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    omg the macbook's floating there 7 years ago +1
    mommy wouldn't do such a thing.. :( 7 years ago  
    i'm a good friend, so.. :) 7 years ago  
    taylor looks not-too-handsome there so i picked justin o,o 7 years ago  
    i'm a girl, i'd rather be a boy too. 7 years ago  
    i don't even know what toe cheese is 7 years ago +24
    the picture's scary 7 years ago +39
    sterilized poop? LMAO 7 years ago  
    ... 7 years ago +1
    *pukes* 7 years ago  
    duuuh 7 years ago  
    this is disgusting. 7 years ago  
    you can quit anytime you like 7 years ago  
    we'll be friends. 7 years ago  
    adult. you can do anything you want. 7 years ago  
    tough.. :\ 7 years ago  
    lolwut 7 years ago  
    what about none? -_-v 7 years ago +1
    whiiiite 7 years ago  
    queeeen :D 7 years ago  
    xD 7 years ago  

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