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Would you rather Be stabbed 5 times and live or Be shot in the head and instantly die 1 year ago 68 votes 13 comments 0 likes

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with trump?! 1 year ago  
so i cant sleep? 1 year ago  
ewwwwww 1 year ago  
dont wanna be trump 1 year ago  
i win wheres my moneyyy 1 year ago  
if you rich you smart 1 year ago  
the camera is 3 times better than average 1 year ago  
um they did 1 year ago  
if they hot they rich 1 year ago  
his parents can be rich 1 year ago  
fame is wealth 1 year ago  
whoever i marry will be rich af 1 year ago  
australia isnt that good 1 year ago  
im already mentally sick 1 year ago  
yup i love doing nothing 1 year ago  
and you wouldnt be alone if its a good movie 1 year ago  
no one to make noise and interrupt 1 year ago  
but only the one who caused it is an idiot, the other person could be smart ._. 1 year ago  

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