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    HELL YEAH 8 years ago +1
    nom nom 8 years ago  
    take in the view... 8 years ago +1
    precisely. 8 years ago  
    comic sans MS :P 8 years ago +2
    walk on the crocs!! :P 8 years ago  
    ALL old people are cute :P 8 years ago +3
    nope... 8 years ago +2
    Oi Oi Oi!! 8 years ago +3
    nerds are cool :P 8 years ago  
    sell 9. make money. keep one of them. 8 years ago +1
    neither. 8 years ago  
    Nikon cos its japanese <3 8 years ago +66
    Go Sheldon!!! 8 years ago +2
    both horrible ways to die. old age for me :D 8 years ago +6
    *stupid question. people have their own beliefs. 8 years ago  
    i wouldn't want to kill 100 things. anything at that... then again, people kill babies all the time. its called an abortion. ick. 8 years ago  

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