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Just a Random Guy which Votes and Comments when he's extremly bored with his life.

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    Little Stupid Question :(  
    Masterpiece with no Credit is like Getting Laid Fully Clothed  
    Angry Birds annoying...  
    I dont want to go on Stalin  
    I have no dad  
    Lose Fat  
    No Wars No Fun! Get it right people, War is needed to let people understand who is strongest  
    He's a gay  
    You're gonna be sex slave in Jail anyway  
    I'd give them some money , if i had any :DD Call me a Jerk but i'd never give random money to random companies like CARITAS, WHO knows who gets the money!?  
    Nothing, thanks  
    Doesnt matter, will borrow from friends when i need to call  
    Fresh Air maybe  
    Haha, the fak. sex matters  
    Heels hurt you when you're Older, that's disgusting and for stupid whores  
    American Idol sukz  
    Flag flaoting on Moon.  
    I am already dumb so whats up?  
    50% 50%  
    Random Vote, but this is stupid  
    Suit's for Man.  
    Please, state some proofs that god is real. +1
    I wouldnt swim anyway, i'm lazy  
    So what  
    Small House 100,000 Dollars. Yamaha R1 + Car + License Cost : 50,000 Dollars. Food & Daily Shopping for each 10 Years : 100,000 Dollars means i could live with 2 million forevur  
    Record Company - Higher Income + not much to spend. Website: Lower Income, More to Spend on Servers  
    No need to kill innocents, you simply kill Murderer and avoid the police, it's kinda easy to think about it  
    That's the most disgusting thing i've ever seen..  
    No PC  
    Nothing wrong , better than a whore:D  
    Dump him  
    No thanks, no need to cut Trees for stupid Christmas:)  
    Better to go by yourself, dont want to get retard on my date  
    Oreos are stupidest product ever i've seen.  
    City is stuped  
    I dont have dad :(  
    Hah what question  
    Who cares  
    Drug Dealer: gets killed by police. Arms Dealer: Kills Police  
    Emma Watson wouldnt be jerk, unless in bed.  
    why not  
    Nobody even says THANK YOU anyway  
    So i can kill him later  
    So what, i will just kill someone to get money  
    I rather watch how they attack USA movie. Sieged  
    I never do homework but i can watch tv and facebook  
    Cut it  
    I dont want to have marriage  
    I dont care  
    Not saver, i spend on games on steam all day :(  
    No thanks  
    Sex before marriage is a lie, who cares about religion¨haha! +1
    You can have sex with her  
    So what  
    You always land, alive or dead, doesnt matter.  
    I'd rather date 27 y/o women than 7 y/o kid  
    Play pc  
    I'd like to get caught by my parents when i work my homewor  
    Stuped question  
    i'm rather normal but thanks  
    Masage, order pizza, 10 minutes of message and you eat your pizza  
    No thanks i like surfing on internet  
    i hate u  
    y not  
    Noting, both suck.  
    I'd rather listen to Mobb Deep for 50 hours not just 50 times  
    In a house.  
    Nothing, but thanks for offering  
    Be a Immortal Human  
    noty i am man  
    i would kill myself  
    i'd rather live  
    plot twist my grandma isnt annoying  
    They would die anyway  
    I would meet more people but not just same people every time  
    money buys hapiness  
    i dont have wife  
    giving nothing is giving  
    i have reserve keys  
    i'm white and i'd rather be black  
    germans could take more than amurcans, they would eventualy need food  
    what if you're on funeral  
    toast but not nutella is crep  
    yamaha r1  
    nothing, i'll rather be on my PC.  
    If you fly, you are guaranteed to land, cruise? no thanks.  
    If we stop world hunger, soldiers can eat more in war  
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