About Alex and rrrather

About rrrather.com

Rrrather.com is a collection of user-submitted controversial or thought-provoking questions. These questions always have two possible answers, usually start with the words "Would you rather". Leave your vote, compare your answers, and discuss in the comments.

As some of you may have experienced, the questions can be used as a conversation game, often played by students, teens, and young adults. The game goes like this: one by one, each player asks a question that starts with "Would you rather", sometimes with two horrible choices. Participants must choose and defend the best option, or at least the least worst of the two. The fun of the game is the discussion it sparks. The best questions usually have very divided answers.

This site aims the bring the Would You Rather game to the web. Answer other players' questions, and poll the masses. It is also designed to provide ideas for question to ask when playing the game in real life.


About the creator, Alex

This site was created by Alex Walter (alexw), a developer/entrepreneur/hacker from Ottawa, Canada as a side-project. The site was my wife's idea, and it grew from my other side-project nnnever.com, a site that provides question for a different conversation game, the Never Have I Ever game. I am interested in comments and suggestions, or just to hear from you! Don't be shy: contact me!

I am also actively looking for business opportunities: sponsorships, product placement, cross promotion. Perhaps you got a facebook page or youtube channel and would like to feature rrrather? If you've got something to propose, please contact me! I'll answer you, promised.



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