Life IS hell.  
    Lightweight. Portable. And you can throw it long distances to get your insurance money and buy a decent phone.  
    The hunchback is adorable o_o  
    Already am.  
    I don't actually watch TV.  
    Tell me about the lambs, Guest?  
    Have done.  
    It's my worst fear... but one that seems beautiful somehow.  
    Looks epic.  
    Hah no need to comment, my birthday is ON christmas!  
    Already AM hatefully remembered. Not much difference.  
    I don't sleep anyway.  
    At least in the 50's I'd be popular.  
    Ireland. Rain is all we ever get.  
    But I AM the walrus.. koo koo ka choo.  
    Yum. Rotting flesh.  
    At least you can just drink and forget about it afterwards.  
    And at least with a big dog, there's no chance of tripping over it.  
    Fails! Yes.  
    Science, people.  
    I won't have any, so the past it is!  
    Oh I do hope he remembered the Chicken Royale, he knows how much I LOVE it my way.  
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