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Is there any music worse than dubstep.... Yes? or No? 7 years ago 358 votes 27 comments 0 likes
Smoke weed every day or never smoke.... Smoke? or Never smoke? 7 years ago 303 votes 9 comments 0 likes

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HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! if you have no internet you cant get internet on your phone.... 6 years ago  
i dont drink coffee 6 years ago  
thats not checking someone out... 6 years ago  
i'd go on the air force one just for the plane and not the president. id still be on the plane with the president, so i think this is fair. 6 years ago  
hometown is usually where you were born even if you only lived there a short time. 6 years ago  
so you voted that you would smoke? 6 years ago +1
i agree that katniss is badass, but i disagree that hermione is weak sauce. 6 years ago  
right... because a normal person can press a button for 0 seconds consecutively. I dont know what people in Hong Kong can do but in other parts of the world, 0 seconds is practically impossible to get. 6 years ago  
did you really read $100,000,000 as a million dollars? 6 years ago  
you cant have sex with either so i choose one where i can grab boobs :) 6 years ago  
gay people don't consider good looking people ugly. they are just not attracted to them. like I can find men to be good looking, but im not attracted to them. 7 years ago  
women.... 7 years ago  
im only kinda stupid 7 years ago  
let the universe burn 7 years ago  
i'd prefer not to become a zombie 7 years ago  
haha no, thats not true at all. the most tests for one class i've heard of was 6 which is not even close to everday, but 6 exams is sh*t ton of exams 7 years ago  
soap is so much cheaper and still does the job 7 years ago +1
the black guy is actually doing something 7 years ago +3
because you use it as a dildo 7 years ago  
lol... it is grain though 7 years ago  
its called costco 7 years ago  
you have tests everyday? what kind of college do you go to 7 years ago +4
thats nothing, 24 hours of borderlands 2 7 years ago  
i love being a man 7 years ago  
fingers are a lot more important than my feet 7 years ago  
whats the differencE? 7 years ago +3
picture of goku is not related to the choice. he actually never dies 7 years ago  
its called sarcasm... i feel like it was pretty blatantly obvious what i going for... 7 years ago  
what is there for us to understand? what is it that we, atheists, doing that makes this site look so bad that it upsets you this much? you say that you are trying to HELP us understand, why dont you just try understanding us? lets be honest, how much of the bible actually makes sense... maybe it will help if you try to understand where we are coming from. there is scientific evidence that the earth is over 4.5 billions year old. there are hundreds of other facts that is proven wrong by science that is in the bible. im not saying its wrong that you believe in gOD and follow the bible, im just saying try seeing it from our perspective. 7 years ago +2
so you have to constantly fart to fly? 7 years ago  
lol i understand not believing the big bang didnt create the universe and some other stuff thats hard to prove, but not believing that your mom and dad created you is just fu*cked up... 7 years ago  
isn't it obvious from my comment? 7 years ago  
tobacco mixed alcohol is the farthest thing from weed.... first off the only similarity between tobacco and weed is the smoke, the feel of tobacco and weed is completely different. and toxins you get from tobacco is worse than weed. secondly, alcohol is actually poison to your body, you can drink too much alcohol, marijuana is not something you can easily OD on, in fact i havent heard of anyone ODing on marijuana... 7 years ago  
i think this question would be more appropriate if it was ITT Technical Institute and MIT because these two schools have more similar letters in the names 7 years ago +1
haha exactly what i was about to say except Bauer will yell at you not torture you. 7 years ago  
amazing spiderman was a bad movie... 7 years ago  
NUKE! 7 years ago +3
....why is it hipster to listen to vinyl. it actually sounds better 7 years ago +2
pink 7 years ago  
lol and the people you shoot at the bank 7 years ago  
both 7 years ago  
i think they are very relevant, do you want lots of acne like the four small turtles or one zit like the one large tiger. in other words do you want more small ones or one big one 7 years ago  
not really you just have to win the last battle 7 years ago  
its the internet who cares 7 years ago +1
im smart and i half ass everything and still get good grades 7 years ago +3
thats wrong... 7 years ago +3
so you chose to lie to your friend and not be truthful to your parents? 7 years ago +1
you fly the length that you fart or you turn your ability on and off by farting? 7 years ago +2
voted yes but i dont know 7 years ago  
and eat it 7 years ago  
not bieber dont even know one direction 7 years ago  
why would you ever get hit by a car.... 7 years ago  
please 7 years ago  
i don't ever want to be a woman 7 years ago  
it means your mood changes spontaneously 7 years ago  
any of the classic games is way better than any new games 7 years ago +1
great manga 7 years ago +1
i hated bane's voice in batman, it sounded stupid 7 years ago +6
lol i posted before i even voted... 7 years ago  
too long didnt read 7 years ago +1
yes you have to listen to "stupid hoe by nicki minaj' all day which i believe is the same thing as stupid hoe 7 years ago  
apple suck what? 7 years ago  
hurts my head literally and figuratively 7 years ago +7*t man 7 years ago  
as long as its moving water, the water temperature can be below freezing and not freeze. also salt lowers the freezing temperature of water thats why the ocean never freezes completely. before freezers were made, ice cream was made using ice, salt and water because the salt would cause the water to drop below freezing temperature 7 years ago +1
google 7 years ago +9
of course you should, get a mac book pro with retina while youre at it 7 years ago +2
I personally don't think emma stone is good looking at all. and she also is a bad actor... 7 years ago  
why the f*** would you want two faucets? you wash your hands in burning water and ice cold water? 7 years ago  
a computer or a phone/ipod/tablet? what kind of question is that? 7 years ago +1
cleaner 7 years ago  
neither 7 years ago  
i like stuff getting shoved down my throat 7 years ago +7
You can have Italian ice for a sore throat 7 years ago  
no i think he meant do 7 years ago  
chose the one that makes me look good 7 years ago +1
immortal* 7 years ago +4
you must have high standards if you think both of them are UGLY... 7 years ago +10
there is no such thing as too much garlic 7 years ago  
lol so many liars 7 years ago +3
who cares... as an atheist i dont think your religion really matters here 7 years ago +1
Not true, the emulator itself is not illegal, the problem is the games. If you actually own the game, then it is not illegal, if you don't then it is. And emulators are not stupid... you can play every n64 console game with your portable computer and not have to carry around your n64 and games. all you need is to buy a usb n64 controller 7 years ago  
At least i enjoyed it 7 years ago +1
KKK it is 7 years ago  
it's the study of life man 7 years ago  
greece will disappear soon, no point in learning their language 7 years ago  
lol 7 years ago  
what's with people misusing loose and lose.... loose is the antonym of tight, you don't loose your luggage, you LOSE your luggage 7 years ago +2
golden fingers to pleasure women 7 years ago +3
when did gOD ever put you on earth? 7 years ago  
"Lets pretend Bob Marley is still alive" is the author's comment 7 years ago +1
so... Kobe's hand will be tied behind my back? 7 years ago +1
good daily metal intake 7 years ago  
So ummmm I would never try to run into to anything at 50mph.... 7 years ago +1
so you would kill your newborn? 7 years ago +8
right... that's why "futbol" in spanish makes sense. also, in portuguese, french, turkish, and some other languages... 7 years ago +1
all those hair on your head... 7 years ago  
i think selling the lamborghini will get you more than 10 priuses... 7 years ago  
gossip usually refers to something bad... 7 years ago  
I can't thank steve jobs for his products because he's dead 7 years ago  
i'd rather ski 7 years ago  
Or you could never have to care about hair 7 years ago  
So much more safety precautions for fire testing than cup testing 7 years ago  
what does loose hair mean? How often does it fall out? 7 years ago  
57% are f***ing liars 7 years ago  
wtf is a light meth user 7 years ago  
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