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Would you rather
Talk like Yoda or Breathe like Darth Vader
55% or 45%
Would you rather have
No Internet or No Cell Phone
25% or 75%
Would you rather
Have a zombie apocalypse or Have a World War III (3)
49% or 51%
Would you rather have...
Invisibility and Teleportation? (at will) or Ability to Read Minds and Fly? (at will)
57% or 43%
Which one would you stop
9-11 or The Holocaust
34% or 66%
Would you rather
Have your mind serve as an iPod so you can listen to music anytime or Be able to watch your dreams on the television
38% or 62%
What is cuter?
A baby penguin or A baby monkey
75% or 25%
Would you rather
Always know when someone is lying or Always get away with lying
54% or 46%
Would you rather
wear only 80's clothes or Wear only 80's hairstyles
66% or 34%
Would you rather be a
wizard or ninja
66% or 34%
Would you rather have...
$100,000 real money? or $1,000,000 in Amazon gift cards?
40% or 60%
Would you rather always be
Underdressed or Overdressed
37% or 63%
Would you rather be...
Hermoine Granger or Bella from Twilight
78% or 22%
Would you rather listen to
Older music or Todays music
34% or 66%
Would you rather...
have ten wishes and you can't wish for money or have $100 billion
67% or 33%
Would you rather buy
a Mac or a PC
43% or 57%
Would you rather have
a miniature pig as a pet or a monkey as a pet
50% or 50%
Would you rather be
fluent in all languages or a master of every musical instruments
57% or 43%
Would you rather live in a world where there is no
Marriage or Divorce
37% or 63%
Would you rather find out
The life you are living now is an ongoing memory and you are actually older and looking back on your life with life like detail? or Your life was a very detailed imagination coming from a younger you imagining their/your future?
26% or 74%
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