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    TOUGH 7 years ago +1
    i ment to say tought, but I;m high so.. 7 years ago  
    wh.. pff wought one. 7 years ago  
    I kinda grew up with Britney, so.. 7 years ago +1
    I could stalk people. 7 years ago +2
    Wigs. 7 years ago  
    wtf is .. wrong witchu 7 years ago +1
    geez, I could always have juice. 7 years ago +3
    i don't wanna get beaten up while going to work.. 7 years ago +2
    there are more languages than instruments so.. 7 years ago +1
    I can go pretty much anywhere with the jet. 7 years ago +2
    :| why would 2 litres of Cola be bad?:| 7 years ago  
    i can move, i can't swim 7 years ago +1
    whats the difference ?... 7 years ago +4
    who votes for this, 12 year olds? 7 years ago +2
    can you see how it;s lookin at me at least? 7 years ago  
    Im gonna pay a really good actor to act like true love :)) 7 years ago  
    Jesus Christ... 7 years ago  

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