What would you rather?

Would you rather find  By spank MaleBronze TrophyGold Crown  

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    guest from Ontario, Canada
    The $10,000,000 doesn't prevent you from finding true love. It's just $10,000,000 and you get to find it anyways.
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    My true love is gonna be rich. Problem solved.
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    6 months ago
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    guest from Western Australia, Australia
    if you find 10,000,000 you will probably get arrested for stealing it

Would you rather know the... (death cannot be avoided by acting upon this knowledge)  By dk5213 MaleGold Crown  

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    guest from Quebec, Canada
    I'd like to know the date, but then do whatever I can to prove this guy he was wrong.
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    Iwillpeeonyourcat FemaleSuper Star from Texas, United States
    If I knew the way I die, it would put my whole life in fear of my death. If I die from a car crash, I would have a fear of the roads and cars for the rest of my life. And that's not living. If I knew the date of my death, I would do all the things I have always wanted to do and see the entire would before that date so I know when to say goodbye to my loved ones.
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    guest from United States
    If you knew the cause of your death then you could definitely avoid death. Car wreck? Don't get in a car, duh.

Would you rather have more  By Deidara MaleGold MedalGold TrophySuper StarDiamondGold Crown  

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Would you rather spend the day  By Radix Bronze TrophyGold Crown  

Would you rather?  By andruc MaleGold MedalGold TrophySuper StarDiamondGold Crown  

andruc says For A you would wipe out every murderer, rapist, child molester, feminazi, abuser and everything bad (referring to people). For B you would wipe out natural disasters, pollution, global warming, and everything bad (referring to non-living things).
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    2 months ago
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    guest from Michigan, United States
    So long as I can get rid of Fortnite.
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    guest from New York, United States
    SO I would wipe out myself?
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    1 year ago
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    guest from Provincie Overijssel, Netherlands
    bad people are here for a reason, to keep the good in check. If we wiped them out the whole world would go into chaos

Would you rather have all your choices be made?  By usmanc MaleGold MedalGold TrophySuper StarDiamondGold Crown  

usmanc says You don't have a say in what you would actually want
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    guest from Tennessee, United States
    Don't trust people
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    guest from New Jersey, United States
    i would have my desicions by my friends
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    guest from Nevada, United States
    Don’t let the other people make up the choices for u

Would you rather  By samdill MaleGold MedalGold TrophySuper StarGold Crown  

samdill says The European vacation would tour London, Paris, Berlin, and Prague; while the Caribbean trip would consist of an all-inclusive vacation at a resort in the Bahamas.

Would you rather have  By MikkiKakes FemaleGold MedalBronze TrophySuper StarGold Crown  

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MikkiKakes says Your cellphone does not have internet access. Your cellphone's plan has voice, SMS, and data only, and does not have wifi. You can still install mobile games on your phone (let's pretend you still have access to the app store).

Would you rather be able to...  By andruc MaleGold MedalGold TrophySuper StarDiamondGold Crown  

andruc says I'm just not able to think of a more original question that hasn't been asked in the past... Also, if you aren't good at drawing, you can paint it. No loopholes.
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    guest from California, United States
    Hmmmm I would paint a billion dollars!!
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    1 year ago
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    guest from North Carolina, United States
    I can't draw
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    1 year ago
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    guest from Rangoon, Myanmar [Burma]
    You remember how doodle-sponge-bob turned out?

Would you rather have no one show up to  By wuzzup969 FemaleGold MedalSilver TrophySuper StarDiamondGold Crown  

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