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Would you rather have terrifying nightmares every night or see scary things that aren't there 831,308 votes 5,433 comments 42 likes
Would you rather have mermaids be real or have unicorns be real 1,253,339 votes 9,083 comments 82 likes
Would ya rather be funniest person ever or most beautiful person ever 71,889 votes 554 comments 0 likes
Would you rather have a world with Religion or No Religion 66,491 votes 867 comments 5 likes

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i'd bring back my mom  
the last one ;)  
Does it really matter? +1
OHHHH NOOOOO!!! bad words!!! how could he?!?! +5
the bible was made before scientists knew about the big bang  
thanks +1
You can believe in the big bang and god at the same time. I picked big bang because I think god made the big bang which made the universe +1
You believe in the big bang and god. I picked big bang because I think god made the big bang which made the universe  
i just noticed that +1
Bills Gates was the founder of microsoft! What did Steve Jobs do? Oh ipods, not really important. Half you people wouldn't even know who Steve Job was if he wasn't dead +3
Being able to talk to animals would just suck I think. Because imagine a dogs thoughts, It would problobly just be "food!! Sleep!! Play!! Food!!" it would just get annoying after awhile +1
look at it +2
showering in the morning wakes me up  
i love you  
why dont we all stop being dumbasses, go outside and get a life  
i love jason +1
Having a stuffy nose is anooying as hell  
i would like todate the old man in the justin bieber picture +2
somebodys a virgin +2
flying would be..........................kewl  
elevators have those alarm buttons so your safe then  
he didnt do anything.. the military did +4
johnny boy  
ehh screw dogs anyway  
looks like you didnt  
o my god that baby is soo cute +1
cant we all just get along +1
maybe there pedos since hes 3 +2
as bodyguard i would make sure to not protect as well as she would have hoped +1
i like both but movies r a little better because there arent many horror books that i like but alot of good horror movies  
hey! dont be sexist now! and make me a sandwich  
somalian pirates we!  
i dont like any of them +1
it aint all that  
yea sure you did  
now this question is gonna start a stupid internet athiest vs christian war +5
mmmmmmmm cannibalism ;) +1
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