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I want to hear from you! If you want to contact me, send an email to alex@ this domain (I don't write it down to prevent bots reading it).

Notice to users of the former rrrather

To all veterans and guests: I am sad to announce that rrrather is no longer what it was. Regretfully the site was neglected by me over the years, despite the very dedicated community it built. Over the years the site experienced frequent problems, from multi-day crashes while I was on vacation, to being hacked. The hack was the straw that broke the camel's back: my hosting provider OVH turned off traffic to the server on June 26th 2020 due to the server having been hacked, and was sending out phishing emails and DDoS attacks.

From a business point of view, the site was not earning enough anymore to be viable for me to keep pouring effort into. Ultimately some of the user-generated content wasn't liked by Google and advertisers, and ad revenue has just plummeted as big brands don't want their ads to be shown next to some gross question. In the early days, you'd see ads from big companies like Ford on rrrather. But over time they must have blacklisted the site. I've been notified of policy violations multiple times (for stuff as petty as a girl in a bikini) and have been outright terminated from AdSense (which led to a difficult appeal process). There's also more competition in the "would you rather" space since rrrather being the first (according to my memory), with blog-type sites with big text lists of questions outranking rrrather.

For now, rrrather is converted to a static site on Google Firebase. It's cheap and solid. If you have ideas for it (that aren't too hard to do), do let me know.

I know a lot of rrrather users have a lot of sentimental value in some of the content, which I was able to retrieve from the dead server. Write me an email on what content you'd like to access, if there is demand for it I can do a tool where you can log in to download your PMs, for example. There's also a discord server if you want to reconnect with some users.

I had a blast with rrrather. It always amazed me that strangers on the internet were able to build friendships on a site that I built. Some have been around for years. Thank you to all for your contributions to the site! As was registered on December 30th, 2010 and I think the launch date was January 20th, 2011: rrrather lasted over 9 years. Almost a decade.

This is not the end of my internet ventures, do email me if you'd like to be kept in the loop of the next great thing!

Alex and Jo, June 28th 2020