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    THINK FAST!!!!  
    It would be good in that way, that when you're in a hurry, it woudn't be hard to choose what to wear. Also, people wouldn't get bullied for what they wear.  
    At least something is right  
    I don't know how hell was created, but god lets evil exist because he wanted to give us a choise: good way or bad way. If he made every human good, he would be a dictator. You wouldn't like to be anyone's puppet, do you? Also, by giving people that choise, he can see the difference between the good ones and the bad ones.  
    WTF? God is not fictional. +1
    They don't exist :)  
    A good thing about having a black president: if you're against him, you're racist.  
    Why are there still monkeys on the earth then? Why haven't they evolved?  
    What games do you play?  
    I don't even know what swag means...  
    Yolo is overused. BTW, Many people use it wrong.  
    Abortion is murder. Murder is against the law. +1
    You know 9-11 but not the Holo caust?  
    And what caused big bang?  
    The bush did not speak, god spoke through it. Nothing is impossible for god. Of course,he can't sin.  
    So you think it's more believeable that a random explosion came out of nowhere and so was the world created? Our planet would have been a mess. And what would have caused that explosion?  
    Oh, right... it should be "at a restaurant", shouldn't it?  
    What is box day?  
    Wait... I thought that "dwarfs" were the fantasy kind. Like the Seven Dwarves, you know  
    Don't ask me why, but I have a feeling that it would be preyye cool being a midget.  
    It doesn't mean that I can't sleep  
    Neither, because I'm a dude :)  
    Ok, so where did the materia for that huge explosion come from then?  
    Jokes aside: at least I don't need to worry about my poop containings  
    But you'll get sick  
    3. I heard if you block your nose you'll taste less (sorry my english)  
    2. You wont get sick  
    1. It's not real sh*t  
    Cats are more independent and hygienic (I'm kind of a germaphobe)  
    Jump onto a matress +3
    Never said the cage wasn't empty  
    It depends on the restroom  
    I'm faster on land  
    Hockey pucks are harder  
    I tried snails on a restaurant once +30
    A clown would be creepy  
    I'm a christian and don't believe in aliens +1
    I broke my leg once.  
    I broke my leg once, so I know how it feel +2
    The second choise would be creepy +1
    Lol, I'm not gay. Btw I'm very skinny. Big boobs... how would that look? +2
    So what if the world ended? forever alone... litterally  
    They whine about a building and a dozen people while in the holocaust millions of innocent people were horribly killed  
    I would rather have no money, lots of friends than lots of money, no friends  
    I spend more of my time being in front of the computer than in front of the TV  
    Lemon acid :)  
    Being a kid was the best time of my life. No stress, only doing what I like  
    At least you can still play video games... even if you can't hear anything  
    And if you don't drown, a shark or something would come and eat you... that would be horrible  
    electric sound good in a band, but acoustic sounds better  
    Happy Mother's Day, mom! You said that you wanted nothing, so that's why this box is empty  
    People who chose B don't have any patience  
    I'm kind of afraid of heights  
    Being attacked by 70 house cats at once? That would hurt...  
    It depends on the book/movie  
    I'll just take a selfie  
    Noone said that you can't take your computer outside  
    Every southern american didn't treat them that badly  
    Some thing might be better not to know  
    When Chrome doesn't work I take Firefox and if Firefox doesn't work either i take Internet Explorer  
    I could wish for something I can't buy for money  
    Hopefully I will die quickly and not slowly burn to death  
    Actually I can listen to pretty much anything  
    It depends on how clean those dogs are  
    Why would I like to stay in this mad world when I can live happily forever in heaven?  
    Monkeys can go bananas and make a big mess  
    In the Holocaust a lot of innocent jews were killed.  
    I would rather be blown in pieces than being ripped apart by a zombie  
    I o  
    I will be there soon...  
    Why wouldn't that work?  
    I would know what people actually think about me  
    Me too  
    YOLO is overrated  
    Actually it doesn't matter, but I go with read and listen  
    Living twice as long means that you have to deal with those ailments you get when you're old  
    At least you don't have to listen to the bad song for so long, and I wouldould be fed up with my favourite song  
    In a coma you can at least dream  
    Imagine if you were immortal and you fell into lava. That would hurt...  
    Actually I don't care about the size  
    It is so hard to choose, because I don't really care about the size  
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