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    no he said except reread it 6 years ago +6
    if they were -16 you would have to be 4 6 years ago +3
    we can't stop carbon dioxide it's what we breathe out 6 years ago +5
    it never said you can't find true love it just said be rich 6 years ago +6
    i wish that i can wish for money 6 years ago +6
    Justin couldn't be king he would have to be queen 6 years ago +4
    more people said they want to be different than similar 6 years ago +3
    my hearts already messed up 6 years ago  
    you choices are short and orange with fake boobs or tall orange and fake boobs 6 years ago +1
    my eyes change colors and no one cares 6 years ago  
    wrong state salem witch trials was in Salem Massachusetts 6 years ago  
    if i had an accent i would never shut up 6 years ago +2
    it said dress like someone from the opposite gender 6 years ago  
    but then there is a subtract 1 which would make it equal 13 6 years ago  
    so i am, im as white as white can get and i still choose kool aid over hawaiian punch 6 years ago  
    i say both 6 years ago +1
    my very best friends are my family 6 years ago +2
    i already have a stupid dog 6 years ago  
    Neil Armstrong in the 60's 6 years ago  
    so you mean a girl on her period 6 years ago +3
    best moments of my life wouldn't be that long, i was in a spelling bee thats it 6 years ago  
    in the united states it would be your second year of high school 6 years ago  
    no he can't because he has to change the arc reactor eventually 6 years ago  
    Hulk can't die so whats the point of using laser vision against and plus Superman has to come down eventually 6 years ago  
    i wish your rule for not being able to wish for more wishes didn't exist 6 years ago +2
    its lactose intolerant not lactose AND tolerant 6 years ago +7
    thats because cosmo answered it 6 years ago +1
    use the onscreen keyboard 6 years ago +1

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