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    I want to dote on my younger sibling.  
    No one said people can actually see the picture.  
    Yeah, I agree.  
    I got 50,000! In my head.  
    Don't watch either.  
    You can give it up for adoption!  
    My poor ears! I didn't want to hear them having sex! Says the guy wit super hearing.  
    I shall gain untold riches with my limitless knowledge. Plus I'd be like Hermione. (Harry Potter fan)  
    A muggle in the Triwizard Tournament, lol. Bring on the technology!  
    I'll rule, but I'll have a board of advisors (senate whatever political term thing) doing the actual thinking. I have veto powers and can do anything I want though.  
    My faith in humanity has been lost.  
    Purely because Beauxbatons is in France.  
    Titanic was decades ago. It's safe now.  
    What's the difference?  
    I'm male, but I'll just assume it changes to girlfriend.  
    I assume we have achieved a level of peace where the chance of a (major) war starting is practically none.  
    Hermione rules over all other female characters!  
    At least we'll have a fire extinguisher, right?  
    Popularity in school is overrated.  
    Popularity is often overrated.  
    Harry Potter, 90% guaranteed good movie and book. +1
    I agree  
    Do cats 'bark'?  
    Emma Watson fan forever! Hermione too.  
    I meant to pick never using a mirror. After all, it never said anything about using other reflective surfaces.  
    Everyone must pay one dollar per year. (Exception for those below the poverty line)  
    Mass effect!  
    I don't have a sibling, win-win!  
    Execution by familial embarrassment or public embarrassment.  
    I don't drink either.  
    I want to own a ship.  
    "It is our choices, Harry, that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities." Like if you know this quote and agree.  
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