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    They don't live in Canada +1
    We have something called "honour". We don't steal, knowing it is a bad thing to do  
    Did it ever leave in the first place?  
    At least more than half our populations likes our leader.  
    Wait until Scotland wants independence  
    The fact that you think that Europe is a country, proves that you have less brain cells than there are members in the EU.  
    And independence movements :D  
    And it won't take long before half your population leaves the US  
    SURPRISE! She didn't. Macron won with 65.5%  
    Cause Europe is OBVIOUSLY a country. Go back to school, kid! +1
    Like you aren't?  
    I'll never get a true love  
    It's not like I want wealth, but I hate fame  
    This will be fun, knowing that I can be quite preverted.  
    I look like sh*t anyways  
    This would be useful for doing prank calls. I could just listen to a recording of a very important person or celebrity speaking and then call someone acting to be that other person.  
    I don't have much to live for anyways.  
    For people thinking that there's not much left to explore on earth, we know more about Mars than about Earth. More than 90% hasn't been explored. Most of it is at the bottom of the ocean. Who knows what we'll find there.  
    France is bacon  
    Choosing option B will technically make you the first Boss Baby.  
    I am 16 year old and I like older music more than the bullsh*t they make now. I'd rather listen to Vivaldi for 5 hours, than listen to Miley Cyrus for 5 minutes.  
    Imagine having a weird dream, watching it, and then your parents coming in. Not taking the chance. +1
    A doctor can save lives, a lawyer can ruin them.  
    I don't like Harry Potter, but I absolutely hate attet  
    In the cinema you can also eat.  
    Already am one  
    You know that because you are trying both and neither are working. People who are racist against gingers are the most heartless idiots in the world. They do have souls, unlike you.  
    Music is just like people. Most of the new ones are messed up. And classic music is the father of all music out there.  
    This question is why I lost faith in humanity.  
    Think about this decision when your pet did a "number 2"  
    First time I see a 50-50 score  
    Go f*ck yourself, You are heartless  
    Where is the "none" button. In this question I really need it. I don't like any of them  
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