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Just a Random Guy which Votes and Comments when he's extremly bored with his life.

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lel 4 years ago  
i want to far q 4 years ago  
cuz lel 4 years ago  
Or just tell her 4 years ago  
Agree 4 years ago  
Blame it on my Stuped Country:D 4 years ago  
BREAKING BUDD 4 years ago  
Little Stupid Question :( 4 years ago  
Masterpiece with no Credit is like Getting Laid Fully Clothed 4 years ago  
Angry Birds annoying... 4 years ago  
SCREW ROYATLY! 4 years ago  
I dont want to go on Stalin 4 years ago  
Rather than some people like old people and young kids see when i'm masturbading,c ome on get your shet togethur 4 years ago  
I could get so much money with this. But with other life, what about some Drunk Guy would run me over even if i watched' 4 years ago  
Why would you kill someone who brought you on this world? I'd kill Puppy, why the fck would you choose Your own MOM and not a DOG who can be dangerous. Many dogs are stupid and attacks people, but my doggie, he's cute 4 years ago +1
Portal's are too old for me :) 4 years ago  
Great one :)! 4 years ago  
Harmless anyway :D 4 years ago  
Use Iron Mans to steal some billions, after that, sell 2 Iron Mans for big money and then travel somewherel. 4 years ago +1
Kill them by myself. 4 years ago  
lol 4 years ago +1
I never want to be famous 4 years ago +1
Not so stupid 4 years ago  
Guns dont kill people, i do 4 years ago +2
Shizzy Vi I'll body you 4 years ago  
Stupid 4 years ago  
I have no dad 4 years ago  
Lose Fat 4 years ago  
No Wars No Fun! Get it right people, War is needed to let people understand who is strongest 4 years ago  
You get puked on and you're humiliated? what about that stupid guy. What does it have to do with disease!? Stupid elmokitty 4 years ago  
He's a gay 4 years ago  
You're gonna be sex slave in Jail anyway 4 years ago  
I'd give them some money , if i had any :DD Call me a Jerk but i'd never give random money to random companies like CARITAS, WHO knows who gets the money!? 4 years ago  
Nothing, thanks 4 years ago  
It's easy to use Stick, but keep it real, more people like Automatic because they can forget it and just ruin the Engine 4 years ago  
Doesnt matter, will borrow from friends when i need to call 4 years ago  
Fresh Air maybe 4 years ago  
Teleport 4 years ago  
I dont want to be a pedo... 4 years ago  
Sure 4 years ago  
Stupid Question 4 years ago  
Haha, the fak. sex matters 4 years ago  
Heels hurt you when you're Older, that's disgusting and for stupid whores 4 years ago  
American Idol sukz 4 years ago  
Flag flaoting on Moon. 4 years ago  
I am already dumb so whats up? 4 years ago  
50% 50% 4 years ago  
Random Vote, but this is stupid 4 years ago  
Suit's for Man. 4 years ago  
Please, state some proofs that god is real. 4 years ago +1
I wouldnt swim anyway, i'm lazy 4 years ago  
You have more chance that the Bullet exits from your Skin on your Back if you're shot in the front, means you dont have much injurie if people come help you, stabbing is worse.. 4 years ago  
Yes 4 years ago  
So what 4 years ago  
BEST 4 years ago  
Small House 100,000 Dollars. Yamaha R1 + Car + License Cost : 50,000 Dollars. Food & Daily Shopping for each 10 Years : 100,000 Dollars means i could live with 2 million forevur 4 years ago  
Record Company - Higher Income + not much to spend. Website: Lower Income, More to Spend on Servers 4 years ago  
Why not? 4 years ago  
No need to kill innocents, you simply kill Murderer and avoid the police, it's kinda easy to think about it 4 years ago  
That's the most disgusting thing i've ever seen.. 4 years ago  
Sharing is caring, it can be fun 4 years ago  
No PC 4 years ago  
Nothing wrong , better than a whore:D 4 years ago  
Dump him 4 years ago  
No thanks, no need to cut Trees for stupid Christmas:) 4 years ago  
Better to go by yourself, dont want to get retard on my date 4 years ago  
Oreos are stupidest product ever i've seen. 4 years ago  
Nothing 4 years ago  
City is stuped 4 years ago  
I dont have dad :( 4 years ago  
Hah what question 4 years ago  
Who cares 4 years ago  
Drug Dealer: gets killed by police. Arms Dealer: Kills Police 4 years ago  
Emma Watson wouldnt be jerk, unless in bed. 4 years ago  
why not 4 years ago  
Nobody even says THANK YOU anyway 4 years ago  
Why not 4 years ago  
So i can kill him later 4 years ago  
So what, i will just kill someone to get money 4 years ago  
I rather watch how they attack USA movie. Sieged 4 years ago  
I never do homework but i can watch tv and facebook 4 years ago  
What evur i dance all the time' 4 years ago  
Cut it 4 years ago  
I dont want to have marriage 4 years ago  
I'm B+ 4 years ago  
I dont care 4 years ago  
Not saver, i spend on games on steam all day :( 4 years ago  
No thanks 4 years ago  
I dont care anyway 4 years ago  
Sex before marriage is a lie, who cares about religion¬®haha! 4 years ago +1
That's great suggestion, who made it? 12 y/o? 4 years ago  
You can have sex with her 4 years ago  
Yes 4 years ago  
I already stop talking, 4 years ago  
So what 4 years ago  
Whatevur 4 years ago  
You always land, alive or dead, doesnt matter. 4 years ago  
I'd rather date 27 y/o women than 7 y/o kid 4 years ago  
Play pc 4 years ago  
I'd like to get caught by my parents when i work my homewor 4 years ago  
Uhm, maybe nothing? 4 years ago  
Stuped question 4 years ago  
i dont believe in heaven anyway 4 years ago  
Nothing 4 years ago  
i'm rather normal but thanks 4 years ago  
Masage, order pizza, 10 minutes of message and you eat your pizza 4 years ago  
I'd rather be black , even if i'm white 4 years ago  
Questions questions questions.. 4 years ago  
No thanks i like surfing on internet 4 years ago  
i hate u 4 years ago  
nothanks, i love pc 4 years ago  
y not 4 years ago  
doesnt matter had sex 4 years ago  
Noting, both suck. 4 years ago  
I'd rather listen to Mobb Deep for 50 hours not just 50 times 4 years ago  
In a house. 4 years ago  
Nothing, but thanks for offering 4 years ago  
Be a Immortal Human 4 years ago  
noty i am man 4 years ago  
i would kill myself 4 years ago  
i'd rather live 4 years ago  
plot twist my grandma isnt annoying 4 years ago  
They would die anyway 4 years ago  
I would meet more people but not just same people every time 4 years ago  
My dad 4 years ago  
Would you rather a grammar 4 years ago  
money buys hapiness 4 years ago  
i dont have wife 4 years ago  
giving nothing is giving 4 years ago  
i have reserve keys 4 years ago  
i'm white and i'd rather be black 4 years ago  
germans could take more than amurcans, they would eventualy need food 4 years ago  
what if you're on funeral 4 years ago  
toast but not nutella is crep 4 years ago  
hitler 4 years ago  
yamaha r1 4 years ago  
nothing, i'll rather be on my PC. 4 years ago  
If you fly, you are guaranteed to land, cruise? no thanks. 4 years ago  
If we stop world hunger, soldiers can eat more in war 4 years ago  
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