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    everyone except those guys V 6 years ago  
    paaaaants 6 years ago  
    faaaaaaith 6 years ago  
    their almost the same. . . . .rich,famous,playboys,each have a badassley hot girlfreind 6 years ago  
    MAD SKILLZ YO 6 years ago  
    50%? 6 years ago  
    youre an ass 6 years ago +1
    we are two peas 6 years ago  
    freaking all cars 6 years ago  
    and you say you have?what the crap are you doing on the intarwebs 6 years ago  
    pause.im HUGE procastinator 6 years ago  
    agreed 6 years ago  
    lie ditected in Wasdhington state 6 years ago  
    heavan will be personally customized 6 years ago  
    out if college 6 years ago  
    agreed,mister virginia 6 years ago  
    68%?really?i just chose it so i didnt have to answer to all those people who would be all like"Helloooooooo".no offense to brits 6 years ago  
    pc 6 years ago +2
    agreed with barisal 6 years ago  
    agreed with nebby 6 years ago  
    gangam style 6 years ago  
    agreed 6 years ago  
    ohio,agreed 6 years ago  
    rich.im poor right now so,yeah 6 years ago  
    no offense,46% of the people here,but being hiot means you can have anybody fior your life 6 years ago  
    lottery 6 years ago  
    meh 6 years ago  
    arent you a girl? 6 years ago  
    and youre for absolute asses 6 years ago  
    tepee 6 years ago  
    if the bods was famous,he and i would be fracking awesome bros 6 years ago  
    in a coma youll be able to find out who your true freinds are when you wake up 6 years ago  
    you are all anti social pricks 6 years ago  
    defiatly 6 years ago  
    we both know it 6 years ago  
    can i ask why so many people(including mua)chose subway? 6 years ago  
    musical instruments 6 years ago  
    agreed 6 years ago  
    agreed 6 years ago  
    slinky,just go with boobs.great motorboating 6 years ago  
    michigan.READ THE DAMN WHOLE THING!! 6 years ago +88
    . . . . . . . . .. 6 years ago  
    why is there such an argument? 6 years ago +1
    FUS RO DAH!!oh yeah,wrong thing. . . 6 years ago  
    damnit!! 6 years ago  
    ass 6 years ago  
    awful 6 years ago  
    would you rather tattooos 6 years ago  
    ohio,you are wierd 6 years ago  
    nymeria,look at the statistics XD 6 years ago  
    11* 6 years ago  
    new york dude,you really shouldnt put up "lmao"in a post like that 6 years ago  
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